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Chapter 14 Q&A
A DaneNagai

Guest: Well, even if I'll go through with it. That sure as shit doesn't mean I'm gonna give Malekith a slap on the wrist. He and his momma are gonna get it. Just you wait. Them and the rest of the druchii.

PastelBR: a nice idea. But not something I'll be able to get around. Focusing more on the narrative and relations at the moment.

However, you do make a fair point about DG's intelligence. At the moment, he is playing the 80's action barring spitting out one-liners, but I definitely plan on exploring said intelligence in the future. Whether verbally or not is the question.

And thanks. Appreciate the response.

Dontus: sad krumpin' noises They'll get it. Just not yet.

Yes, Dommy Mommy Morathi has her needs.

And hmm, is that so?

Blackstone Fort: yeah, a lot of things happened in my absence. Just glad I got the chapter out to cheer myself up. Still, it was a chore.

Can't say there's much to be said. Kinda just getting tired with the "OP BECAUSE GOD-MODE" and something-something. Can't disagree on the word "outerversal" (dumb word, pfft). Here, I'm just writing Doomguy kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.

And clapping dommy mommy elf cheeks.

Otherwise, I'm writing because it's fun and I like doing fun.

Still, nothing wrong with entertaining the idea of Doomguy suplexing Chaos Space Marines, left and right.

Evowizard25: …huh. Didn't realize how common that one was among elves.

But moving on, well, these lads will probably not confront the Slayer upfront. Still deciding on how they meet about. Hopefully, with no casualties since they aren't really trying to pick a fight with him anyways. Just wanna free the boys is all.

Anyway, I always did like the whole "redeemed Malekith" in the original End Times. Just not the execution, which should have been extended to at least 3 or 4 more books instead of one. This time, I'm the one holding the pen. So I have free reign. AND NO ONE CAN STOOOOOP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Also, I realized too late when you mentioned nude Marathi. Meant to change it, but completely forgot.

Zahariel: ahah. Only this time it's more complicated.

Guest: We'll get to those two eventually.

redjanngamga: I don't know where you get that idea but okay.

Guest 02: Late reply from me but thanks!

Skipping down to Oxyotl since I've talked a lot about the other two (orcs are based tho, ngl). Rambo skink will be the best of buds with Doom Slayer, I'm sure of it.

And no, unfortunately. In fact, I own none of the trilogy as of yet. Either due to a shitty PC or simply can't afford them right now. Or both, really. But it's definitely on my wishlist for sure.

And if we're gonna be real here, I'd totally be up for the Dark Elves. Shamelessly dark, edgy, and evil all over and I love them for it. Not to mention: DOMMY MOMMY MORATHI.

Otherwise, just getting my facts from lore and gameplay footage, and I honestly don't plan on using the game's plots. Sort of. The games don't need to be fixed save for post-launch tweaks and certain neglected races.

Anyways, thanks again.

Guest: Like I said, I'm not using the plot from TWW3. Or any of the other games for that matter.

Guest: Okay… not that you really had to tell me.

Austin: Weeeeeeelllllllllll, I have no plans for getting the boyz killed. A meeting, maybe, but no confrontation yet. Though, Doom Slayer is green. And strong. And kills d(a)emons for a living. I'd say they'll get in line with this guy.

Agent Salad: Only in 40k, so no. But close. Here, we got the Empire. It's the like the Imperium. But less shitty.

Guest: Well, here's a counter-argument: it's called "setting up the big leagues". Nuff said.

Guest: I'm just gonna assume you're the same guy above. Otherwise, that's, like, your opinion, man.

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