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"Lost" Fanfics

Thank you. I though it was savage but just wasn't 100% sure. Thank you!

10/5/2014 #391 Report

I'm looking for the story The Academy. Bella was taken from her parents at 16 so she could become the perfect wife and have vampire babies with Edward.

12/28/2014 #392 Report

I'm looking for an Edward and Bella story. Edward is a rich business man and Bella think he is the father of her sisters baby. Bella was in a relationship with Jacob by he didn't want a kid in is life so Bella was hoping her sister would come back home and raise her baby.. Bella was also staying in an apartment that Edwards sister owned.

8/9/2015 #393 Report

im looking for the one where bellas mom is sick so she sells herself and edward buys her.

8/13/2015 #394 Report

It's called Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar. Don't know if it's still up on ff.net, but I think you can get it as a pdf.

8/13/2015 #395 Report

what is pdf?

8/13/2015 #396 Report

i ment where is the pdf? sorry

8/13/2015 #397 Report

If you google Million Dollar baby pdf fanfic it's the first result that comes up, on a tumblr.

8/14/2015 #398 Report
Chelsie Whitlock

Looking for a mega fic but I'm crazy fuzzy on the details. I remember that it was a Jasper/Bella fic (I think....lol) and that they moved up to a massive cabin in the woods of Canada. Does anyone remember this fic? Is it still available somewhere? Please help me out!

10/26/2015 #399 Report

I'm looking for a story. I know it's an Edward and Bella story. Edward leaves as usual. Bella goes to the house and reads some of Carlisle's books about vampires. Something happens to Bella, maybe she's turned, I can't quite remember. But she has a white or silver streak in her hair that makes her very powerful. Rosalie sees that and reports her to the Volturi. Bella, Edward and Emmett get an RV and travel around trying to stay away from the Volturi, but also have fun sightseeing. Any ideas?

10/14/2016 #400 Report

I have a feeling this thread is pretty much abandoned, but I'll take my chance anyway.

I'm looking for an All human fanficin which Edward is friends with Billy, and gets into a relationship with Bella, who is in college. I think it starts with a drunken Edward wanders into Bella's room, not knowing she's there. It may have been a one shot which was continued, not sure. Also Edward just got a divorce from Tanya (I think). I can't for the life of me remeber the name of the fic, or even where I read it.

3/19/2017 #401 Report

I thought it was the one by counselor "Look how you turned out" but I'm not sure if edward was divorced in that one, maybe? But she pulled it.

3/19/2017 #402 Report

Hi everyone. Im looking for a fanfic where Bella goes to a museum and meets lilith the mother of vampires and she latches on to liliths wrist and drinks her blood and collapses. Its sort of like a queen of the damned moment. Victoria is also part of the plot.

9/21/2018 #403 Report

I'm looking for a story where Bella to bullied by Edward and is friend as a child. She lived with her father in forks. The bulling got so bad she went to live with her mother and Phil in Phoenix . grew up to be 5'10, lost wieght, got braces, laser eye surgery, and went back to forks. That all I remember.. Please help me find this story....

7/14/2019 #404 Report

Hello everyone. Im looking for a story where Bella goes to a museum and sees Lillith as part of an exhibit. Bella winds up biting Lillith wrist and bringing her back to life. lillith changes bella to a vampire. later on they meet Victoria who tries to kill Bella.

7/15/2019 #405 Report
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