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Introduce Yourself!
M Euonym

alright, new people. read the rules, say hi, have fun, and no chatting in the intro topic, lest you cause the Wonderful and Woeful Jarc's "people are spamming on the intro topic!!" senses to tingle and incur her wrath. have a good one. :D

(Jarc is in your forums, editing your posts):

The intro topic is NOT for

1.) Advertising fanfictions [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/2685050/1/]

2.) Advertising forums [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/3513638/1/#]

3.) Looking for lost fanfics [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/15306280/1/]

4.) Asking questions regarding ANYTHING other then forum navigation [Go to the current spam topic; they are always at the top of the page when looking at the topic list.]

5.) Chatting [Go to the current spam topic; they are always at the top of the page when looking at the topic list]

The intro topic IS for

1.) Introducing yourself - age, country, name (no full names), hobbies, as much or as little as you want to mention

2.) Clarifying who you are if you ever change your username

3.) Welcoming new people

Also, you can edit your post, you don't have to post twice if you left something out or want to correct something. And, since this seems to confuse some people, to post just hit 'reply' on any of the other posts in the topic, and you can edit your own posts by clicking 'mod' and then 'edit'.

Also also, make sure to type "Pandas are like super awesome!" at the end of your posts. Why? Dunno, but it's been going on for a while, no reason to stop now ^_^

7/6/2009 . Edited by MyArtIsInWords, 1/5/2011 #1 Report

hi? my name's Ruby.

7/6/2009 #2 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

hi! welcome to the forum :)


nice to see new faces! really! without new people there'd be so many wasted threads XD

7/6/2009 #3 Report

hi:D omg you must be psychic if you can see me lol. do i need to write anything bout myself? other than name?

7/6/2009 #4 Report
M Euonym

not if you don't want to. but read the rules, that's the new member's come here first thread, and then see if there's anything else you'd like to say. :)

7/6/2009 #5 Report

oh, im meant to say something about pandas being awsome... i diiid read them, i just have baaaad memory... safi hits me on the head too much:) oh, if i mention safi, she's my sister who doesnt have an account but steals mine all the time. (was that too random? or tmi?)

7/6/2009 #6 Report
M Euonym

c, none of the above. but this is the point where it turns from friendly mod answering a newcomer's questions to chatting, which is strictly forbidden, so welcome once more, and a few of us are in the spam thread, should you like to chat. otherwise, poke around the other topics, get used to the place, and have fun!

7/6/2009 #7 Report
Alice Danielle

Hello!!! I'm Alice Danielle, and even though I am no longer a fan of Twilight, (please don't hurt/shoot/be angry with me) I am here to try and find someone who would like to finish my incomplete fanfiction for Twilight. If anyone is interested, the link to the fanfiction is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4686225/1/Remember_Me. Please PM/review if you are interested!! (I'll ask somewhere else, too, as I understand this thread is simply usesd for introductions)

By the way-- I read the rules. (: Pandas are like super awesome. Happy? ^^

7/6/2009 . Edited 7/6/2009 #8 Report

I am lola-bell and I think pandas are like super awesome...or something along those lines.

7/7/2009 #9 Report

hello there fellow twilighters, noora here

nice to meet you all.

7/8/2009 #10 Report

Hello, my name is Lilia-Rose (Lili), and I think pandas are like super awesome. What a random thing to write...

Anyway, yeah, hi. I'm new to Twilight, so tell me when I get things wrong. Cheers, Lili xxx

7/8/2009 #11 Report

Hi people! So I am very new to all forum-related things... Well acctually all fanfic related things ;) usually I just log on and publish latest chapter to my own fanfic and- OH !BTW! Did you guys know that pandas are like totally awsome?! haha! Where was I? Oh yeah... post latest chapter, bask in the awsomness that is my reviews and then read the story-updates in my mailbox ;) but forums does sound kinda fun, so Im just gonna give it a whirl! aaand... thats about it, I guess? huh... ! well well... nice to meet ya!

7/10/2009 #12 Report

Er, hello. Um, pandas are like super awesome. XD

I can't remember if I introduced myself before, but it's been a looooong time since I've been into the Twilight fandom. But still.

I'm Viv. :D I'm cowriting a fic about Twilight (Jasper, specifically), so if I need help... I know where to go, I guess. XD I don't really remember all too much about Twilight, after all. It's been a few years. I'm the ballet consultant for my fic, considering my rather obvious obsession. XD

So, uh, hi.

7/10/2009 #13 Report

Hi. I'm Whispy. I'm coauthoring the fic with Viv. -pokes above post-

EDIT: Pandas are pretty cool.

I like most animals.

7/10/2009 . Edited 7/10/2009 #14 Report

Hello, everyone. =) I am Ry and here to welcome you.

SCREAMINGwhispers, I love animals, too. Just wanted to say that.

Have a fun time at the forum, all, and feel free to stay and post. =) Friendly people are here and hope you enjoy. =)

7/10/2009 #15 Report

Hello, I'm brainiac-twilight-addict...... but my real name is _ _ _. I'd rather not tell in all honesty. :D you can try guessing if you want. PANDAS ARE SUPER COOL... especially the babies... so cute!!!!!!!

7/13/2009 #16 Report

Nice to meet you all! I've been on twilightdom for about 5-6 months and I love everyone that I have been able to meet here. We talk (a lot ) on the spam threads come on over!


7/13/2009 #17 Report
Mel Vee

Hello everyone I'm Mel Vee : )

I love reading, swimming, and dirtbike riding.

7/15/2009 #18 Report

Hi???? I am Hannah, the opposite of a computer genius and totally confused about Forums, am i subscribing now cuz i would like to?

Help me!

7/18/2009 #19 Report

Hey, Hannah! I'm Ry. And no, you are not subscribed unless you click the button on the very top that says Topic Subscribtion, I think. lol I'm sure. Hope that helps.

Welcome and hope you enjoy yourself!

7/18/2009 #20 Report

Hey I'm Kelly and I love twilight! XD do I have to say the Pandas thing? that confused me...

7/18/2009 #21 Report

Hey!!! Haha. I think you're already subscribed... depends if you checked the subscribed box.. :D You're not the TOTAL opposite of a computer genius... I mean you know how to get it started right? Hehe..... :) Enjoy!

7/18/2009 #22 Report

Hi!!!!! Welcome! No, you don't have to say the panda thing :)

7/18/2009 #23 Report

Actually, yeah, you do. It's in the rulez.

Welcome, Kelly! Have fun!

7/18/2009 . Edited 7/18/2009 #24 Report

But not everyone did the panda thing.

7/18/2009 #25 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

That doesn't mean you're not supposed to. If you had actually read the rules when you joined the forum, like you were supposed to, you would know the real answer to this question.

7/18/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #26 Report

So... I'm Clara, I'm 17 and HALF and I'm from Brazil. I think that FF.net is the most amazing site ever and I spend whole nights here reading fanfiction. It's such a geek thing and I get mocked a lot, but I don't really care. I’ve started with the BD versions and some of Grey's Anatomy (about Addison -- I absolutely love her). I kinda had some prejudice against those AH fics, but once I started reading them, I became addict and don't even read vampire fics anymore (not that I don't like them... God help me if a sparkly hot vampire shows up in front of me....)

I'm a super bookworm and read a new book in 2 days or so. I love music and my current addiction is Regina Spektor, so if you like her, let me know. Her new album Far is AMAZING (I know this is random, but I just have to advertise her everywhere).

Anyway, I love Twilight, though I didn't really like Breaking Dawn and I'm totally Edward Team.

Pandas are awesome, btw.

7/18/2009 #27 Report

Welcome! I was so very recently welcomed so I thought I'd give you the same courtesy =)

7/18/2009 #28 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

Oh yeah, welcome new people. Jarcy got so distracted being modly she forgot to be nice. [/third person]

I am Jarc, I'm the greatest person ever and if you spam our lovely Twilightdom, I will get you. :D Welcome! Don't be scared! I don't bite; I can't, actually. There's a computer screen in front of me and all. I act like a buttmunch sometimes cause that's my job. Also because I like it.


7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #29 Report
Clueless Klutz

Hi! I'm cassie! and i think that PANDAS ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME and so are penquins!

7/19/2009 #30 Report
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