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Introduce Yourself!

Hey, my name's Grace, though I have many other unfortunate nicknames, but I won't go there...

I think PANDA'S ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME (just as long as they stay behind the T.V screen) I live in Australia... um, something about me is that I often put my foot in my mouth or say things that result in a 'face palm' ... so I tend to keep rather quiet to prevent that from happening. But then I just start rambling (hence the user name) and well, there goes being quiet...

My hobbies are photography, reading and writing...oh, and google searching the definition of odd words.

So...Hi... :)

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Clare Meadows

Hi, I like to go by Soapy, or Soap or even Sudz. I'm from the UK. I love reading Twilight FF and playing music. :)


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Names jade I live in Dublin Ireland I luv reading and watchin movies and writin stories still have to figure out how to write/upload stories to fanfic so any advice plz will be accepted thanks!!! XD

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I am nicole AKA hulachowdown. I'm from canada. I am sorta into the whole role playing thing. If anyone wants to onexone with me over email, coolio. If not Im sure I'll figure out how to jump into the main one.

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I am looking for a forum that will help locate a fic.

I think Bella and EdwardChet married (other couples do too) but they all have trouble in their relationships except B&E. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I am looking for a forum that will help locate a fic.

I think Bella and EdwardChet married (other couples do too) but they all have trouble in their relationships except B&E. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

3/8/2012 #546 Report

Hello I'm Tiffani-Amber. I'm engaged to an amazing guy and I have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. I love Twilight and fanfiction. I am trying to start a roleplay and I enjoy interacting with everyone else on other fourms as well. :) Also I'm usually very nice but sometimes I have a bit of a short temper and if I offend you in any way please feel free to come to me with it and we can talk it out, I don't mean to offend anyone but sometimes it happens as my personality is to be very blunt and just say how I feel and give my opinion. :) Oh and PANDAS ARE SUPER AWESOME. :)

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Longing for Oblivion

Hi, I'm Alice - and yes that really is my name! I'm from the US, West Coast to be precise. My hobbies and interests include dancing, music, fashion & shopping, sports, arts, painting & drawing, reading, and numerous other things.

And I'm a tad confused - I thought you only have to put the phrase "Pandas are like super awesome" in the intro post? (just asking cause in the post at the very beginning of this topic, the one with what to post in here and what not it says to make sure to put it into "your posts" - plural)

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Infinite Legend

Hi there. I'm Fini, Infinite, or whatever reasonable name you would like to call me. Now, PANDAS ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME, but what are your rules on swearing? Just wondering for future reference. As for Twilight, I'm not too fond of the vampires, so I guess that makes me a wolf girl. I'm Team Jacob, obviously, and not because that Lautner boy is freaking sexy. I like book Jacob, and don't appreciate people being Team Edward in the book but Team Jacob for the movies. New Moon is my favorite book out of the three that I've read, although I know how the series ends and such. I find Renesme & Jacob together freaking weird. It's like Quil and the two year old. Most to all of my OC's are odd, and they are paired with the wolves. Embry is my favorite character, though Seth, Leah, and Alice are kick...butt. Oh, and as for my general liking of Twilight, I'm not an obsessive fan. Sorry, it can't compete with the Hunger Games or Maximum Ride or the Wolves of Mercy Falls. And for Hunger Games pairings, I'm Team This Isn't Twilight. But yeah, I might stick around for a bit cause I'm bored.

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artemis lecter

*waves* Hi, I'm Artemis. I'm twenty-one years old and I live in Minnesota, in the States. (Where it's currently snowing. It's April. I am displeased.) I seem to get asked about my gender quite frequently-- to clarify, I am female. I don't really have any hobbies other than writing and constantly tweaking my new Twilight website (to which, if you are interested, you may find the link on my profile.) I am currently in college, studying to be a nurse-- I'm hoping to get my Master's degree in this field at some point. Other than that? There's nothing interesting about me. Oh... Jacob 3


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hey my name is sophie and im new to fanfic xx

6/8/2012 #551 Report
whirlwinds of watercolours

My name is Avelin, age doesn't matter (according to the Twilight Saga), and I live in Singapore (it's this really tiny island in South-East Asia).

6/22/2012 #552 Report

Heyo :) I'm littlemutt, and I'm a mom of a beautiful, wonderful 9 month old little girl :D former horse-owner but currently out of them right now. Sad. Am 21 and Floridian but currently living in North Carolina. Been here for about 4 or 5 months now. Miss home :( I love to play the sims 3 and read good fanfics ;3

Pandas are like super awesome!

8/8/2012 #553 Report

I'm GreenSugar2500, and "Pandas are like super awesome!"

Really, they are. :)

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Hi everyone :)

8/30/2012 #555 Report
Bunny's daughter

I am Bunny's daughter. I love twilight.

1/2/2013 #556 Report


I've been out of the Twilight Fandom for about a year and a half. I'm dipping my toes back in because, to be honest, I firken miss it! I'm starting out with a new penname, a refurbished Twilight fanfic--that will be posting starting in October--and being a beta with Project Team Beta (www.projectteambeta.com)

So, now that the intro is out of the way, I'm looking for some Twifriends, so don't be shy--say hello and shoot the s*** with me. I'm also beta'ing (?) on the side, so if any of you lovely Twifans need anything edited, I'm your girl..errr...jezebel.

Keep being cool.

9/3/2013 #557 Report
Diamonds and Bones

Hi my name is Diamonds and Bones. I'd rather not say my real name, sorry, I'm paranoid.


11/15/2013 #558 Report

hello! I think pandas are like super awesome! Just call me shay not my real name but good enough. Ive loved twilight for ever! Ive written a few fics. Favorite people in the book are Emmett,and Jasper! Ive ben looking for a fan fic about when Bella decides to sell herself and Edward buys her.

8/13/2015 #559 Report

Hi! If you are looking for Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar, it's not online anymore. She pulled it, and published it.

PS: I love me some Emmett also!!

8/13/2015 #560 Report

Hi, I'm Nacana. I've been a fan of twilight since it first came out, I like to say I read it before it spread like a cancer in my school. That said, i'm actually trying to read some twilight fanfiction but i'm not interested in the AH stuff, if anyone has any recommendations for fanfiction that would be great. Maybe some with a badass Bella, don't worry about her being Mary Sue in the story I don't mind. oh and PANDAS ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME

12/27/2019 #561 Report

Hi Nacana, I hope that i can be useful. I'm not such a fan of Bella so on my account, I have favrioted quite a few stories with her as a much more useful, confident woman. Also, i agree, pandas are cool.

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