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M MyArtIsInWords

But Stephenie Meyer is the voice OF GOD.

9/3/2007 #31 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

-Raies Hand- Can I be the voice of cheetos?

9/3/2007 #32 Report
M MyArtIsInWords


9/3/2007 #33 Report
M yourbrandofheroine

And Jazzysper will be the voice of Jazzysper.

9/3/2007 #34 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D


9/3/2007 #35 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

Jazzysper! ^_^

9/3/2007 #36 Report
M yourbrandofheroine

haha, I've been calling Jasper that ever since I've started typing here. My fellow Twilightians look at me strange.

9/3/2007 #37 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

But not me!

9/3/2007 #38 Report
M yourbrandofheroine


9/3/2007 #39 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

On a totally unrelated topic... I had this idea for a story: There's this guy, named Sam, who's wanted to be a girl since he was born, so he takes estrogen. But then, when he moves to across the U.S. with his best friend, Amy, he decides to become a boy. I know... weird.

9/3/2007 #40 Report
M yourbrandofheroine

wow... are you trying to tell us something Jazzysper?

9/3/2007 #41 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

I don't really want to m*** you anymore...-coughs-

9/3/2007 #42 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

lol ^_^

9/3/2007 #43 Report
M yourbrandofheroine

lol... I do... teehee, j/k. I really don't feel like molesting anyone.

9/3/2007 #44 Report
M lndigo

bleh. Can we go back to the euphemism please? DIRTY MIND HERE. bad mental images. stupid caps lock.

9/3/2007 #45 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

I can play the violin!!! Cause it ROCKS!!!!! ~MMT

9/3/2007 #46 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* SmexyBella, MyArtIsInWords, Butterscotcheyes, Jarcarga, YourBrandOfHeroine, tigerlillum and DazzledByTopaz go to the topic Council Chat (moderators only). Theres a special suprise!!! ~MMT *END OF IMPORTANT MESSAGE*

9/9/2007 #47 Report
M lndigo

wow.... this topic has been dead a long time.... licorice.

10/31/2007 #48 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

"bleh. Can we go back to the euphemism please? DIRTY MIND HERE. bad mental images." What you don't like it?

10/31/2007 #49 Report
M lndigo

I do now ;)

11/1/2007 #50 Report

Absolutely LOVE her, but realistically, wouldn't say she's quite as as amazing as Shakespeare. He's a legend. Although, she might be a close second.

11/16/2007 #51 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

She IS shakespeare.

11/16/2007 #52 Report

Hehe. Well . . . yeah, you're right. I'm rereading the books for the 5th time now, on New Moon again. I know I've definately never wanted to read Shakespeare this many times!

11/16/2007 #53 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

Unless it was a modern story

11/16/2007 #54 Report

Haha. I found this forum like half and hour ago and I've already posted here more times than any other one I've been in. I think we need to think up some new topics/polls/games for here. I was just reading the 2 word Twilight and almost peed myself, and I liked the graveyard game, but it never got finished in the pages I read.

11/16/2007 #55 Report

True that, about reconsidering Bella. Kristen Stewart just doesn't seem . . . edgy enough to me. Ah. Maybe we could get a giant petition going.

11/16/2007 #56 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

Edgy? How about just not pretty enough?

11/16/2007 #57 Report
M lndigo

I think shes ok. I havent heard of her, so I don't really have an opinion. I just wanted someone who wasn't already associated with a certain role. I wonder who edward will be? I think angelina jolie would be a great rosalie.

11/16/2007 #58 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

roflmao! Too old! I like SM's choice for Roaslie

11/16/2007 #59 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

Me too.

11/16/2007 #60 Report
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