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People come to that conclusion, because they think, "by Edward always saving Bella, it paints her as the dmsel and dirtress and him as the hero and that she doesn't have any back bone"

5/31/2010 #121 Report

(Sara): I love her Twilight stories. But I actually like reading the fanfictions of her stories more.

(Shane): I honestly didn't like the stories, except for the last book in the series when Bella became a Mary Sue. It was funny.

5/31/2010 #122 Report

But that's stupid. I mean yeah Bella is a little more clumsy than most normal people but even if she wasn't Edward would still do things for her. He is over 100 years old after all, and was probably raised tought to be chilvalrous toward women. I realy don't get how people can think Srephanie Meyer is anti-femenist what she is a woman herself.

5/31/2010 #123 Report

I think it's quite awesome how she got the main idea for Twilight from dreams that she has had, and the book's are a worldwide sensation.

9/10/2010 #124 Report

I understand he can be a bit confusing. Hamlet is a mind bender. But yeah I love Shakespeare anyway.

Hamlet has to be my favourite Shakespeare play that I have read (the scholar prince, the balance between sanity and insanity, action vs thought, loyalty and traitors, the witty sardonic and bitter lines Hamlet says - I LOVE HIM) ... and the other plays I've read (Macbeth - an interesting read of the fall of a ambitious man but not my favourite cup of tea, Romeo and Juliet - the 'romance' isn't good but the examination of how an unresolved conflict can have dire effects is interesting, Much Ado About Nothing - the original romantic comedy and hilarious to boot but not up to spar with his other works, Midsummer's Night Dream - I need to reread this actually because when I first read it at school I was too young to properly guage and understand the language). Anyway Shakespeare is amazing and he really defined literature.

The Bard can be hard to understand but I have found reading his plays aloud and seeing them being performed live on stage is the key to understanding (seriously, go and see the plays performed - nothing helps better IMHO). There are some brilliant productions going around and seeing something visually (especially as these are plays) makes understanding easier. Or just check out SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare where you can read the original text alongside a modern translation - that helps a lot. :)

Meyer is on no way par for with him. I'm not her greatest fan I'll admit. Her plotlines are ever so slightly weak (the James subplot in Twilight for example), her writing is a tad over-the-top but I will say she has created some truly fascinating characters (just the Volturi - pity we never got anymore on them and they got shortchanged in BD) - and that is the only reason I really read the Saga.

8/25/2011 #126 Report

Stephenie Meyer? Eh, not so talented, not so well-researched, not really so great... She's lucky, though. She's definitely lucky.

To the point of my posts: google Jacques Dupre's grave. Everything written on it is in French, but you'll appreciate the monuments that suffice as headstones for him and his wife. They're quite beautiful.

9/27/2011 . Edited 9/27/2011 #127 Report

Well, if you don't like Stephenie Meyer, then why do you still read Twilight!? It's not like anyone would force you to do it, so please stop insulting her. She's the most talented writer in the world, and someday, her name will be up there with Shakespeare and that one Greek who wrote this story about Achilles.

I don't want to be rude, but if you have nothing nice to say, then get out of this forum IMMEDIATELY and stop ruining twilight for everyone!

10/25/2011 #128 Report

I'm not the one being insulting here. I don't like Twilight, but I did back before Breaking Dawn came out, which is why I read them. Stephenie Meyer should be a million times better than where she is with her education. To be successful, though, you don't have to be the best; you have to be lucky. Saying that she is the most talented author in the world is a very uninformed statement. She was never even my favorite author. She's not truly innovative like Shakespeare or Homer (or Dickenson or Fitzgerald or even Rowling). However, bashing Twilight is not what I posted for. If youll look at my previous post, you will see that I recommended that you look at Jacques Dupre's grave. If you haven't, you should. It's something that Twilight fans would probably appreciate. (And how is that a bad thing to post?)

10/25/2011 #129 Report
artemis lecter

I find the stories themselves absolutely wonderful-- the idea behind the book is what does it for me. I can really identify with Bella. Now, the writing style itself? I prefer other authors such as J.K. Rowling, who I find absolutely flawless in the way she puts her ideas onto paper. I think Rowling pretty much got it perfect.

4/16/2012 #130 Report
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