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Spam Thread 50!!
M MyArtIsInWords

Happy 50th everybody :D

I'm so glad to have known everyone for this long, and to have friends to keep coming back to!

"May it never change."

"And may it never change us."

-Ezio and Frederico Auditore, 1476, Firenze, Italy, Assassin's Creed II


50 is...

-A natural number.

-A Harshad number.

-The atomic number of Tin.

-The fifth "magic number" in nuclear physics.

-The number of Gates for each Wisdom and Impurity in the Kabbalah.

-The traditional number of years in a jubilee period.

-The number of states in the US.

-A caliber of ammunition.

-In millimeters, the focal length of a normal lens in 35mm photography.

-The number of years equivalent to the "Gold" or "Golden" wedding anniversary (May Libbles and Grant reach this Gold Standard) ^o^

-The number of chapters in the Book of Genesis.

-Equivalent to the Roman Numeral "L."

-The number of the French Department "Manche."

5/21/2010 #1 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

fanfic better give me some credit for killing that thread now.


5/25/2010 . Edited 5/25/2010 #2 Report

Damn I'd been on all night so I could do that.

5/25/2010 #3 Report

Seee! Even ff wanted me to win! :P

That's why it's refusing to believe I lost :P

5/25/2010 . Edited 5/25/2010 #4 Report
M prettypinkbookworm


I wonder if I can find the thread where I spammed like 50 posts just to get the last one...

I'll have you know I hold the record for twilightdom thread kills.

5/25/2010 #5 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

yes, that is quite bothersome...

5/25/2010 #6 Report

lol 50? really lol

I'll just have to wait for the next one. XD

But I'm going to try and give you a run for your money XD

5/25/2010 #7 Report


5/25/2010 #8 Report

Looks like Zoey was on your side. :P

5/25/2010 #9 Report

no i was yaying that i was on the last page and the first :)

5/25/2010 #10 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

now I just wish fanfiction would GIVE ME MY WIN. hmph.

5/25/2010 #11 Report


And whats bothersome?

5/25/2010 #12 Report

wat du get if u win???? :S

5/25/2010 #13 Report

Bragging rights.

5/25/2010 #14 Report

Na-na-na-na Fanfiction likes me better.


5/25/2010 #15 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

I have mod powers :p I could change it.

5/25/2010 #16 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

actually I might not have the most wins since mmt deleted the original couple of spam threads...kinda makes me sad now that I think about it.

5/25/2010 #17 Report

D: Well that's just cheating.

Give me a while, I'm still trying to earn my way there XD.

Oh they were deleted? I tried to go back and see who joined when and stuff like that, but couldn't find them.

5/25/2010 #18 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

(but I wouldn't)

5/25/2010 #19 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

yeah. it caused an epic blowout and falling out...I remember being majorly upset. that might have been the time I stopped hanging around so much.

5/25/2010 #20 Report

gossip girl is on an i'm drinking milo

5/25/2010 #21 Report

Ooh, sounds bad.

Was it an accident or something?

5/25/2010 #22 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

I don't remember the details anymore, but it wasn't an accident and I really don't feel like talking about it.

5/25/2010 #23 Report

Oh, I'm sorry I brought it up.

5/25/2010 #24 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

no big deal.

soooo....does anyone watch Glee?

5/25/2010 #25 Report

I'm sorry I have to go now, nice talking to you all. :D

5/25/2010 #26 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

Bye! *huggles*

5/25/2010 #27 Report
M Euonym

i absolutely heart my weekly emotional roller coaster ride that is glee. just want everyone to know :D

5/25/2010 #28 Report

i dont watch much tv and if i do mum and dad make it documentary's

5/25/2010 #29 Report
M Euonym

i like documentaries... but they don't make me get up and dance around my room in joy.

5/25/2010 #30 Report
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