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Name that Quote! *

"That's Edward. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him."

Jessica to BellainTwilight the first time she sees Edward.

"M'i ont hatt grli, Dwraed. Hte neo how tges mraeidr rtghi tou fo ghhi olhsoc ilek emso mllsa-tnwo hikc hwo tgo nkcdeko pu yb hre rbfdieyon!"

5/26/2010 #1,771 Report

"I'm not that girl, Edward. The one who gets married right out of high school like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend!"

Bella in Eclipse(?) telling Edward why she won't marry him.

5/26/2010 #1,772 Report

Ok so this is a hard one. I won't add punctuation. Ubt I tilsl nodt eanrusddtn shatt ym ehlwo thpio os awht ok so obvious to me but that's because I wrote it! So who can guess?? Tell me the speaker and the chapter title for extra points. No cheating!

5/26/2010 #1,773 Report

I figured it out!!!!! It's from my favorite chapter of the only one of the books I own! So I got lucky :D

But I still don't understand, that's my whole point! So what?

bella in New Moon,

the chapter title is The Truth!! :D

5/27/2010 #1,774 Report

Tays, Wadedr, atys ithw …me

5/27/2010 #1,775 Report

stay edward. stay with me. new moon right? and by the way the truth is my favorite chapter inlike the whole series!

5/27/2010 #1,776 Report

actually it's in Twilight, at the end of "The Angel"

5/31/2010 #1,777 Report

hstu pu, bcjao. poso, mi' rorys - I nema, hsut pu, osmt ihgh lapah.

6/14/2010 #1,778 Report
Shady Phee

Shut up, Jacob. I'm sorry-I mean, shut up, most high Alpha. -Leah Clearwater

6/15/2010 #1,779 Report
Shady Phee

lepoep wism hte ncalneh lal eht meti, albel.

6/15/2010 #1,780 Report
Foundation of Dreams

"People swim the channel all the time, Bella." By...Edward?

6/15/2010 #1,781 Report
Shady Phee

Correct and correct. You get a cookie!!!!

6/17/2010 #1,782 Report
padfoot's prose

"strdholseh rea rtpa fo ym bjo cpdienotsri"

I'm new here, so I hope this isn't too hard!

7/12/2010 #1,783 Report

i dunno give me a clue it seems hard and im lazy

7/25/2010 #1,784 Report

Thresholds are part of my job description...

7/26/2010 . Edited 7/26/2010 #1,785 Report

"I ntac gthif na cplisee"

I hope that's not hard.

8/24/2010 #1,786 Report
Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

i can't fight an eclipse

"i ndno ntwa ouy, lbale"

8/28/2010 . Edited 8/28/2010 #1,787 Report

"I Don't want you, Bella" Edward New Moon (don't is miss spelled in yours)

"oudy tarerh dpnse ti owh? gpnliay scrheekc? ah ah."

Who said it and in which book?

8/29/2010 #1,788 Report

"You'd rather spend it how? Playing checkers? Ha ha."

Jacob in Breaking Dawn.

And I couldn't see if this one was in a previous post... so if it is, sorry.

ruo nmveo si hte yoln gnthi ahtt vsleea a rcsa.

Who, which book, and... what chapter?

9/1/2010 #1,789 Report

"Our venom is the only thing that leaves a scar."

Not sure who said it or which book.

"hse thsan engo ofr ish htrtoa neev cone."

9/1/2010 #1,790 Report

it will be as if i never existed!!

9/3/2010 #1,791 Report

oops!! that lookes so random. i dont really know how this works. sorry!!

9/3/2010 #1,792 Report

You have to unscrabble the quote and put who said and in which Twilight book.

Then you scrabble another quote for some one else to figure out.

9/3/2010 #1,793 Report
Vedika Jha

She hasn't gone for his throat even once .

9/11/2010 #1,794 Report
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