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For the Jake lovers out there! *
A MarryMeTopaz

Hey people!!!

There are so many Jake lovers on this forum I decided Jake deserves him a forum!!!

So talk away!!!


8/30/2007 . Edited 7/4/2008 #1 Report
M lndigo

Theres enough jake dedicated forums that are more densly populated. sorry to burst your bubble.

8/30/2007 #2 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

mnye oh well! ~MMT

8/31/2007 #3 Report

I'll post something! I absolutely love Jacob Black. I was reading something that SM said on her website and she mentioned that she might be switching narrators. She said that after Bella and Edward's story, there would be other stories to tell. I'm guessing that means Jake. (Imprinting? no idea.)I feel silly admitting this but I cried when I read the epilogue of eclipse! I reread it and cried again. I really hope he gets his happy ending, since it seems he won't get Bella.

9/1/2007 #4 Report
M lndigo

I cried too, the first three times i read it. it's so SAD! What if jake is gone forever?

9/1/2007 #5 Report

I hope not! That would be so horrible. I dont think she would do that though. She left too many loose ends about the werewolves and all that.

9/1/2007 #6 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

I hop jakes imprints on somebody! ~MMT

9/1/2007 #7 Report

Hey I just had a thought...I don't know if I even think it'll happen but what do you think about Leah? SM left them kind of in the same position...the "bridesmaids" so to speak. They're both the third wheel. What if they imprinted on each other?

9/1/2007 #8 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

they cant because they already saw each other and their not like falling over each other ~MMT

9/1/2007 #9 Report

ahh good point. well nvm.

9/1/2007 #10 Report

k so opinions everybody. At the end of Eclipse is Jake running away for good and is their significance in the last sentence of is he really just clearing his head?

9/1/2007 #11 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

I think he is coming back ~MMT

9/1/2007 #12 Report

to go to the wedding?

9/1/2007 #13 Report
M lndigo

I really don't think Jake is gonna imprint. I think Bella was his imprint, but he lioed to her. he did answer her sort of fast when she asked. I don't think jake would go to the wedding. it would probably be too much.

9/1/2007 #14 Report

Actually I read this FAQ on Eclipse and Stephenie Meyer said that he for sure did not imprint on Bella. Otherwise he would have been able to tell her about werewolves w/o making her guess in NM. I wish tho!! Unless he finds a better girl...

9/1/2007 #15 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

pllleease!better girl! ~MMT

9/1/2007 #16 Report
M lndigo

well, there goes my theory. I sort of hope he doesn't imprint though, because it would take away some of the major conflict in the story.

9/1/2007 #17 Report

Someone who loves him completely and won't lead him on when she really loves someone else more and and...

9/1/2007 #18 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

alot of other things ~MMT

9/1/2007 #19 Report

true. But it seems like she brought it up in New Moon to kind of foreshadow...plus SOMETHING good needs to happen to Jake. Especially if Edward and Bella get married and she becomes a vampire la dee da.

9/1/2007 #20 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

ya. ~MMT

9/1/2007 #21 Report
M lndigo

Thats true. I really do want something good to happen to him,but I don't want this particular conflict dissolved just yet.

9/1/2007 #22 Report

me too. It doesn't seem totally resolved to me, does it to you? It seemed like she never really considered anything besides Edward. Also, she doesn't seem quite ready to be bit. I think she sunconsciously wants to stay human. Maybe that'll be another conflict! SM could take Breaking Dawn so many ways.

9/1/2007 #23 Report
M lndigo

I know! Im dying to read it. But we must wait another year, or more.

9/1/2007 #24 Report

aww durn it. *wails* Don't remind me!

9/1/2007 #25 Report
M lndigo

at least we know that it is coming.

9/2/2007 #26 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

in. a. year. AWWWW ~MMT

9/2/2007 #27 Report
M lndigo

true. but it is coming. we just have to wait and mamorize the page numbers of our faveorite quotes while we're at it.

9/2/2007 #28 Report

haha! yes I totally agree. I'm just glad I found a couple of other Jacob fans because my sister and I are like the only people I know who like him the best!

9/2/2007 #29 Report
M lndigo

I love him so much. I wish inkheart was rela, cause i would get maggie to read him out.

9/2/2007 #30 Report
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