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For the Jake lovers out there! *

How to put Chapters:

1. On your Account page, go to "Publish".

2. Under "Publish", go to "Document Manager".

3. Upload the file that you've saved on the computer for your next chapter. (Label, file on computer). Note: Format must always be set to "Story".

4. Submit the document.

5. Under "Publish", go to "My Stories".

6. An "Edit" and a "Preview" button will be next to each of the stories. Click on the "Edit" button next to the story you wish to add a chapter to.

7. You will see four buttons at the top of the details for the story, which is labeled as "Story Properties". Click on the "Content/Chapters" button.

8. Then, you will be able to fill in the name of your next chapter. Or, if you prefer to leave it as (e.g.) "Chapter 7", then so be it.

9. Next to the chapter's title will be "Document/Chapter Content". Beneath this, select the chapter you wish to upload to your story. The word count of that chapter will be visible as well.

10. Click on "Add Chapter", and you're done!


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hi everyone this is my frist time on here so what are we talking about don't think just because my name i don't like twlight i love twlight and harry potter i just can't thing of a name for both

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Lemon Muffins

Ah, Jacob... my one true love. I apologize for abandoning you recently in favor of Jared Leto. It's nothing personal, I swear. A girl's just got to have some variety, ya know? :P

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