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Let's Punch Jacob In The Face Front- Anti-Jacobers Only
M Jarc is teh win 8D

BellaBlack100 - You're allowed to have your own opinion, but so is everyone else. Of course you're going to get people disagreeing with you - this is the Jacob hate topic, not the I like Jacob so I'm going to come force my views on everyone else and get mad when they don't instantly see things my way topic. If you like Jacob, there are plenty of other topics where you can talk about that. Just please don't do it in this one.

6/26/2010 #721 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

JARC! How could you come on here and chastise a user you don't know when people you do know are in the spam forum and you don't even come in to say hi!?!? D:

6/26/2010 #722 Report

ooh, maybe a little harsh? I'm refering to the murder comments only there, eeek! lol :P And Bellablack, Im afraid im with you on this after reading all the comments, mostly irrational :) x

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #723 Report

First of all edward hated renesmee because he thought she would kill bella thats him caring for bella's life unlike jake who doesn't care if shes happy!

8/2/2010 #724 Report

I hate Jacob... He ruined the story.....!!!!!!!

I mean, it'll be easier if he just die... Huh!!

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9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #726 Report

Jake does care if she's happy because he loved her and he is her best friend! He saw her through New Moon for crying out loud! And what the hell do you think he was doing when he hated Renesmee during the pregnancy? Hating her for stealing a cookie or something? No, he was caring for Bella's life too! Edward isn't the only one who loved her.

9/16/2010 #727 Report

Im just gunna let this out and take the risk of people following me with pitchforks for this comment but isn't there a reason that this is a jacob hater only forum. Why don't you people go to the Jacob lovers and boast about how hot he is, I mean I have nothing against him accept he's a manipulative a**hole and that he can't let Bella and Edward who are obviously meant for each other, alone and let them be in love... But hey that's just me :)

9/20/2010 #728 Report

I don't know about other Jacob lovers, but his 'hotness' isn't the only reason I am "Team Jacob" (I put that in quotations because I still don't see the point of 'Teams'). I love Jacob's character in the books and that love carried out into the movies. This forum may be for Jacob haters but there's no rule stating that someone who disagrees doesn't have the right to state their opinion. I understand that nothing I say is going to make you see where I'm coming from with all my comments on this forum, but my opinion is that Edward lovers/Jacob haters don't seem to have a valid reasoning behind their arguments. And like I've said numerous times before on here, I like both Edward and Jacob, I just prefer Jacob more because to me (not to everyone, but to me) Jacob and Bella's love seems more real and relatable to me because they were friends first and actually got to know each other, whereas with Edward and Bella barely spoke a word to each other and she's all like "Omg...I love you...you're so beautiful." And he's like "I can't read your mind, and you smell delicious. I love you."

9/21/2010 #729 Report

I do understand where your going with this and that u are entitled with ur opinion but this is a Jacob haters forum,we don't join this forum to get critisied about the teams we are on we come to socialize with other people who also have a dislike in Jacob I don't have anything against him accept that he decides that he can just come to Bella and outrightly kiss her when she's engaged even know he didn't know that at the time but had no right and the fact that he's 16 in new moon and bellas 18 isn't that illegal somewhere??? And Bella and Edward don't have a relationship based of phsyical attraction but how they are meant for each other, Edward has waited almost 110 years for Bella and jacob just gets to swoop in and try to make bella his, if they did get together what if he imprinted ( even though it's renesmee) he would try be anything for that other girl and just drop Bella and also the way that jacob wouldn't even let bella touch her own daughter in breaking dawn made me sick of how he could do that to her. But yes I do understand your critisiam but we deserve a forum which we can speak freely about our dislike for jacob

9/21/2010 #730 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

I find it funny how everyone finds BellaBlack hostile even though she is very thorough and reasonable in her arguments. At the same time, I am surprised how good a sport both she and the rest of the users are handling this situation :D right on

9/21/2010 #731 Report

Thank you, MyArtIsInWords, for seeing where I'm coming from. I apologise to anyone if I've come across as rude and snarky, but really, I'm just sharing my opinion. I'm not trying to change anybody's opinions or make them hate Edward. I'm not forcing you to change 'teams'. I'm simply stating my views, which are in Jacob's defence (but also not against Edward), I'm just showing you where I'm coming from and why I am on his 'team', if you must. :P

I'm shining the light on Jacob's good traits and arguments in his defence which seem to be forgotten and covered with a loathing for him simply because the person has blinding love for Edward and cannot see anything good in Jacob, which I find quite unreasonable. You don't have to hate Edward to love Jacob, you can like both. I do!

I just find 'teams' irritating because it creates all these problems and arguments, similar to the ones on this forum.

"I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school......I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone could eat it and be happy...."

^ Mean girls quote! :P

9/22/2010 #732 Report

I think it would be a good idea to have a debating forum! how fun would that be!! :D if that happens... im sooo gona be there haha btw, Hi!

9/24/2010 #733 Report

Jacob nvm evan cared for bella it was renesmee and jacob is always so self sentered

10/10/2010 #734 Report

UHH thats so not true edward and bella are more in love than jacob and bella were I say were because she LEFT HIM to the dark GO bella!

10/10/2010 #735 Report

I never said, nor did anyone else say, that Jacob and Bella were more in love than Edward and Bella. What I was saying was that the two relationships were both real, and they were both in love, just different types of love. I mentioned this earlier, but I'll say it again, Edward and Bella have more of a star-crossed lovers, love at first sight, intense love. Jacob and Bella have more of a friendship-built, fun loving love. Jacob and Bella's love was always more relatable to me which is why I am 'Team Jacob'. I put that in quotes because I do not really like the whole 'Team' thing, it just annoys me for some reason.

10/10/2010 #736 Report

And DanceInTheLightOfRomance, I think a debating forum would be excellent :P It would be very fun, sometimes heated, but fun. ;D

10/10/2010 #737 Report

I do believe that I am entitled to state my opinion and I think that bellas love for jacob was just the kind of love u have in high school where as Bellas love for edward is more like a lifetime love And I know jacob loved bella just as edward did but I feel edward loved her more now that edward and bella are soul mates and jake has renesmee . If jacob had just died in the third or first book than bellas feelings and her life could have been less complicated. I ask that you and any other people who like Jacob move on to another forum. I only ask of this because I dont like to fight with people and we arn't going to get along but to make it easier to stop the fighting I ask you to move to another forum . Plz dont think I am being mean I only intended to defend edward and Im sorry If I hurt your feelings but I came to this forum to meet other people who dislike Jacob not to fight . I hope you can understand where im coming from. Plz and thx I hope no feelings were hurt in this message and that we can come to an agreement



10/14/2010 #738 Report

Jacob doesnt really care what bella wants that is why im team edward and because jacob is super ugly

10/16/2010 #739 Report
Karen Cullen Grey

I dont hate jacob, but despise him. I'm Team Edward all the way!

2/8/2011 #741 Report
Coffe addict19

Finally some decent people who, like me, doesnt understand why Jacob even is in the books! All he does is show his abs( im not complaining).

4/16/2017 #742 Report
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