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Does anyone you know, look or act like any of the characters from twi,newmoon,ecl....????

i have two friends called alice and another friend who's surname is cullen. i was going to be called either victoria or charlotte (either was twilight related!) but parents changed minds and im now called hannah :(

i have strawberry blonde hair like tanya!!

im clumsy like bella!!

7/4/2009 #241 Report

I look like bella, not to be full of myself in any was.

7/16/2009 #242 Report

okay so.. my best friend looks just like k. stew. no joke. she's even made parody videos on youtube of her as kristen. it's so freaky. hahah.

7/20/2009 #243 Report
Finding Limbo

Yes, it does sound a little full of yourself. Even though i do too...n_n

7/26/2009 #244 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

How does that sound like she's full of herself?

7/26/2009 #245 Report

I kinda got mixed in with all the characters. I have Bella's hair colour, Kristen's hair style (the natural wavy/curly thing), I have bright blue eyes, I think Jackson Rathbone's? Nikki Reed's skin tone & Alice's personality - eccentric, over-happy and irritating. I can imagine what you think I look like now haha!

Oh & hi, I'm new to this.


7/26/2009 #246 Report

Oh & I have a friend called Mike/Michael Newton! I was proper creeped out. He's even kinda like him, in the Labrador sense..


7/26/2009 #247 Report
we were here

I SWEAR I saw a guy at church one, who was in HS, who had a yellow shirt on. He looked EXACTLY like Edward! I swear it was SO weird he was like handing out pamphlets! =)

7/30/2009 #248 Report
we were here

I meant once not one lolsies. God I hate typing in the dark! Cause I can't see what keys I'm hitting...why does it have to be almost 12??? *meep* now it's time to go hide back in my corner!!!

7/30/2009 #249 Report
we were here

I also think that I'm Rosalie-ish because I have like, longish golden-like blonde colored hair that's a little wavy/curly (and i did NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER dye my hair! It's just a golden color) and I have the lightest skin complex ever! Well, it's peaches and cream, but still! =) I have like long legs and short arms and I'm 5 feet and a third of an inch and my friends think I'm shrinking because they are all taller than me. And I think maybe the only difference b/t me and rosalie is that i actually AM NOT shallow and vain lol and i'm short and cuz i have like blue eyes but still i think i could make a good rosalie. like, in a human form. if i was taller...

7/30/2009 #250 Report

yo i look talk and act like alice cullen

ps team edward so i can have jacob even thou rez which is stupid dum steph

8/10/2009 #251 Report
Erwin Smith

Everyone says I'm like Jasper cuz I'm an empath. Its not like phsycic or anything, i just know what a persons feeling at that time. weird...

8/11/2009 #252 Report
Sparkly Wolf

i know a little boy around the age of 15 who looks like a little version of Taylor Lautner no lie he has the same skin tone same lips and same strawberry nose (if you look at his nose it looks like an upside down strawberry how adorable) i think he would make a wonderful Seth because Seth is supposed to look like a little Jake when i told him that he said he hated twilight 8(

9/8/2009 #253 Report

I look like Bella, and I share habits with her, but I don't act like her all that much. I have long straight brown hair/chocolate brown eyes, I'm thin, I'm 5'4, and somewhat pale. I live in a relatively rainy place (won't say where). I love reading classics (I have almost every Jane Austen book) and just reading in general. I don't wear a whole lot of make-up, if any. I bite my nails, and I'm clumsy. I'm stubborn like her, but personality wise, it ends there. I'm much more outgoing than she is, though I do embarrass easily. I'm pretty loud, too, and I talk to everyone. Bella and I have the same type of mind, however.

9/9/2009 #254 Report

Everyone's so lucky to know people who look like character...I wish i did ^^ Oh, I'm new here, i introduced myself in the introductory thing. Anyways. I once saw a kid who reminded me of Seth! But all my friend said that I'm just weird and he looks nothing like him . so yeah..

9/9/2009 #255 Report

It'd be hard for me to spot somebody who looked like Seth, because I never really imagined him as anyone in the book, haha, or any of the Quil.'s for that matter. I only ever imagined what the vampires looked like. . And Bella, of course.

9/13/2009 #256 Report
rose taylor

There's a guy I keep seeing around at my school who totally reminds of Edward. Except he's blonde. Otherwise, though, it's dead-on. He even has the whole brooding thing going for him.

1/12/2010 #257 Report

I saw a guy that looked like Jacob on a bus once. My friend at soccer looks like Ashley Greene(long hair), and my friend at theatre has Alice's exact haircut(she didn't copy Twilight). I see a lot of people that look like the wolves, but not any of them in particular, just tan, muscular, big guys. I know this guy who looks kinda like Edward, with the hair and looks.

1/19/2010 #258 Report
Mia Arabella

Weirdest thing: one of my doctors looks exactly like Alice. Same height, same nose, same body frame, same hair...

Let's not even start about her personality, because the first thing she pointed out to me was that she loved my shoes! She even gave me this url of a shop online that sells shoes for tiny feet like hers.

There are a lot of Alices out there, though. The personality is in some degree very generic.

2/13/2010 #259 Report

okay if anyone lives in kansas city missouri you totally need to go to panera on barry road. there is a guy there behind the counter that looks like robert/edward. kind of. he always has a hat on and he wears glasses, but if you can make him laugh, it's like totally him. there is a bunch of women that go there for lunch at least once a week so they can sit and stare at him. haha.

6/1/2010 #260 Report
Foundation of Dreams

I went to this camp a couple of years ago where they had a band. And they're sound tech guy looked EXACTLY like Rob. It was awesome.

6/15/2010 #261 Report

It's funny but sometimes I am acting like Leah Clearwater! lol!

6/15/2010 #262 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

I have never known anyone in real life that looks even a smidge like anyone from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. I've never seen anyone who particularly resembles the movie cast either.


On a search for a celebrity doppelganger, I ran across this picture:

(scroll down a mite)

She looks like me! Not that I'm that crazy-gorgeous, but her eyes and hair color/style, minus the waves are the same color as mine. Our noses are definitely wrong though, and nothing else matches much except maybe the cheekbones.

So I can finally post in this thread, sort of knowing someone that looks like someone from Twilight! Yayz!

7/15/2010 #263 Report

Bella: I hate shopping, I keep to myself and I read a lot of books, I'm also not really into parties, sometimes I just want to be by myself.... and sometimes I also trip over nothing in particular.

Emmett: I have a witty sense of humour and love to joke.

1/10/2012 #265 Report

People say I act like Bella cuz I'm shy and love to read!! But I am a wolf girl for deffo!! Some people say I act like Paul and I'm a girl!!! I hav a temper and I hate when people tell secrets that they're not supposed to share dats why he got angry in NM BTW:0

2/18/2012 #266 Report
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