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oops for what?

12/24/2007 #151 Report
A MarryMeTopaz

I signed it mmy instead of mmt ~MMT

12/26/2007 #152 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

It could mean marrymeyellow. or marrymeyodeler. marrymeyesterday. marryme,you..... I'm having to much fun with this.

12/27/2007 #153 Report
M MyArtIsInWords


12/27/2007 #154 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

Marry me...YAHOO!!!! I'm descending into complete and utter randomness.

1/9/2008 #155 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D


5/13/2008 #156 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

What even happened to this poll?

7/12/2008 #157 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

No one knows. O.o

10/18/2008 #158 Report
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

I expect God Knows.

Yamete uso wa anata rashikunai yo,

Me wo mite kore kara no koto wo hanasou.

Watashi kakugo shiteru.

Kurai mirai datte.

Tsuyoku natte unmei kaerareru kamo ne.

My wish kanaetai noni!

Subete wa God knows...

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #159 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

is it............









old english?


if no, i clueless..........................@$H

11/1/2008 #160 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

No wasted time, please.

11/1/2008 #161 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

I am fascinated by the fact that both Mandarin and Chinese are listed.

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #162 Report
M Euonym

well, mandarin is a dialect of chinese... but if we're doing dialects then chinese shouldn't really even be listed. my chinese neighbor doesn't say he speaks chinese... actually he doesn't even say he speaks mandarin or cantonese. they have different names for them. he didn't know what we were talking about when we called the dialects by those names.

11/2/2008 #163 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

completely off topic, but I'm loving the toucan euo.

11/3/2008 #164 Report
M Euonym

lol. thank you, prink. it had a bright beak.

11/5/2008 #165 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

i like that toucan too.....i drew it when i as bored but t was sooo much fun to draw!!

What was this poll about?

11/26/2008 #166 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

i dont think anyone rlly knows. O.o

3/19/2009 #167 Report
The Scratch Man

Oh no. Uh-uh. Jacob NOT all the way. He's a j***. In fact he AND Bella are jerks. How does Stephenie Meyer make her main character a pessimistic girl who drags herself down, gets the good looking guy, and then gets into a love triangle with a guy she should have punched a long time before she actually did? Stephenie likes Shakespear too much, that's my conclusion.

7/24/2010 #168 Report
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