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M lndigo

Hello! On behalf of your moderators and administrator, I cordially welcome you to the forum. Since you are no doubt new to Twilightdom, this post will set out some guidelines for you to follow that will ensure our continued good will towards you. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, don't hesitate to post them here.

Translation: Here are some rules to make sure you don't tick us off.

1. Make sure that you introduce yourself on the Introduce Yourself topic. It's pinned, so it will always be at the top of the page.

2. Randomness is good, in moderation. However, we don't need to know every little thought that pops into your brain. Please at least try to stay on topic, although this happens rarely. At the very least, keep "white noise" down to a minimum, and only post when you have something to say.

3. Randomness is good. We need a little fun in our lives, so when we start telling inside jokes, please don't get mad. If you would like to be back on topic, post a conversation starter. It'll get us focused on whatever we are supposed to be discussing. If you prefer serious analyzation of the books and characters, this may not be the forum for you, and we encourage you to look elsewhere.

4. Be polite! We don't want to make enemies, so save derisive jokes and comments until we are better acquainted. On this forum we do not tolerate discrimination or deliberate maliciousness, and offenders can and will be banned. You have been warned!

5. Don't take things too personally. A joke is a joke. Learn to tell the difference between that and nastiness. We all get a little cranky sometimes, but we're all friends, and can forgive each other.

6. This is not the place to use chatspeak. Here at Twilightdom, we talk using real punctuation, and real words. Slang is permissible, and we have some unique words here. Please remember that proper grammar is your friend.

7. So that we know you read the rules, put "PANDAS ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME" anywhere in your introduction post. Just say it. You really don't need to try and make something funny out of it. Really.

8. I hate that I have to address this, but the as the fandom grows the problem only gets worse. So, trolling sucks, guys. Especially trolls that aren't even funny, and we haven't had a single funny troll here. Ever. There are lots of other forums, there are lots of other fandoms. Go bug someone else.

Sorry about my epic post, blurbs to introduce each moderator are coming soon! If mods have anything to add, feel free to post!

10/11/2007 . Edited by Jarc is teh win 8D, 5/8/2010 #1 Report
M lndigo

Here's a quickie intro to each of the established members for the newbies:

MarryMeTopaz(MMT): The creator and one of the administrators of the forum, MMT is a quiet but lovable type, and prefers to communicate non-verbally, involving plenty of ...'s, XD's and smiley faces, much to our affectionate irritation. Plays Alice in the RP.

topaz in the meadow: Is the co-founder of this forum. She, in all actuality, started the roleplay, but her forum, unfortunately, did not gain as much attention and appraise as her friend's, MarryMeTopaz. She is not at all quiet (unlike previously stated) and is making a comeback of the year. She's fun, yet has an air of sanity around her, not as easily balancing out the craziness. She also is on almost everyday and tries to keep up with what is happening. Atom is her virtual twin, so expect them to pick on each other alot.

MyArtIsInWords (MAIIW): A moderator and the sole male regular of our site, MAIIW is the butt of many inappropriate jokes, and accepts this position with dignity. He’s lots of fun, and prevents us from going all “girly”. “XD” is his codeword for “My face is currently bright red.” Has a Twilightdom knockoff called FanMALE. Plays Jasper in the RP.

ButterscotchEyes (Butter):A moderator and a regular contributor, Butter makes the site lively by injecting sarcasm-laden comments and insiders into normal conversation. A rabid Jacob-fangirl, Butter will defend him to the grave, and will not hesitate to pick a fight if necessary. Easily irritated at times and relentlessly creative, she is known for brining up obscure books and insisting that the other read them. Plays Quil in the RP.

-noxinvictal-(nox):A relatively new mod, nox is easy-going and very funny, but stands up for her self if necessary. Can be slightly crazy at times, but is always in good humor. Of the mods, she’s one of the most welcoming to new members.

Schmexybella and variations (Schmex, Emmett):Has had trouble with her account lately, resulting in three similar pennames for the same person. Schmex has one of the more… adult minds on the forum, which never fails to produce awkward moments and insiders. She has a great sense of humor and keeps the forum on its toes. Plays Emmett in the roleplay.

Yourbrandofheroine (heroine): Schmex’s partner in crime, heroine is the more laid back of the two. She has a knack for creating insider jokes, and is a lot of fun to be around. Likes to describe her constantly changing nail-polish colours. Supposedly plays Emily in the role-play, but has difficulty with the role, being a werewolf hater.

Jarcarqa (Jarc):The oldest member of the forum, Jarc has brought a new insight to our discussions and a somewhat mature sense of humor. She is impossible to ignore, and is one of the more outspoken moderators. Plays Seth in the RP.

Tigerlillium (Tiger, Jacob): A relaxed member of the forum, Tiger will stay quiet until challenged, whereupon she can be very verbose. Tiger is a fiercely loyal Jacob fan girl, and does an excellent job of playing him in the RP.

RockandRollFanatic (RFF, Roxi):A slightly hyper and zany individual, she’s one of the newer members, but has as much charisma as some of the veterans. Her sense of humor knows no bounds, and she is extremely good at getting us off topic. Plays Embry in the RP.

LEAH WILL KILL GRRR… (Leah):Always changing her penname, she goes by her character in the RP. A real chameleon, Leah can shift from supercrazyohmygodhyper(!!!) to Buddha-calm in a millisecond. Crazy sense of humor comes standard.

Euonym (Euo):Euo has been here for a long time and is definitely a regular. She voices her own opinions and corrects use of bad grammar (Most of the time). Euo cusses a lot, but that is just part of what makes her totally awesome like that!

The Muffin Girl (Dream): Dream isn't on much, but when she does get on, she is either crazy hyper, or it's one of those days where you can just tell something is wrong.

Librarian2be (Libs): Libs is a regular here at Twilightdom who often pops in with her fiance Grant (real men play clarinet) for some great conversations. One of the most compassionate and caring people you'll ever meet, she's modest to the point of insanity---just try to compliment her and you'll see what we mean! She's great at anything from advice to friendly chats, and has been in on some of Twilightdom's older jokes.

prettypinkbookworm (prink): Prink is one of the newer mods but don't let that fool you. She's been here since almost the very beginning and knows almost everyone here. She's a musical genius and always busy doing amazing things. She has the ability to make you laugh, to comfort you, or even to just strike up a great intellectual conversation. She has a weird obsession with Wikipedia and random facts. (:P)

Mods, if there’s anyone or anything I left out that you would like to add, feel free to edit my post. Sorry once again for my epicness.

10/12/2007 . Edited by prettypinkbookworm, 12/19/2008 #2 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

The intro topic is NOT for

1.) Advertising fanfictions [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/2685050/1/]

2.) Advertising forums [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/3513638/1/#]

3.) Looking for lost fanfics [Go Here: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/31943/15306280/1/]

4.) Asking questions regarding ANYTHING other then forum navigation [Go to the current spam topic; they are always at the top of the page when looking at the topic list.]

5.) Chatting [Go to the current spam topic; they are always at the top of the page when looking at the topic list]

The intro topic IS for

1.) Introducing yourself - age, country, name, hobbies, anything you want to mention

2.) Clarifying who you are if you ever change your username

3.) Welcoming new people

Also, you can edit your post, you don't have to post twice if you left something out or want to correct something. And, since this seems to confuse some people, to post just hit 'reply' on any of the other posts in the topic, and you can edit your own posts by clicking 'mod' and then 'edit'.

11/18/2007 . Edited 5/29/2009 #3 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D

To turn off fourm alerts so you don't get million emails from us everyday: Login - Alerts - Disable "Fourm Topic Alert" and "Fourm Thread Alert"

So I know you read the rules, put "PANDAS ARE LIKE SUPER AWESOME" anywhere in your introduction post.

1/19/2008 . Edited 5/2/2010 #4 Report
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