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Spam Thread 51
M MyArtIsInWords

51 is...

-The 14th discreet biprime,

-A pentagonal number,

-The 6th Motzkin Number,

-The atomic number of antimony,

-The name of a minor league Las Vegas baseball team,

-The jersey number of Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki,

-The international area code for Peru,

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #1 Report
M Euonym

mod steals first! mwahahahaha

11/6/2010 #2 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

:P cheater.

Thread 50 End Winner: Dani

Thread 51 Start Winner: Euo, unfortunately :P

11/6/2010 #3 Report
M Euonym

sooo not cheating. it's not MY fault that a first couldn't be achieved until i unlocked the topic :P

11/6/2010 #4 Report

Lol :)

I didn't know we could max out the chat!!!!! Damn it :(

11/6/2010 #5 Report
M Euonym

well there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove and i'm dancin with my se-elf!

11/8/2010 #6 Report
M MyArtIsInWords


y'all should add me on Facebook...

11/8/2010 #7 Report

YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK MAIIW?~GASPD~ P.s. I finally didn't become confused whn I saw I wan't getting any emails from here

11/9/2010 #8 Report

And you changed your picture!! I've missed so much!

11/9/2010 #9 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

XD yes chelz it has been a while.

11/9/2010 #10 Report

-HUGGINS- MAIIW!! I've missed you!

11/9/2010 #11 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

*huggles* XD hey chelz. it has been a long time XD

11/9/2010 #12 Report

Oh crap...sorry I was watching youtube videos.....:(

11/9/2010 #13 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

its okay im watching The Walking Dead on hulu XD

11/9/2010 #14 Report

I've never seen it but it looks funny

11/9/2010 #15 Report
M MyArtIsInWords


It's a serious zombie drama

11/9/2010 #16 Report

All I've seen about it is commercials and to me they looked comedic

11/9/2010 #17 Report


11/9/2010 #18 Report
Foundation of Dreams

Maiiwsy. Where are you. =)

11/9/2010 #19 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

I'm starting to think there's a trend with me missing people by exactly 33 minutes O.o

11/9/2010 #20 Report


11/9/2010 #21 Report
M MyArtIsInWords


11/9/2010 #22 Report

*tackles* hi!!!!!

11/9/2010 #23 Report

Töte mich, ich habe kein Herz.

11/9/2010 #24 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

you have no what?

11/9/2010 #25 Report
Foundation of Dreams

Helllllo? Take two.

11/10/2010 #26 Report
Foundation of Dreams

Maiiwsy. I have something I need to tell you so you should hurry up and get here.

11/10/2010 #27 Report

Is it just me or is thing going a little slow here? This is the only topic that people seems to post on.

Or am I late and you people have already talked about averything? :P

11/11/2010 #28 Report
M MyArtIsInWords

Things are slow here.

Life. Work. Facebook :P lot of people don't really get on here as much. But I try to be consistent.

Anyway, the interest in Twilight, at least for the regulars like me, has fizzled out XD though there's still plenty of knowledge and opinion left to talk about it!

11/11/2010 #29 Report

Haha I see what you meen. Facebook takes up alot of time. :P

Yeah the big Twilight buzz have faded a little over the last year. I Have found other books to read and real life sort of fell down on me. :P

But I can never get tired of talking Twiligth if the person I´m talking to have something intresting to say. :)

11/11/2010 #30 Report
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