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Hello there. Gosh it's been a long time since I was in here. Come a long way since. Living in London now, been here a year actually. Working as an au pair for a wonderful family. Taking care of a little boy, he had just turned two when I first got here and now he is three! It has been so amazing to see him grow up. He was just beginning to talk last year and now we can't get him to stop. :P

I will leave them in june, time to really start my own life and go back to school. If all goes as planned, I will move back to Australia and go to film school there. If I don't get in to that school, I hope I get in to one in Sweden. :)

2/26/2015 #4,231 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

Well, hell. We're still living with my parents, I'm going to school online, Nathan just started a new job a month ago, and Ava just turned a year old last month.

2/26/2015 #4,232 Report

All these people in my life getting babies. Half of the people in here has one or more it feels like. And now all my friends is starting to have them as well. One is even baking her second! I'm the one traveling trying to get myself in order. One day maybe, I will find someone that want to gets babies with me. :P

3/1/2015 #4,233 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

I thought Libs and I were the only ones with babies here. XD

3/17/2015 #4,234 Report

Just as a random word of advice, never date crazy.

It doesn't go well.

6/19/2015 #4,235 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

Guys, it's almost 2016......

12/5/2015 #4,236 Report

Hey everyone,

I am a publishing student studying fan engagement with YA series such as Twilight. It would really help me if you could complete this very short survey:


Thank you!

4/20/2016 . Edited 4/20/2016 #4,237 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

Holy moly. We are over half way through 2016. I check here occasionally to see if anyone has posted. And maybe this will go unnoticed, but I figured I'd update on my life...

Ava will be 3 in January. It's crazy to think that she's growing up and in a couple more years she is going to be going to school. And, of course, I have severe baby fever.

I no longer work with Victoria's Secret. I am now a manager with PetSmart, and while I do enjoy it, I still have a lot to learn. It is definitely not bras. LOL!

Oh! And in case anyone cared, or wanted an update on MMT: She got married to her high school sweetheart a few months back. :)

I guess that's all I have for now.


8/17/2016 #4,238 Report

2016 has gone by so fast! And my life has change since last time I was in here a year and a half ago.

I left my the family in london, moved back in with my mom and stepdad. Got a job at a daycare/nursery/kindergarten (whatever you call in) here in sweden. Has worked there for a year and really enjoyed it. So now I am about to moved out and to a new city. Will attend a university and hopefully become a preschool teacher by the end of it. :)

Still no marriage or babies for me, not even a relationship. :P

8/17/2016 #4,239 Report

If anyone wants to rp Twilight, feel free to PM me!

11/4/2016 #4,240 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

End of the year update:

I'm pregnant! Baby #2 is due end of June!!

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11/23/2016 #4,242 Report

There is a forum. Originality thrives here, for in our Twilight universe, Bella Swan does not exist. Our roleplay, of which you can participate in as a canon character or an OC, takes place during New Moon.

Our forum is small and young. The vast majority of canon characters have yet to be claimed, so if you're interested, get here fast and grab who you want!

You can also write as an OC of every species present in Twilight, human, werewolf, vampire, or even hybrid!

Come see us!


Fondly, Frei

Click here!

11/23/2016 #4,243 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

Unfortunately, I come baring horrendous news, news I didn't want to ever see in my fate. I have suffered a miscarriage, and I feel horrible. It's the worst pain imaginable and I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. However, after the storm will come a rainbow, and I have complete faith that there are better things to come.

1/27/2017 #4,244 Report
Lemon Muffins

Oh, Topaz, I feel for you, and am so proud of the way you're standing up strong and your faith in the future You're a beautiful, capable woman :)

2/20/2017 #4,245 Report
Lemon Muffins

Myself... I've moved to Reno, NV with a boyfriend, married him, had my gallbladder taken out in emergency surgery, managed a restaurant, and am now a much slower paced baker/cake decorator for a big company. We just moved up to Oregon to buy a house and start a family. Been thinking about all the amazing friends I'd made here and wanted to come reminisce. I love and miss you all!

I'll be checking in more often to see who says hi :)

2/20/2017 . Edited 2/20/2017 #4,246 Report

Jeez, it's been a really long time. Hey, guys. Still single on this end, it's been about two years now. And it's been the greatest thing ever. My tolerance for crap is low and my standards are high, so there's also that. I stopped drinking at the beginning of the year, and I've been sober for four months now. I was already self medicating with booze, and I had a problem with excessive binge drinking. That culminated in one spectacular moment of mixing moonshine with fireball and subsequent alcohol poisoning. I'm getting published! Nothing major, just a short story at a small publishing company that only publishes LGBTQ stuff. Super exciting, because homegirl is getting paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid. Other than that, I'm just trying to get some stuff together to hopefully go back to school and get my master's in social work.

5/10/2017 #4,247 Report

I am so sorry, Topaz. It's been a few months now, but I hope you're doing okay :(

5/10/2017 #4,248 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

Thank you, guys. I'm doing much better. If anything, the tragedy has brought my husband and I closer together. It's amazing. And, it isn't quite official yet, but I might be pregnant again. I say might because it's still a little early to get a positive pregnancy test, but I just know. The last pregnancy started out the way I feel right now, so it isn't out of the question.

But in other news, we are taking in my sister-in-law's two youngest daughters. She lost custody of them to CPS, they ended up with the father's sister, but we will be taking them in with the possibility of adopting depending on how their mother does with trying to get them back andd if that goes south, then depending on whether or not they are happy living with us. Our daughter loves them and they are all very close, so we don't forsee any issues. That being said, my sister-in-law is also currently pregnant, so there is a possibility that we would be taking in that baby as well. So, when we lost our baby girl in January, other things seem to have fallen in place and it seems possible that within the next year, we go from one kid to five! God willing if I am pregnant, it isn't twins!

I'm thankful for the support you guys have offered. I'm also very happy you guys have created amazing lives for yourselves.

5/17/2017 #4,249 Report

Whoa, five kids. That's a little bundle of surprise if it all works out for you guys. I hope it does!! Do you know yet if you're for sure pregnant with your little rainbow baby?

5/27/2017 #4,250 Report
luna ravenclaw2013


8/24/2017 #4,251 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

And here we are about 6 months later...

An update here: I did not end up pregnant, and in fact ended up with another miscarriage in August. So, that's been difficult. But we keep trying and getting nowhere. I'll probably be going to the doctor soon.

The other three kids went back with their mom, so it's just us again, which has been great. The kids were awful. The eldest was such a terror. I swear she acted out because she thought it would help her get back to her mom.

Anyways, in much better news, I got a promotion at my job, with a pretty decent raise, so I'm excited about that.

11/30/2017 #4,252 Report
luna ravenclaw2013


4/10/2018 #4,253 Report
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