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Super-Awesome-Pwning Quotes that have nothing to do with Twilight
M Topaz in the Meadow

"Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."

3/19/2009 #91 Report
M Jarc is teh win 8D


"No, way. He just ate my hair!"

"That girl... She said that the sky frightened her. That looks so... liberating. Those wings... I want them too."

"You'll be my living legacy. My honor and dreams...I give them all to you."

"Would you say that I was a hero?"

And the not as awesome but just as adorable Cloud Strife:

"Too bad; I'm a delivery boy now."

"Stay where you belong: in my memories..."

"I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody."


"So what if I'm a puppet? Once upon a time... You were too!"

"Mother has given me a very special gift. The power to fight... against a planet that torments humanity. She gave this gift to all her children. Thats right, you and I are bretheren! Chosen by Mother when we inherited her genetics through the lifestream! But.. the planet doesn't approve of that at all! Its doing everything it can to hold us back. Thats why its racking our bodies with pain and filling our hearts with doubt. Now, I will heal you. And we will go to Mother together. We will join as a family, and strike back at the planet! ...Do as I do."

"You see this man, he's our big brother. But alas, in our happy flock, he's what you'd call a black sheep..."

"It's unbearable, to think that Mother might love Sephiroth more than me!"

Other random Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts quotes...

"When I grow up I wanna be a blitzball."

"Great, I have one chicken-wuss and one kid who just entered puberty in my team!" I love Seifer. 8D

"You meanie! D:"

"A Nobody doesn't have a right to know. Nor does it even have the right to be."

"Sora and Riku are together. " ...YAOI. ^___^

"Burn, baby!" Oh, Axel~

"Got it memorized?" Axel has the best lines.

"Alright, Roxas. Fight, fight, fight~!" He was using his r*** voice. Srsly.

"Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad!" Demyx = ♥

Riku: "What are you making me choose now?"

Diz: "Between the road to light... and the road to darkness."

Riku: "Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road."

DiZ: "Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?"

Riku: "No. It's the road to dawn."

4/14/2009 . Edited 4/14/2009 #92 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

Haha =) OMG most of 'em are hialrious!!!

"If you can't kiss your friends, who can you kiss?" Callum, Nought and Crossed by Malorie Blackman.

5/23/2009 #93 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow

"In my opinion, the best thing you cando is find a person who loves you for exactly who you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. The right person will still think the sun shines out your a**." -Juno's dad, Juno

6/15/2009 . Edited 6/15/2009 #94 Report

"I think someone put drugs in this weed!" - Adam Lambert ♥

"This is a lesson about life. This is one person. This is another person. This is one person trying to understand another person even though it doesn't have room to download the other person into its brain. It can't understand the other person even though it tries to so it ends up overflowing--with knowledge of being stupid." - Jimmy Sullivan

Foreman: Oh, Cameron, I need you for a couple of hours.

Cameron: What's up?

Foreman: When you break into someone's house, it's always better to have a white chick with you.


"Cars hurt, but the parked ones hurt more." - Vince.

6/15/2009 . Edited 6/15/2009 #95 Report

Bruce Nolan : First off, let me just add another congratulations to Evan Backstabber - pardon me, B***. Baxter, rather. It is good to see what someone with real talent can do when great opportunities are given to them instead of me. Anyway, I'm here with Katherine Hepburn's mom. Tell me, why did you toss the "blue heart of the ocean" jewel over the railing of Titanic? Did you feel bad at all letting Leo DiCaprio drown, while you were safe floating on the big door? Could you have taken turns, or were you just too afraid to freeze your big fat a** off?


Bruce: So tell us mama, why make Buffalo's biggest cookie?

Mama: Well, man from health department say he find rat pellet in pastry but I say no, is big chocolate sprinkle, but he shut store down. So we clean up, make big cookie for to bring customers back.

Bruce: Let's try that again, shall we?So tell us mama, why make Buffalo's biggest cookie?

Mama: So all the children in the neighborhood will be happy?

Bruce: And isn't it nice to see all their smiling faces?

Vol: I work in back. I see no smiles.

and also a repeated line

Bruce: B-E-A-utiful.

6/21/2009 #96 Report
rose taylor

Lol. I love that movie.

From House:

Chase, Cameron, & Foreman(about a patient): We've got r*** bleeding.

House: All three of you?

and from The Santa Clause 2 (yes, I know I'm too old for this movie. my parents say it all the time.):

Bernard: It seems that our #2 elf--the "Keeper of the Handbook"--overlooked the single most important detail in the history of Christmas!

Curtis: Wow. One mistake in 900 years.

6/22/2009 #97 Report

This is a small (pretty nasty) quote, I read on a postcard while shopping nonesense yesterday... (by the way I love shopping nonesense lol) It is originally in german but I hope it works in english...

"There´s always light at the end of the tunnel... pray it´s not a train."

"I´m not like the rest... I´m worse!" - I actually liked this one, so I bought the card ;)

6/28/2009 . Edited 6/28/2009 #98 Report

This is a quote from Family Matters(I know super old but whateves. I died laughing when I heard this.) So Laura's bf,Todd, is looking at Steve's new invention.

Todd: It looks stupid.

Steve: No it's just shiny, that just your reflection. LMAO

6/28/2009 #99 Report

"I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching—they are your family." -Dresden Files: Proven Guilty (I love that series.)

And as for Percy Jackson quotes; "Thalia got herself turned to a pine tree when she was twelve. Me? I was doing my best not to follow in her footsteps. I had nightmares about what Poseidon might turn me into if I was ever on the verge of death. Plankton, maybe. Or a floating patch of Kelp." -Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, pondering about his cousin. (PJO:The Sea of Monsters)

"Don't Yadda Yadda the Lord, Harry. It's disrespectful." -Micheal, Dresden files. (He's got a thing about blasphemy)

6/28/2009 . Edited 6/29/2009 #100 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT GO PERCY JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Percy Jackson: Hey guys! Here I am!!! Come rearrange my face!

Thinkign abt monsters....lol...

6/30/2009 #101 Report

Oh my gods! Oh my gods! I love Percy Jackson tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My locker smells like pot and I don't know why..." me

7/1/2009 #102 Report

Huh. Tell me about it. I think I might just have transferred my fangirlness from Percy to Nico. The kid's so darn cute!

Harry: Oh no, hellhounds-

Micheal: Harry...

Harry: Sorry. Oh no, heckhounds.

-Dresden files.

7/1/2009 #103 Report

"There's a fine line between optimism and denial." "I'm gonna help you, kupo! Give me a call whenever you need, kupo. But Terra... Lay off the fur ruffling, wouldja kupo?"

10/23/2010 #104 Report
M prettypinkbookworm

"All are but parts of one stupdendous whole, whose body Nature is, and God the soul" --Alexander Pope.

I love that quote.

5/18/2011 #106 Report

"My fists bleed death. Welcome to your doom!" -(Shin?) Akuma, Super Street Fighter IV

5/21/2011 #107 Report
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