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Sakura Mishimoto

Hmmm... I have to agree. It was a good movie. Rather than doing a sequel she should probably just write another book.

Is it just me, or does Stephanie Meyer have an obsession about souls?

12/15/2008 #31 Report

of course she has an obsession about souls. its her religion. after death, your soul should go to heaven... but what happens if you ALREADY died? or committed murdersor became a vampire, even if you ARE an amazing person... you know? i dont connsider it an obsession so much as a personal debate... hmmm...

and the host. it seems obvious to me that she would go in that direction considering the nature of that book as well. But seriously... When she explained why they were called souls? Wowza! That was incredibly creative! i loved that!

i dont think the Host could be made into a movie. It'd be wonderful if they could, but I don't think so... That book is so long, and each part is important in my opinion AND add in the fact that they'd have to create the voice in her head, along with Wanda's own... and both voice sound alike because they have the same body/mind. it would be too hard to differentiate, plus it would be boring to watch internal debates happening on screen throughout the entire movie... but its still a good thought....

12/19/2008 #32 Report
xX - Jadalyn - Xx

Okay, I just finished The Host, like, 10 minutes ago, and it was uh-mazing!!! I LOVED it!!!!!

The only thing that really bugged me about the book was Wanda's extreme selflessness. I mean, I understand how it's needed for the story to flow the way it did, but it got really annoying after a while. Although, at the same time, I loved her because of that selflessness. Kind of like Ian. He loved her because she was so selfless, yet at the same time, he really wished she'd stop being so selfless. You know?

Anywayy... IAN ALL THE WAYY!!!! I did not like Jared.. he was just.. grr. YAYY IANN!!!! XD

1/1/2009 #33 Report

I heard from my friend that, like Democrats/liberals were the one controlling everyone's minds. Which to me makes it sound like she's just turning her political ideology into a story.

1/9/2009 . Edited 1/9/2009 #34 Report
xX - Jadalyn - Xx

Umm... It was actually aliens controlling people's minds. :P

1/9/2009 #35 Report

Yeah, I know, but they were supposed to be liberals or some s*** like that.

1/9/2009 #36 Report
M Euonym

that's just silly. if SM is anything, she's a conservative. and if the aliens are anything, they're utopians.

1/9/2009 #37 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

??? *utopians?*

1/10/2009 #38 Report

Utopia. Paradise.

Euo is implying that they're kind of like idealists. They want a perfectly peaceful world. Heaven on Earth, all is good type of thing.

I agree, but I never put it those terms. Good word, euo! *high five*

1/15/2009 #39 Report

I don't remember who said this, but someone complained about Wanda as a nickname. I totally agree. I kept thinking of the Fairly Odd Parents...

I can understand Jared wanting Melanie back so badly. He loved her. But there is a conflict of interest in how, the whole plot circles around the fact that he only let the Wanderer live because she was in Melanie's body. That was just totally contraversial to his personal opinions. He hates the souls with a passion and totally goes against his own beliefs. He was just torturing himself, having to look at her every day and knowing it wasn't her.

On another note, I personally believe that the Wanderer had a selfless nature and I think that it was awesome, but I believe a lot of people in her place would try to do the same thing she did. After all, can you imagine the guilt of imprisoning someone like that and using their body as your own puppet? The total sense of NO privacy when someone else is living with you in your own head, which isn't actually your head at all.

I also think this is going to turn Jacob-Edward teams because, even if there was no love triangle, there was still debating over which guy you would want.

And I will be the first to declare myself TEAM IAN.

For people looking for reviews, sorry I just spoiled the book for you, but I recommend it strongly. There is a lot more under the surface of my little summary there. I think the whole Soul-Series thing is Stephenie's way of getting another hit series, but I will admit I would like to see more. In fact, it would probably be similar to the release of Breaking Dawn for us Twilighters, we all rush to read the book, and the majority of us end up rather disappointed. She rushed the final plot of the Twilight Series, and I'm afraid that though she might not rush the Soul Series, there would be nothing more to say and we would all be upset by the resolve of the issue. I think she should start writing Jacob - Nessie stories instead of continuing the Host.

Well there's my spew.

1/18/2009 #40 Report
M Euonym

*high five* i'm just fabulous, muffin. :p

sorry, honey, i don't understand your comment about jared. i don't think it was controversial of him at all. he loved melanie more than he hated the souls. even without him knowing that mel was still in wanda, just her body was enough to remind him of how much he loved who she used to be. and that overpowered the soul inside of her hands down.

1/18/2009 #41 Report

A good point, but he had the strict 'I don't care who they are, if it's a soul, take it to Doc or kill it' policy. Still a bit sideways. Then again, seeing her at all even if it was someone else inside her must have awakened his feelings. Touche.

1/18/2009 #42 Report
M Topaz in the Meadow


3/19/2009 #43 Report

I just finished the host a few days ago- got it for my b-day. Anyway, I agree this wasn't a love triangle, but as the more likable person, Ian wins by a landslide. Jared was alright, but he was kind of selfish and harsh. Ian was a sweetheart, and just an incredible guy. I mean, he was able to do what so few can- fall in love with who the girl was, not her body or voice, or any of that other stuff.

And I don't think the Jared argument for him being in true love and all holds up- certainly, he was, but so was Ian, and he managed to not be such a j*** about it.

Anyway, great book, loved it. Harder to get into than Twilight, but that's probably because its meant for adults who are supposed to have longer attention spans and all of that. Overall, a much more complex book, but it didn't get my emotions going quite as much, though they were certainly getting out of control.

Personally, I can't wait if she does choose to write a series. It seems like she set up the book perfectly for that possibility- c'mon, who isn't interested to find out more about the characters in the last few pages, or see whether the humans ever make a comeback? Of course, if she choosed not to, it is wrapped up decently.

Oh, and as for SM being obsessed with souls- she is a religious person, and as someone who has the same one, it makes sense that her beliefs would seep into her writing- that is what being a writer is about.

3/30/2009 #44 Report
Lemon Muffins

"I mean, he was able to do what so few can- fall in love with who the girl was, not her body or voice, or any of that other stuff."

he's pansexual. thats the term for that definition One can appreciate those physical things, but it has no weight in how someone thinks of another. I'm pansexual :D

"Anyway, great book, loved it. Harder to get into than Twilight, but that's probably because its meant for adults who are supposed to have longer attention spans and all of that. Overall, a much more complex book, but it didn't get my emotions going quite as much, though they were certainly getting out of control."

It's nt just you or the adult thing. The beginning was slow, but it was necessary to set up the better part of the book. It had an extended expposition because the book was so long... about 100 pages in, I couldn't put the thing down and read all night log, even though I had to move the next day hahaha

4/17/2009 #45 Report
Comet Wong

I love the Host better than Twilight. It's a lot more in depth, much more mature (if you ask me) and much more stirring. The way she wrote this was better too. I hope she writes the sequel. Ian has got to be the next best leading man SM created next to Edward. Really such an amazing guy.

You don't get that much guys anymore. *sighs*

5/25/2009 #46 Report
M Euonym

i like ian so much better than edward.... i'd explain why, but it's been too long since i've read the host. i only remember the main feeling of it, and the feeling that i liked ian more

5/29/2009 #47 Report

indeed. i concur, euo, lol.

ive been wanting to reread the host, but my mom has been "reading" it for over a year, and wont give it back until she's finished... she hasnt even gotten 100 pages in :(

5/29/2009 #48 Report
Comet Wong

I agree! Ian is way better than Edward.

One, because Ian is human, and a mortal one at that, and yet he still possess that love and passion for life that is kind of rare seeing as how in their world, it's pretty much over.

Two, Ian is protective, but not to the point of constricting-protective like our Eddie (hahaha).

Three, he fell in love with Wanda despite Melanie being the body. Edward fell in love with Bella not only because of her character, but of how she looked. Ian fell in love with Wanda. period. "It's not the face, but the expressions that come from there." Ian said something along those lines. I loved that part of the book!

6/1/2009 #49 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen




II agree with the Ian part - he fell in love with the epxression, not the body. That really was brillian. Ian EC. To the end!

6/22/2009 #50 Report

I got The Host on Christmas and finished it at six in the morning. I could not put it down! I loved it.

I'm alos like it because rabid fan girls aren't ruining it for me. Ian was a dreamy little man. lol

6/24/2009 #51 Report
Aishwarya Swan-Cullen

He was AWESOME (lol I finished six in the evening!!!!)

6/30/2009 #52 Report

I loved it. My mom wouldn't let me buy it for no reason, so I went to the mall with my friends and got it. I'm so glad it's not as popular as Twilight because I think that would ruin it. It would still be a good book, but I'd hate to have everyone talking about it all of the time. I love Ian. I'm starting to wonder if anyone likes Jared…? Jamie was awesome! He's a lot like Seth in Twilight, and I love them both. I liked Sunny, too. If they make a movie of it, they better not screw up the characters. Jeb was funny. I didn't always get why the characters acted like they did: Jared sparing Wanderer, Jeb saving Wanderer…. Especially, why Jared let her live. That didn't really make sense to me, but I liked it anyway. I'm team Ian. I love their underground home. That was awesome.

There are some books I can read over and over (like Twilight), but other books I just get bored of. I love The Host, and I want to read it again, but I can't get into it, until she is in the desert, and that's a while into the book. I can't stand the boring parts, but I hate skipping, so I try to glance through them.

All in all, I think that The Host is one of the best books I've read. :)

1/19/2010 #53 Report

Okay, I would for sure read it if you haven't already. I liked it. But I guess I could see why some people thinks it was a little blah in some parts.

2/24/2010 #54 Report

I really like the Host. It just proves to me that SM is an amazing writer. We already knew that of course, but this really proved it. She ads so much detail that is so amazing! The most heartbreaking thing that happened, was when Jamie got sick and Wanda and Jared had to sneak out and go get his medicine that he needed. And when Jared had to hurt Wanda with the rock or whatever, so she could be convincing for the hospital, that was interesting.

2/24/2010 #55 Report

Lol I though the title of this forum was The Hot Discussion.

Oops sorry that was random...

3/19/2010 #56 Report


7/9/2010 . Edited 7/30/2010 #57 Report
artemis lecter

I personally thought that The Host was better, in terms of writing style, than the Twilight Saga. *plucks The Host off her bookshelf to reread it*

4/17/2012 #58 Report
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