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Ghost King Plot?
M Surreptitious Chi X

I don't want to read the Ghost King novel at all, ever, but I want to know what it's about. Selfish, right? ;p Well, someone please tell me you've read it and you're willing to explain what happens. I don't want the firsthand pain, but I hate not knowing what RAS has done now. It's worse not knowing what atrocity he's committed.

2/3/2010 #1 Report
Lady Fellshot

Against someone's rather pointed request not to read the Ghost King, I did anyway. I also recorded my reactions and impressions as I went in my livejournal.

For your amusement, here they are:

Chapters Prologue-4

Chapters 5-9

Chapters 10-15

Chapters 16-20

Chapters 21-25

Chapters 26-Epilogue

Hope that helps!

Incidentally, there were no memorable mentions of Entreri.

2/3/2010 #2 Report
M Surreptitious Chi X

Thaaaank you. That helped muchly. I appreciate it so much. I was happy to hear about Jarlaxle being cool and once again for some reason being reasonable and not a jerk. But of course all the other stuff, like people not trusting him ever, gets me down. But Catti-brie dying makes me happy. ^_^

It's a mixed bag, of course, and like anything with RAS even before I disowned him, there are some things I can't believe about his choices of plot and character direction.

I really wanted to know what RAS had been thinking lately in terms of what he's written, and you have satisfied my curiosity.

2/3/2010 #3 Report
Lady Fellshot

Glad it helped you. Catty dying was actually the thing that convinced me to go read it. I might take another hit to my sanity for the team depending on what I feel like doing next year, especially since the only characters that can currently move forwards in the sellplague time jump are elves (Jarlaxle, To'sun and Sinnafain). :)

2/3/2010 #4 Report

Ok, so I don't want to seem like a total moron, but I just started the Drizzt books in March of this year and I'm currently reading The Orc King, so would you kindly enlighten me as to why you'd disown Monseiur Salvatore? Just curious :o) Thanks!


9/6/2010 #5 Report
M Surreptitious Chi X

Hi. *grin* We are massive fan-nerds. We meet to talk and complain because we love his books. Exaggeration is regularly employed to show our wrath and exasperation. That disclaimer aside, what we mostly come to complain about is that over the course of his series, he changes his mind again and again about what his characters are really like. Not the same as character development. We mean, he actually changes his mind and disowns the previous versions of his characters as not having happened. And he gets bored with his characters and decides to "shake things up" without any regard for everyone who liked things the way they were. Basically, he is an author who exerts control over his work...but in the worst way possible. He's hurt a lot of our feelings.

9/7/2010 #6 Report
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