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How to Write a Realistic Fight Scene

Personally, I find that when someone uses a shorter arm, I your case a dagger, martial arts tends to play a big part in possible fights. The charecter generally uses his entire body as a weapon instead of just the arm he has in his possession. However this would be for an experienced fighter. Your character is inexperienced in the art if combat, I would expect him to make mistakes and miss opportunities to defeat his opponent simply because he doesn't know when too. To be frank I kinda expect him to lose until he gets either proper training or has a specific ability or strength that outway all his weaknesses. Hope that answers your question.

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Fortunate Son

I have a character who mixes gun and sword play. He fights demonic monsters and humans . What would be a good mix for his fights? Also, he uses a revolver and a short sword, if that helps. Any advice is welcome.

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Try looking up Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane.

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