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Lady Fellshot

I hope no one minds the mildly shameless self promotion, but you might find it useful and entertaining.

Last year, I did a bookflog of the Ghost King as a joke and decided to give Gauntlgrym the same spoiler-ific treatment Because not knowing what happened to Jarlaxle would drive me nuts. There looks like some good news for fans of the Dynamic Duo so far, although a few of the new characters are simply awful and are making me very angry.

I'm planning on posting at least one or two new sections every weekend until I'm finished with the book. The flog may be found here: lady-fellshot.livejournal.com

10/19/2010 #1 Report

Wait... is it out already?? Of course! is October! how could I forget!? So... good news for us!??

10/20/2010 #2 Report
Lady Fellshot

lol How spoilerific do you want me to be. Jarlaxle has definitely shown up and I have Artie suspicions regarding one character. :)

10/20/2010 #3 Report
Lady Fellshot

Okay, I finished. I must spoil this for the rest of you, but someone literally tries to shake sense into Drizzt. The scene made me happy. Drizzt is still a moron, but I love the character who did it all the more. :D

10/30/2010 #4 Report
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