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Demon King Francis

Jack holstered his pistol and sword. "Don't need to tell me twice!" he shouted as he booked it for the entrance.....the sign to the cow and corset strapped to his back.

4/7/2009 #121 Report

Hyaou watched as jack ran through the gate and fired off some extra shots for good measure. He went through the gate and saw Jack standing there with the sign. "Was taking the sign neccessary?"

4/7/2009 #122 Report
Demon King Francis

"Yes....yes it is" Jack said with a smile. "Every good thief needs to take a trophy from his big battles" he said as he smiled at the sigh. "Plus the mascot is kid of cute." he said as he walked down the road.

4/7/2009 #123 Report

Doran rolled his eyes before speaking in Skorm's voice, "You're as senseless as your namesake."

4/7/2009 #124 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack gave Skorm the middle finger. "Whatever. At least people know I exist. Nobody eve believes in YOU anymore." he said as shadow hissed in delight. "Oh that was a burn on you Skorm!"

4/8/2009 #125 Report

Doran thrust his hand forward, sending a Force Push at Jack, "I AM THE LORD OF BLOODY DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IN ME SOON ENOUGH!"

4/8/2009 #126 Report

Hyaou blasted the force push with a vortex spell. "Gentlemen please there is no reason for us to fight. If anything we are all on the same side. Why fight each other? I mean sometimes you have to take insults with a grain of salt." Hayou spoke between the two trying to diffuse the situation.

"I'm Hyaou by the way a pleasure to meet you stealer of signs and a grande pleasure to meet the original god of darkness." Hyaou spoke in respect to skorm and Jack.

4/8/2009 #127 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack smiled at Hyaou. "Aren't you the bartender at that bar in Bloodstone?....I believe we've met before" he said as he hoped that Hyaou wouldent remember that paticular situation.

4/8/2009 #128 Report

"Yes that would be I. So what now?" Hyaou asked slinging his rifle over his shoulder.

4/8/2009 #129 Report

"It's good to get some respect," Skorm said from Doran's mouth before Doran reassurted control of his own body, "I hate it when Skorm does that. Anyway, how's Bloodstone been? Is Reaver still in power?"

4/8/2009 #130 Report
Fishy Crackers

{My attempt to insert plot}

Looking up to the now, thought to be abandoned, Tattered Spire, as Mune did now along with a crowd of people, one would see what appeared to be a crack flowing from it's base up, and out from it, a deep red light. The sight of it sent uneasiness through most, curiosity through others. Small, almost tiny red orbs began to fly around and circle the Spire, and soon they all reentered the Spire itself. After about a second if not less, a red wave burst from the Tattered Spire, flowing over the water and soon over Oakfield, and not long after the rest of Albion.

Once the wave of energy was long past, nothing appeared any different, people stood, staring, whispering, before slowly one by one beginning to leave and return to their jobs or families. When it seemed all was normal and it was nothing but a light show, an evil laugh echoed through Albion, sounding as though two people talked at once. One of the voices was familiar to all, it sounded almost like their deceased lord, but the other... sounded like a being of pure darkness.

4/8/2009 #131 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack pupils turned to slits as shadow hissed. "I thought your ancestor killed that pest years ago!" as Lizzie jumped from the woods and cowared behind Jack. "I don't like this Jackie!" she cried with a whimper. "If I can remember my father's fairytales correctly. That's the evil Jack of Blades. But his mask was suppost to be lost hundreds of years ago.....destroyed some say!"

4/8/2009 #132 Report
Fishy Crackers

Mune stood staring at the Spire, before turning to walk inland, to the Sandgoose {The Cow & Corset, whatever}. Whatever just happened, it sure wasn't his problem... 'The Spire just activated and our deceased lord just laughed... i wonder if i should display some sort of emotional response.' {Unskippable quote}

4/8/2009 #133 Report

"Great, him again," Skorm said through Doran's mouth, "He's even older than me and that's saying something."

Doran frowned, "Who?"

"Jack of Blades," Skorm whispered.

4/8/2009 #134 Report

"Afraid not. Reaver dropped off the face of albion and buggered off to Samarkand. Haven't heard from him since." Hyaou spoke to skorm.

"Who is Jack of Blades?"

5/26/2009 #135 Report

"An evil even older than I am and that's saying something," Skorm hissed through Doran's mouth, "I thought he was dead, but it seems he's once again."

"Eh, some hero will slay him," Doran said with a shrug. He realized something, "Shit! We're heroes!!!"

5/26/2009 #136 Report
Demon King Francis

"He may be an evil but he sure is an annoying evil" Shadow hissed through Jack's mouth as Jack chuckled. "Well....technically YOU guys are heros I'm just a thief. And on that note.....see ya!" Jack said before Lizzy grabbed him by the shoulder and held him close like he was a teddy bear. "Don't leave me here Jackie....I'm scared!" "Don't worry my love....I'll protect you!....DAMN now I am a hero....this sucks"

5/27/2009 #137 Report

"Why should I save Albion?" Doran asked, "What has this place ever done for me besides try to kill me over and over again?"

5/27/2009 #138 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack slipped out of Lizzie's arms and clapped Doran on the shoulder. "Because your related to an unsung hero/pirate thingy and so am I! So Karma dictates that we should do SOMETHING to even all the mischef we're gonna get into....I wonder if the old ship they used to ride is still around....we'll need it to get all the way out there."

5/27/2009 #139 Report

"Oh, right, the guards," Doran remembered idly as a squad of about a dozen guards approached them. Doran raised his hand and Force Pushed them away like a bowling ball striking pins. He grinned, "Hey, I got a strike!"

5/27/2009 #140 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack smiled and was about to draw his pisol when Lizzy grabbed him and held him close again. "No I don't want you to go Jackie!" she cried as Jack looked a her. She did look diffrent from your average Balverine, she had a more supple muzzle that helped hide her sharp teeth, her fur was cleaner than most and had nary a drop of blood staining it. All in all she was really quite cute. Jack kissed her muzzle gently as he stroked her arm. "I won't leave you Lizzy, I'm here to protect you....though I'm sure you don't need it" he chuckled as she dropped him and blushed a little as Jack shot the feet of some of the guards, slowing them down a little.

5/28/2009 #141 Report

Hyaou got out his rifle and began picking guards off with head shots.

5/28/2009 #142 Report

"Oh, I'm going to be sick," Doran muttered as he sent bolts of lightning at guards.

"Tell me about it," Skorm told him with a shudder, "I prefer human girls myself."

5/28/2009 #143 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack jumped a little bit after shooting a guard in the head before he gave an all mighty kick to a guards groin. "You have your tastes an I have mine Doran. Just don't make fun of mine before I kick your nuts as hard as this guy."

5/28/2009 #144 Report

"Whatever. I still have the right to think the pairing is unholy and creepy," Doran said, "And that's nothing. How do you think her pack is going to react? Balvarines eat humans." He Force Pushed a guard that was coming from behind him, "Shall we go now?"

5/28/2009 #145 Report
Demon King Francis

"Of course you do Doran, I never said you didn't have that right." Jack said as he slashed one last guard. "Yes let's get out of here! C'mon Lizzie!" he sais as he turned and ran farther from the town. "we should wait until our little escapade dies down."

5/29/2009 #146 Report

"Or we could do community service," Doran commented as he followed Jack with a grin.

5/29/2009 #147 Report

Name: Davis


Gender: male


Brief History: Launched many years into the future by a strange mage, He is now attempting to get used to his new environment. an archer by nature, he hates what it has become and sticks close to his bow. carries a pistol in case of emergency. Ask him what he thinks of this time and he'll whine about the state of ranged weapons.

Brief Discription: (fable 1 cuts) normal hair cut, sheriff stash, normal beard. a lean muscular figure, wearing a fishermans hat on an assassin's outfit. muscular.

6/13/2009 #148 Report

A bloodied Davis was being dragged along by the guards. he was unconsicous but fully armed. on seeing the others the guards charged.

6/13/2009 #149 Report
Demon King Francis

Jack saw Davis and about face and fired a volly of shots into the guards, killing several. "heya buddy, Names Jack Rodgers Soon-to-be-famous-thief. And you my friend can pay me back later." he said as he stood Davis to his feet and tipped a potion down his throat through his helmet. "Now let's talk about your future my friend."

6/13/2009 #150 Report
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