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A Magister of Discord

uhm, this one's a little canon....but i still like them both!!! their so cute together!!!

4/12/2008 #1 Report
A Magister of Discord

all opinions are welcome here...don't be shy...i won't eat you...


4/12/2008 #2 Report

i like this couple too.. i only just started watching pretty cure but i already like them.

7/11/2008 #3 Report

Too bad that there are only like 8 stories for this pairing.

8/7/2008 #4 Report
A Magister of Discord

yeah... you can tell a good couple even if you watch only a few episodes...


8/7/2008 #5 Report
A Magister of Discord

you're right!

i wish people would write more fics for them...


8/7/2008 #6 Report

Yes! This one is my favourite pairing! They're so awesome! ^.^



4/25/2009 #7 Report

lol i can see it cuz of ur pic xp

its cute! x3

and yes i wish there were more fics too T_T

4/26/2009 #8 Report
A Magister of Discord

I totally agreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Nagisa + Honoka = Major WIN!


4/29/2009 #9 Report

do you mean Honoka and Nagisa as a team or as a couple?

8/27/2009 #10 Report
A Magister of Discord

I mean as a couple... Unless you prefer them to remain just a team? Nah, just kidding! :D

8/28/2009 #11 Report

I think Nagisa and Honoka should just be best friends. However Nagisa and Fergie are a good match! They are so cute! And Fergie is so cute as well!

4/10/2010 #12 Report
chilled monkey

I LOVE Nagisa/Honoka as a couple. They're awesome together.

11/13/2010 #13 Report
Snow White's Rose

Natalie and Hannah are a very cute couple. :) I love how Pretty Cure makes them become closer friends.

4/4/2014 #14 Report

I love NagisaxHonoka!! I've read a lot of fanfics about them. There so cute!!

6/25/2014 #15 Report

I know right. NagiHono is my favorite ship in the entire precure franchise behind Akira and Yukari. I wished that the producers made it canon.

2/7/2018 #16 Report
chilled monkey

At least we still have fanfiction.

3/2/2018 #17 Report

Yeah that's one good thing. Everyone, please write as many NagiHono fanfics as you can

3/2/2018 #18 Report

I Ship it a lot Best couple ever in the precure season

3/30/2018 #19 Report
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