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There was an episode where a soldier good a cooking comes to camp. I was thinking something similar with Hawkeye sent to Korea as a soldier or working at an aid station. Somehow someone at 4077th finds out about him (maybe from a treated soldier). Where it goes from there is upto you.

10/8/2017 #1 Report

Ooo! That’s a neat idea! Maybe he just got shipped out to Korea and they stuck him on the front lines at first, and the other surgeons he worked with noticed his talent. Maybe one of them knew Henry Blake and recommend he get shipped over to the 4077th, and the rest is history!

9/6/2019 #2 Report

How about M*A*S*H*/Rising of the Shield Hero crossover where either Hawkeye or Trapper ends up summoned as the Shield Hero?

4/10 #3 Report
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