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Pick a Doctor Any Doctor
Xeir Zith

If I had to pick my Doc. I think it would be hard to do well I think I'll go with: Hawkeye yea Hawkeye he would be my doc. and I'd die happy

2/26/2006 #1 Report

Well, I suppose if I was in horrible condition with a deadly illness and/or wound I wouldn't much care! XD In all seriousness though, I think I'd pick Hawkeye. Or BJ. Or Charles...Or Trapper...or...well. you get the idea. :P

2/27/2006 #2 Report
Xeir Zith

I havent seen the show in two years but I might be at a loss in picking a Doc. Uh.. All of them

3/2/2006 #3 Report


3/8/2006 #4 Report

No QUestion My Personal Physisian would be Dr Benjamin Franklin Pierce. He was cheif Surgeon at the 4077th , He comes from a family tradition of doctors, and he has a family practice back in Crabapple COve. Basically the man is the perfect family practice doctor.

4/26/2006 #5 Report

I wish somebody would say Frank, that way we'd know who was suicidal. Anyway, i'd choose Hawkeye or Charles.

8/9/2006 #6 Report

As a doctor Frank Burns makes a great mortitian

8/9/2006 #7 Report

I think everyone can agree on that.

8/10/2006 #8 Report

I like Dr. Sidney Friedman's words on Major/Dr. Burns "A complete failure as a human being."

8/11/2006 #9 Report
John Locke

[q]As a doctor Frank Burns makes a great mortician[/q] You actually have to know what you're doing to be a mortician. Frank would never be up to par... [My Dad's a mortician and it includes a lot more work than he's given credit for.] Frank would screw up even the dead.

8/14/2006 #10 Report

You know what, I'll buy that. I imagine that preparing and dressing a body for it's final rest takes a good deal more skill and caring and empathy for others than Frank would ever be capable of.

8/14/2006 #11 Report
John Locke

Frank only has skills in whining. :D

8/14/2006 #12 Report

Now Now let's not under rate the man. Dr. Frank Burns was multi Faceted, He could Whine and b*** and snivle and he was very good at hatred and hypocrisy.

8/15/2006 #13 Report

And amazingly he could do all that at the same time.

9/6/2006 #14 Report
John Locke

Completely astounding. Frank the wunderkind of the a***.

10/26/2006 #15 Report

Major Frank BUrns U.S. Army Medical corps has at last been revealed by recently declassified papers to have ben a "Manchurian style" operative sent to the 4077th Mobile Army SUrgical Hospital by the North Korean Politburo. His mission was to retard and stymie the efficiency of an otherwise sterling unit. Due to the Standout performance of such surgeons as Dr Benjamin Franklin Pierce, Dr. John MacIntyre and Dr Henry Blake as well as Dr Oliver Wendel Jones and Chief Nurse Margaret Houlihan Burns' Efforts came to nothing and the 4077th saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

10/26/2006 #16 Report

Trapper... yup, definatley Trapper. While Hawkeye was the true womanizer, Trapper had the looks. =D

4/21/2007 #17 Report

Yeah, no denying that "I've been a bad boy" smile of his, is there?

4/27/2007 #18 Report

Hawkeye. Period. He can treat you and make you laugh at the same time-- both of which are good for you. P.S. Regarding SeregeantHeretic's post: It's easy to deny Trapper's "I've been a bad boy" smile. I do it [i]alllllll[/i] the time.

9/26/2007 #19 Report

Hawkeye. No doubt. I love Hawkeye. He's funny, good, and sexy. :D Love him. :D I like BJ a lot too...

11/3/2007 #20 Report
Whatever Makes You Break

Trapper John. Absolutely. No question.

1/9/2008 #21 Report
Fawn Hickory

Frank told someone (I think Hawkeye) that he was thrown out of mortuary school, so he had to become a doctor!

2/6/2009 #22 Report
Fawn Hickory

By the way, I'd take Hawkeye but I don't think he would be safe.

2/6/2009 #23 Report

Charles. definially

2/13/2009 #24 Report
Bad Octopus

Hey all! I'm new to this forum. I would definitely pick Charles. We all know Hawkeye's the nice guy, but let's face it, Charles is the better surgeon.

2/26/2009 #25 Report
Fawn Hickory

Now I'm not sure about Charles being a better doctor. He certainly thinks he is! But Hawkeye is more than adequate.

2/27/2009 #26 Report

BJ or Charles - I couldn't relax or concentrate at all if Hawkeye was my doctor xD BJ is funny and trustworthy, and Charles is so cool :] I still can't forget the episode with the marine, who got a poolball stucked in his mouth! Brilliant! xD

5/20/2009 #27 Report

hawkeye or trapper.

8/18/2010 #28 Report
Atarah Derekh

Harry Morgan has died. He was 96. Who wants to watch Old Soldiers from season 8? And does anyone have apple cider? I'm not big into scotch.

12/7/2011 #29 Report

Larry Linville said Frank Burns was not to be laughed at. He was to be feared and hated because there are people in real life who are just like him, manage to get into positions of authority, and cause a lot of damage before they're exposed as incompetents.

Let's not forget Dragnet, another show Harry Morgan did a great job on.

12/29/2011 #30 Report
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