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Pick a Doctor Any Doctor

I'd pick Trapper, I could die happy. He's just wow! Looks, accent, singing voice. Wowsers to quote ol' Henry

1/10/2012 #31 Report

If I could pick I'd be Margaret. I don't know why, i just love her! She's so complex and would be an interesting person to be. :)

1/14/2012 #32 Report

* be looked after by. :)

1/28/2012 #33 Report

Very unusual character. She starts out as a real j*** and goes through more changes than any other character in the series.

1/28/2012 #34 Report

I love how she changes,it's great how she sort of becomes part of the 'gang'. :)

2/5/2012 #35 Report

Hi! New to the MASH forums/fandom but I'll join in!

Umm doctor you say?

Hawkeye or BJ.

I love Hawkeye(and he would be so great because hes funny and smart and *sigh* so cool) but B.J. would probably be the better choice for a family doctor...he's an actual family man and I don't know, he just seems more the type(plus its probably not very smart to have a crush on your doctor so I should stay away from Hawkeye in any case. Stupid teenage crushes....I don't understand myself honestly!)

5/1/2012 #36 Report
Uniform of Anarchy

Is anybody still here? Cause I have something to say. I myself would pick Potter or Hawkeye. Potter because he's older and more experienced as a doctor, and Hawkeye, because I KNOW he's extremly good, and if I die, at least I'd go out laughing.

8/13/2013 #37 Report

Not Winchester, despite his constant bragging (or perhaps because of it) he had a bad habit of assuming his operations were perfect when they weren't quite finished yet.

8/29/2013 #38 Report

I want to say Hawkeye or Trapper, but at this point I'd just kinda start fangirling...

5/30/2014 #39 Report

I'd pick either Hawkeye, BJ, or Potter. All three are good surgions who fight to save their patients' lives.

1/3/2016 #40 Report

I am not sure if anyone will read this because the last post was so long ago. To answer the question, it would depend on how serious my condition was. If it were an emergency, I would choose Hawkeye.

If not, BJ. I am most comfortable with his personality. Hawkeye would make me too nervous.

5/16/2017 #41 Report

Don't remember Frank ever saying that, but I do remember him saying that the local undertaker used to send him calendars or Christmas cards (probably as a jab that he was such a lousy doctor, he was giving the undertaker business). I also remember that he considered becoming a male nurse when med school proved to be too difficult (it took him twice as long to get through, as he flunked out of 2 med schools) but he couldn't make hospital corners. As far as why he became a doctor, he once said it was his mother's wish (I think it was in the episode I Hate A Mystery).

2/23/2019 #42 Report

Oh! That’s a tough decision! BJ definitely has the best bed side manner (in my opinion), but who wouldn’t want a talented, not to mention very charming surgeon like Hawkeye? But Charles is also one of the best and most thorough surgeons. And Potter is so dedicated to his job and always stirs his best. Definitely would want one of those four. (Probably Hawkeye just for the charm)

But never in a million years would I want Frank Burns.

9/6/2019 #43 Report
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