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Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure!

I'm making a PreCure Fanfic called Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure! Here's the summary:

Cartoons aren't in real life...right? That's what Sumisu Kira thought until she meets a red dragon fairy named Flameby, the daughter of Flame, the fire dragon. Flameby tells Kira that she's the reincartoonation of Kai, the Fire Ninja and the owner of Flame, her mother. Kira becomes Cure Kai in order to stop a group know as Dullness, who wants to take fun of cartoons and make them dull and boring so people won't feel inspired. With the help of U~ōkā Jane/Cure Jay, Baketsu Chloe/Cure Cole and Jurian Zanna/Cure Zane, Kira must find the reincartoonation of Lloyd Garmadon and turn her into Cure Lloyd in order to stop Lady Garmadon, the older sister of their sensei, Wendy, who was brainwashed by Dullness by a snake bite. They run into Garmadon Lidy, daughter of Lady Garmadon, who is also brainwashed by Dullness. The Cures, however, purify her and found out she is Cure Lloyd. They eventually purify Lady Garmadon and she becomes Cure Garmadon. Lidy turns older in the process. The Ninjago Cures must now go all over world to help The Other Reincartoonation Cures fight off Dullness. They will meet Sukuea Sarah/Cure SpongeBob, Neko Tori/Cure Tom and Mausu Jenna/Cure Jerry, U~eikuman Jenny/Cure XJ-9, Rojāzu Scarlett/Cure Scooby-Doo and more. Watch as your favorite cartoons take Pretty Cure form in Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure!

The OCs are the reincartoonation of cartoon characters. The story mainly focuses on The Ninjago Cures. Later on, however, it will focus on The Bikini Bottom Cures, The Tom & Jerry Cures, The Scooby-Doo Cures and so on.I need ideas, please?

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