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Pretty Cure- New Stars!

I could use help writing a Pretty Cure story, so could you help me with a story idea I might have?

4/6/2012 #1 Report

This is my first Pretty Cure idea I had. It is Greek mythology themed. These are the things they say after transformed.

"Divine Lighting resounds against a white-hot sky! Cure Olympia!" "The earth shakes as the seas crash against the shore! Cure Neptune!" "Gentle darkness, bring peace to the world! Cure Hades!" "The light of hope is the stelwart of all! Cure Pandora!"

Help me with some names while I come up with personalities?

4/6/2012 #2 Report

i can help i love watching precure. i have seen almost all of them and can give you some ideas. so can you help me with my story 'The en-cat-ress'

4/17/2012 #3 Report

I specialize in writing about American style comic book heroes, mostly DC. I am also an avid fan of both Yugioh and Pokemon. So what is your fanfic about?

4/17/2012 #4 Report
ultimate mayhem

Hey I'm doing a Pretty Cure fanfic and I need some advice since I'm not all that knowledgable of Pretty Cure overall

10/16/2012 #5 Report

I happen to be very knowledgable on the subject. What advice do you need?

10/16/2012 #6 Report
ultimate mayhem

Well first off I'm kinda giving the Cures new upgraded forms

10/17/2012 #7 Report

Which Precure series are you talking about?

10/17/2012 #8 Report
ultimate mayhem

I'm talking about all 28 Pretty Cure

10/17/2012 #9 Report

I am usually into OC Pretty Cures, but alright. I do not know what your story is even about though.

10/17/2012 #10 Report
ultimate mayhem

Here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8459367/1/Dimensional-Illusion

10/17/2012 #11 Report
ultimate mayhem

Anyway the OCs I have on there aren't Cures.

10/17/2012 #12 Report
ultimate mayhem

Anyway sorry but I gotta split. I'll get back on tomorrow

10/17/2012 #13 Report

Power ups in Precure movies are usually initiated by Miracle Lights, little toys handed out to the kids before the movie's beginning. The fairies will break the fourth wall and basically say "Hey kids, it's time to wave your Miracle Lights and cheer on the Precures!" The kids do, and the Precures get powered up to take down the villains. They did it better in the Heartcatch movie, where a fairy went up to a cameraman and told everyone watching the news to "lend the strength of their Heart Flowers to the Precures". At least Heart Flowers are actually discussed in-series.

Speaking of in-series, Precure power-ups usually happen once around episode 23 and again at the season finale, and they are always more epic than the ones in the movies. Examples would be Crescendo Mode in Suite, Princess Mode in Smile, or Infinity Silhouette in Heartcatch. They usually get this power from a higher being, or a special item that was used throughout the series.

10/17/2012 #14 Report
ultimate mayhem

Yeah but the thirteen I added are external factors

10/18/2012 #15 Report
ultimate mayhem

Also do you think they could handle being trained by someone like Jason Todd?

10/18/2012 #16 Report

Probably not. Most of them are idealist girls who cannot fight outside their Cure forms. There are a few who can. Examples include Yuri Tsukikage from Heartcatch (By the way, she is probably the most powerful and experienced; she once took on a person with Wonder Woman-level strength completely unarmed while untransformed) and Itsuki Myoudouin from the same series (She was the head of a martial arts dojo for most of the series while her brother was sick and she taught the other Heartcatch Cures how to fight using martial arts). One of the side effects of transforming is that not only does the user's physical attributes get enhanced (strength, speed, endurance, etc.), but the transformation has some mental effects too. Transformed Cures become more outspoken in Cure form, the catchphrases battle poses that they say before battle are involuntary, and their fighting skills increase dramatically (though they still have much to learn). This is evident in the first episode of season 1, when Nagisa and Honoka take down a denizen of the Dark Zone with impressive fighting skills despite never coming from a background that allowed them to learn to fight. Most Cures would describe their first time transforming as some kind of power flowing through them and acting through them.

10/18/2012 #17 Report
ultimate mayhem

Actually I did watch it but they didn't really gain any skill. They were fighting on reflex which is why it's highly unlikely they'd be able to handle any of the enemies I'm adding in. Given your answer I'm assuming you either already knew who he was or looked him up after you saw the post so I'm gonna mention that the version of Jason Todd I'm gonna use never became the 2nd Red Hood because my OC went to his reality on an assignment where he killed their Joker. Then he was allowed to use his Flames of Rebirth to being Jason back.

In any case so far they've only fought monsters of "darkness" which also means that fighting creatures that aren't made of darkness would be a pretty big weakness don't you think? Especially if the enemy likes to take advantage of psycotic killers who'll kill for money

10/19/2012 #18 Report

That is good. I know Jason because I am a huge Batman fan. People talk about how he is all sad and emo and super deep and the other Draco-In-Leather-Pants garbage, but in truth, the Red Hood stopped being an anti-hero in after the Battle of the Cowl. I never have, and never will understand why people are fascinated by him. Harvey Dent/Two-Face is a much better done tragic villain than the Red Hood in my book. I am glad you actually give him a reason to be a true anti-hero instead of the nineties anti-hero he is in the comics, unlike most fanfiction stories.

You have only watched season 1; you should know that they remained fighting amateurs throughout that season. You also probably watched the first episode of season 1, when they first got their abilities. At that point, you may have been right, but if you take them right now, they are class A monster fighters. If you watched another season (especially one with Cure Moonlight) or even later episodes of season 1, you would find they have some martial arts mixed in (FYI: the guy they were facing in the first episode could probably have been taken down without any powers whatsoever; the girls almost beat him in episode one, and they just got their powers and had no fighting experience). The only trouble they would have fighting against your "psychotic killers" is that they have little experience fighting non-powered opponents, and even that is mitigated by the fact that most of them do not care if they kill the bad guys, though they do not mind if they are redeemed.

What kind of enemies do they face in your story? Trigon? Darkseid? Galactus? Those guys are about on the same level as some of the Big Bads of the Pretty Cure universe. They faced the living embodiment of sadness, a being of pure destruction that has existed long before the universe, an alien that reduces entire planets into sand dunes, turns normal people into berserker monsters, and heads a religious cult dedicated to the annihilation of all life (that guy is my favorite out the list), an eldritch abomination that is pretty much their equivalent of the devil, a living black holeā€¦ the list goes on.

The point is, they do not need all that much training, as they are all somewhat experienced. They might need some brushing up, as few of them actually have any formal training. Giving them training is like giving Superman boxing lessons: he might not need it, but it can only make him stronger.

Also keep in mind that Pretty Cure is an idealistic series while the other works in your crossover are rather dark, so you might have some cynicism versus idealism in there. The series is big in themes like the power of friendship, never giving up no matter what, and having confidence in what you do. They tend to get stronger when they are together as a group, unlike anti-heroes, who believe that they have to fight alone.

10/19/2012 #19 Report
ultimate mayhem

Hey I gotta catch the bus. Here's my cell if you have one. 915 502 2579

10/19/2012 #20 Report


10/19/2012 #21 Report
ultimate mayhem

Chill. I'm more than old enough to break your bones if you try to kidnap me or anything like that. Besides I'm kinda thinking of you as a friend and I'd like to get to know you. Simple as that.

10/20/2012 #22 Report

Sorry. I am just concerned for your safety. Besides, you probably live halfway across the world from me.

Anyway, did you read what I said?

10/20/2012 #23 Report
ultimate mayhem

Yeah and you it was quite insulting. In any case you do know you're profile displays what country you're from, right?

10/20/2012 #24 Report

I am deeply sorry if you found it insulting, but it is my honest opinion. I cannot say I enjoyed your story because that would be a terrible insult. If you are angered by my opinion, do not put it to waste arguing. Channel it towards writing good works and proving me wrong. It is not like what I am saying is a personal insult.


What part exactly did you find insulting, anyway? And where does it show the author's country?

10/20/2012 #25 Report
ultimate mayhem

This is what was insulting. I guess that is what I should expect from a story that is rated M.

It kinda makes it sound like you think anyone who writes rated M is worthless or stupid.

In any case text me if you can bro

10/20/2012 #26 Report

I dislike rated M stories, not the people who write them. I have never read an M story that I liked. I was not implying anything. You should take the comment for what it is at face value: I hate rated M stories. Period.

I believe we got off on the wrong foot here, so let us start over. What do you need help with?

Oh, and I cannot text you. My parents already hate fanfiction enough as it is; if they find out I am texting a stranger I met here, they will block my computer so that nobody at my house can use the internet. Then my brother will get mad at me because it is his computer too, so he will use his martial arts skills to beat me until I am black and blue. Nothing personal, I just do not want to take the chance.

10/20/2012 #27 Report
ultimate mayhem

Alright. In any case I kinda need help understanding how they'd react to having to fight and the possibility of fighting things that can't be purified.

10/20/2012 #28 Report

They have no problem fighting. Unlike Sailor Moon, they are proficient in physical combat. Their entire strategy is based around weakening the opponent so that they cannot escape their purifying move. Most of the time, their moves just destroy things that they cannot purify, i.e. Cure Rouge's Fire Strike does as much damage as would a normal fireball, . However, Heartcatch Precure's finishing moves have a pacifying effect that can leave a target deeply relaxed for quite a while. It really depends on what creatures they face. To compensate, they tend to be better close-range fighters, and they can shoot lasers from their hands. This is a video of them "purifying" the main villain of their series, Dune.


If you want to skip their transformation, go to 2:00.

10/20/2012 #29 Report
ultimate mayhem

Then there's the disruptions caused by Cosmic Energy

10/20/2012 #30 Report
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