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10/20/2012 #31 Report
ultimate mayhem

In essence the universe my 5 OCs and the other 4 Elementals came from is alot more complex. And I'm thinking of giving some of the Pretty Cure reality marbles and Cure Muse a cannon.

10/21/2012 #32 Report

Cure Muse is cannon. She is the ten year old Princess of Major Land who ran away from home to live with her grandfather after her parents divorced and declared war on each other. She is probably the most sarcastic, pragmatic, and mature of any Pretty Cure besides Cure Moonlight despite being the youngest of the group. She does become much more friendlier at the end of the series, when her mom and dad get back together, but what is funny is he is a dork who acts rather immature while his daughter acts like the adult. This is best displayed in the movie, when he is arrested by the police, and she has to explain everything to the police. The situation is so hilarious, that you forget that she is a ten year old who got her childhood innocence taken away by the war between her mom and dad.

If you are doing multiverse stuff, I would recommend watching the Pretty Cure All-Stars DX 3. It has a lot to do with that kind of stuff. In it, there is something called the Prism Flower that connects the Precure Earth with all the fairy worlds in the Precure Universe. If it were ever destroyed, then anybody not from Precure Earth would immediately be sent back to their home, and the Precures would lose their powers. The movie had the Cures try to protect it from Black Hole, who is basically a sentient black hole who proclaims itself to be the God of Evil. It is the embodiment of mankind's potential for great evil, in the same way the Precures are mankind's potential for good. It might be good to know about, your story being about multiverses.

Also, you should know about Labyrinth. They were the main villains of in Fresh Pretty Cure; it was an alternate Earth that was futuristic, dystopian, and ruled by Moebius, an evil supercomputer pretending to be a dark sorcerer. In the series finale, Moebius used a device to brainwash everybody in every dimension into becoming his minions. However, all of the members of Labyrinth became good guys by the end of the series, excluding Moebius and his most trusted minions. Cure Passion is actually Eas, who defected from Labyrinth in episode 22 and became a member of the Precures, even becoming the main character's adopted sister. Speaking of which, Cure Passion does have the ability to teleport across long distances, even across dimensions, using a key named Akarun.

Sorry if it is too much, but this information is helpful to know.

10/21/2012 #33 Report
ultimate mayhem

Dude I didn't say I was gonna make her canon I said I was gonna give her a cannon. And I've seen all four All Star movies but that gives you no real insight into their minds. Well other than most of the leaders. You know I need to ask you think she could get along with my OC Shawn. His parents were killed by people who were looking for him when he was five and he's blamed himself for it going as far as hunting down the ones who had to do with the death of his family. He was also forced to survive on his own.

And I deal with more of an Omniverse kinda thing so there's a lot of universes that include seperate things and I recall the Prism flower and it dealt with different worlds not universes. And I'm thinking if thier gonna fight a so called go of evil then what if they fight the Black Cross King Colussus.

I was somewhat familiar with a little of that info so thanks for the help.

10/22/2012 #34 Report

Why would you give a ten year old a cannon? Especially one that has super powers.

As for Shawn, Ako would say that at least she had her Grandfather and her fairy partner, Dodory. Cure Moonlight could probably sympathize with him better though. Her father left their family to become one of the main villains of Heartcatch. He created an evil clone of her to replace her as his daughter, and killed her fairy partner. At the end of the series, it was revealed he was brainwashed into doing those bad things after he left his family, and he ended up sacrificing himself to save her. The series ends with most of her family dead, except for her mom. However, she was able to move on and make peace with her father. However, when she wanted to kill the main villain of the series out of anger and vengence, Cure Blossom snapped her out of it, telling her that fighting for revenge will not do anything for herself or anybody else; she needed to remember she is not fighting to kill one man, but to save the lives of many. She agrees, and she proceeds to beat him up in the most epic way possible without letting her anger get out of control (as seen in that video I had earlier).

Omniverse, huh? Definitely a new experience for the Cures, other than the Fresh Precures, who have been to a couple of alternate Earths.

10/22/2012 #35 Report
ultimate mayhem

Because some of the enemies that they'll have will have an invulnerability magic and light overall and since all the Pretty Cure draw power from light in one aspect or another. That's why I started giving them Elemental forms. After a few days they won't be reliant on that one source of light and thanks to that they'll also lose the transformation limitations they've got. Oh and the fic would take place two years afto so Ako would be twelve and I think she could learn to handle it if Shawn and Taylor

And I don't think she could because while both lost parents and had clones there's a few key differences. One of which is that Shawn's clone was made when he was still a new born and looks older than him and happens to be combine with the dark sword Sparda. Second Shawn was alone and force to survive from a young age and I mean alone. No parents, No siblings, not even any friends. He was alone for about a year until he started working and that's another thing. Shawn kills for a living. He's a paid assassin back in their world where he works as an unofficial agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. or more like a contract assassin. Aside from that he's been hunting down those who killed his family and not killing them but destroying their souls. If someone angers him enough he won't doubt in killing. Also his younger adopted sister is also a trained killer who happens to be around Ako's age. In any case they'll be trained with knowledge of lethal force but won't really be expected to use it so if it is necessary they won't let any of the Pretty Cure in unless they are willing to kill which most likely won't happen until Dream and Rhythm unlock berserker defence.

And as to the Omniverse thing you do realize that the other worlds in Pretty Cure are all in one universe. Toyland, Clockland, The Garden of Light. Every single one of those places exists within that one universe. It's kinda like a book. The book is their universe and the different fairy worlds are the pages. They touch each other but can't exist in the exact same space.

10/23/2012 #36 Report
ultimate mayhem

Oh and I was wonder what you thought of this. I was considering having a team of Cures born of the Infinity Gems. What do you think?

10/23/2012 #37 Report
ultimate mayhem

One last thing. Do you think any of them would fight someone on Venom?

10/23/2012 #38 Report

The Pretty Cures have gotten upgrades before. Black and White from season 1 got a major boost in power in Max Heart. The girls in Pretty Cure 5 originally got their powers from the power of the Pinkie Catch and Butterfly before in GoGo.

Cure Muse got her happy ending. That makes all the difference. Cure Muse's parents got together, though it took about 36 episodes and a movie for it to happen. She might mention if he is feeling down that he does have his younger sister and his teammates.

Cure Moonlight did not get a traditional happy ending. At the age of fourteen, her childhood basically ended. She and her partner Cologne fought side by side against berserker monsters for three years straight. However, Cologne had no powers and could only provide emotional support. She could only rely on herself in battle, as nobody knew about her being Cure Moonlight. When she was seventeen, her clone, Dark Cure, and her brainwashed mad scientist father worked together to fight her, resulting in Cologne's death and Cure Moonlight temporarily losing her powers. The series ended with her entire family dead, save for her mom (oblivious to her daughter's pain and her husband's sacrifice). Cure Moonlight was actually forced to kill Dark Cure. When Dark Cure was dying, Moonlight's dad went not to his biological daughter, but to Dark Cure and comforted her before her death. Moonlight then understood she just killed her sister and wept bitterly. After that, her father died saving her.

Dark Cure vs. Cure Moonlight, the final battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTtf_JwBZL0

Dark Cure's death: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NjEoxZHOW0&feature=related

The Pretty Cures are big on the power of friendship; that is one of the main sources of their power. That is why hatred-based powers would not work well with them; they gain strength from defending those they love and fighting for their friends, rather than taking revenge on someone. Giving them an upgrade would be welcoming, especially if it helps them defeat the new villains, but remember their enhanced strength and physical powers. Their finishers might not work, but unless these bad guys (whoever they are) are immune to fisticuffs backed by Wonder Woman- level strength, I doubt the Pretty Cures are going to be easy to defeat. Tell me more about these villains they are facing.

You said something about Ako being twelve now so you "think she could learn to handle it if Shawn and Taylor..." what? You did not finish the sentence.

However, there have been a few times where one of the Pretty Cures attacked their foe out of sheer rage. One example would be from the Pretty Cure 5 movie, where Cure Dream, who believes that everybody who has a dream in their heart has the right to live, is becomes livid when the movie's villain kills one his own minions because she was Cure Dream's friend. Cure Dream reacts to her death the same way someone else would react to the death of a childhood friend despite having been her friend for probably ten minutes at most. She then proceeds to beat him to a pulp before he is finished off by Five Explosion.

One thing that might be a problem for them is authority. The Pretty Cures never have had to go up against an authority of a good-aligned organization like S.H.I.E.L.D. or something like that. They do not get into conflict with the police because they never go after normal criminals. Overall, there is less evil in the Pretty Cure world, probably because of the Prism Flower. They are accepting of those who share their cause of protecting the innocent and thwarting evil.

Also, I believe you meant to say "defense", not "defence". "Defence" is usually put around a house or prison, not a person.

10/23/2012 #39 Report

I am better with OC Pretty Cures than the canon ones, but please do not put them in your story. It already has too many characters.

10/23/2012 #40 Report

Who or what is Venom?

10/23/2012 #41 Report
ultimate mayhem

Actually they gain a few abilities which are element specific including Elemental Transmutation, a limited access to the Elemental's power at first, converting their bodies to the Element (In Cure form), and a few other things. As to the whole Muse thing he'll probably treat her like a younger sister but still treating her like an adult just like he treats Taylor. And as to what I was saying about Shawn and Taylor is do you think that Ako could adapt in the way Shawn and Taylor could. Since both are able to adapt to the worst of situation including being surrounded by a lot of enemies. With Ako or even Yuri trying to comfort him it wouldn't work because he a demons little science project which is why he blames himself for the death of his family. The only person who could understand is one other member of his group who was in a different division of the same project and later Nozomi and Kanade. So they can try but won't succeed. And given that even with the people he's got a lot of self loathing. Especially after he turned Taylor even though it was to save her life. Also I'm gonna have the Dark Pretty Cure 5 be brought back to try to destroy them with them being controlled by devices similar to the one that Wesker placed on Jill that also administers the same P30 to all five. But they do end up saving them and the five join up with them also gaining civilian identities and a cover story.

And about the whole fighting out of rage none of the Cures would go into serious rage. When Shawn goes into rage he goes berserk and with his powers as they are his body temperature increases. He also won't stop until his opponent's dead and he had their blood on his hands. Sometimes going as far as to rip their hearts out or ripping them in half given the proper incentive. Oh and you misunderstood something. The world Shawn and them are from is basically UMvC3 (SFxT)/F/SN so S.H.I.E.L.D. is in his world but they won't enter this world unless their prescence is requested and it's not like they could get the Hellicarrier through inconspicuiously.

Also in terms of the powers gain the powers they gain through the Elementals are pretty much neutral so they won't gain much at first. It won't be until later when, for example, the Suite Pretty Cure face an enemy that makes them go into a near blind rage that they gain access to Hell Fire and then later on when they unite and gain Divine Fire. Same things with the other eight Elements, including Light and Darkness which are not a kin to good and evil.

Also they'll be facing Herald versions of a lot of enemies and allies including dead ones. And I'm gonna have a few of their old enemies appear so as to have them try to take Shawn's and Kimiko's Heart Flowers only to find out they don't have any and then allowing the two to kill the two enemies like nothing.

About the other thing of having Cures be born of the Infinity Gems the bigger issue would be that they'd be way to powerful.

And Venom is a sort of super steroid that works instantly. It's most well known user is Bane. Familiar?

10/24/2012 #42 Report

Nozomi and Kanade? What happens to them?

Also, the original Dark Pretty Cure 5 were created when Shadow corrupted the Five Legendary Crystals of the Mirror Kingdom using his mirror powers. How do they come back? Why would anyone bring them back? Certainly, there are villains in Pretty Cure history that are more reliable and more powerful than them.

Maybe the Infinity Jewels were what gave the Pretty Cures the new upgrades?

I am familiar with Bane and Venom. Pretty Cure should be able to handle them without assistance, as they have faced much tougher enemies. They might be bigger and meaner than the girls, but they are slower and have a less versatile array of powers. Their strength might be up to par with some of the villains that Pretty Cure faces weekly. The only advantage they might have is battle tactics, as the Pretty Cures are not trained soldiers. They are smart enough, however, not fall for a simple tactic like "split them up and take them out one by one".

10/24/2012 #43 Report
ultimate mayhem

That's a surprise

You're right that there's stronger enemies than the Dark Pretty Cure 5 but how many other enemies have emotional ties to their enemies similar to how Skynet sent a T-101 to kill John Connor since he had an emotional attachment to that model. Well Nozomi would still have an emotional attachment to Dark Dream.

Oh and man the Infinity Gems are too powerful for any of the Cures to use and can only be used by one person.

And they'll probably face a Herald Bane but they'll be selling venom patches to teens and they hire them. So it's not a matter of can they beat them because it's obvious they could. The issue is that they won't go all out because they'd kill them and the Cures don't have the will to take someone out. Shawn would do without a first thought but even with new skills they won't kill.

10/24/2012 #44 Report

Skynet? T-101? John Connor? I have no idea what you are talking about.

I guess not very many opponents have emotional ties to the Cures as much as the Dark Cures. Their personalities are basically the same as the Cures, only warped to reject things like compassion and friendship as "weak" or "unnecessary". For instance, Dark Rouge had Cure Rouge's sense of pride, while Dark Aqua shared the same perfectionist attitude that the original Cure Aqua had before she met her friends and learned that one person cannot do everything by themselves. Dark Lemonade shared her good counterpart's goal of becoming an idol singer, but wanted to do so in order to satisfy her own selfish desires, not to make people smile. Dark Mint believed that protecting others is stupid because people only hurt each other, while Cure Mint shared that same insecurity but protected others anyway. Finally, while Cure Dream loves friendship and radiates confidence, Dark Dream is confused why friendship is even important, and when she does, she pretty much has a psychotic break until Dream is able to calm her down and convince her to join the side of good. Watch the movie on Youtube. My summary does not give justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaA6uounlSo

They could try their purifying moves on the teens. The drugs probably are somewhat magic in nature. Their magic does not just target darkness. Their powers are goodness and compassion. For a limited time, the Kaoru twins used darkness to fight for good, and a few villains use light-based powers, like Dark Lemonade. Pretty Cure's powers do not target darkness, they target evil, almost any corruptive and supernatural force. No doubt they could, with the upgrades, simply used purifying attacks on the teens. The reason why most of their villains end up dying is because their is too little good in them to begin with, so the moves kill them.

10/24/2012 #45 Report
ultimate mayhem

Dude how the hell does ANYONE not know Terminator. It's existed for like ever. I just lost a whole lot of respect for you.

Anyway that's part of what I was going into but here's the big detail. Regardless of origin all the Cures focus mostly in the power of light so even then they only ever use the nuetral force of light. And I have watched the movie numerous times. That's why I decided to include them. That and a certain fanfic I read. Well two actually but I digress. The point is that they've never tapped into the full good or evil potential of their powers. The only issue will be a cover story for them after they turn good. Oh and dude the devices that administer the drugs and the drugs aren't magical. They're embedded into their chests and hearts so if they tried to purify them the result would be the five dying and we both know Dream wouldn't be able to live with herself if something like that happened.

Also there's a little idea I've been toying with. I noticed that a few of the characters in Pretty Cure who desire to have more active roles like Coco, Nuts, Syrup, Kaoru, and Michiru. So I thought. What could they do to become actively involved? and I thought Perhaps a little power of Gaia could help. What do you think?

10/25/2012 #46 Report
ultimate mayhem

Of course there would be repercussions them using powers given to them by earth. And I mean because if you recall none of the Pretty Cure powers are original from earth. Every single one of them came from one of the other fairy worlds.

10/25/2012 #47 Report

You know I do not have to help you. I could care less about how good your story is. I am just doing this because I like helping people, but I have a certain threshold for rudeness. Good bye.

10/25/2012 #48 Report
ultimate mayhem

True enough but I don't really see how that was rude

10/25/2012 #49 Report

Kon'nichi wa! LovelyChara14's here! So that, since I've been here today, I have so many Pretty Cures OCs here! One of my created Pretty Cure series is Miracle PreCure, which features the 5 Characters and their Cure names are: Hanami Mitsuyumi/Cure Jewel Miyako Natsumi/Cure Flame Hoshi Hotaru/Cure Shine Yoshiko Nakamura/Cure Clover Yukiko Fuyuyama/Cure Harmony The fairies are: Charm Mist Lyric So that, I would like to add this here!

12/21/2012 #50 Report

I'm making a PreCure Fanfic called Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure! Here's the summary:

Cartoons aren't in real life...right? That's what Sumisu Kira thought until she meets a red dragon fairy named Flameby, the daughter of Flame, the fire dragon. Flameby tells Kira that she's the reincartoonation of Kai, the Fire Ninja and the owner of Flame, her mother. Kira becomes Cure Kai in order to stop a group know as Dullness, who wants to take fun of cartoons and make them dull and boring so people won't feel inspired. With the help of U~ōkā Jane/Cure Jay, Baketsu Chloe/Cure Cole and Jurian Zanna/Cure Zane, Kira must find the reincartoonation of Lloyd Garmadon and turn her into Cure Lloyd in order to stop Lady Garmadon, the older sister of their sensei, Wendy, who was brainwashed by Dullness by a snake bite. They run into Garmadon Lidy, daughter of Lady Garmadon, who is also brainwashed by Dullness. The Cures, however, purify her and found out she is Cure Lloyd. They eventually purify Lady Garmadon and she becomes Cure Garmadon. Lidy turns older in the process. The Ninjago Cures must now go all over world to help The Other Reincartoonation Cures fight off Dullness. They will meet Sukuea Sarah/Cure SpongeBob, Neko Tori/Cure Tom and Mausu Jenna/Cure Jerry, U~eikuman Jenny/Cure XJ-9, Rojāzu Scarlett/Cure Scooby-Doo and more. Watch as your favorite cartoons take Pretty Cure form in Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure!

The OCs are the reincartoonation of cartoon characters. The story mainly focuses on The Ninjago Cures. Later on, however, it will focus on The Bikini Bottom Cures, The Tom & Jerry Cures, The Scooby-Doo Cures and so on. I need ideas, please?

7/3/2015 #51 Report

Pretty Cure Mashup as Marvel and DC heroines

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