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Rules and Other Rule-Type Stuff
A C. Jaxx

Okay, here's a list of rules and such. If you don't like the rules, remember that I'm quite laid-back and may ignore a few minor rule breaks. If you do it too much, or break a major rule, I WILL take action!

1.NO GODMODDING! This should be very clear, but just in case.

2. If you're going to kill a character, get the person's permission first.

3. No swearing, and no excessive chatspeak in OOC here! I will not like you using chatspeak in character and may edit the post to the normal word, got it?

4. Don't be mean! We don't want a flame war, right? We also don't want me to throw flaming bags of poop.

Those are general rules. I have more specific ones for characters here:

1. Please tell others if you want your character to be related to theirs!

2. Like above, if your female character is going to have someone else's male character's child, please check with the other person first if it's okay! I don't want both the character and the real person unconscious with shock.

3. There is no rule three, at least yet. O.O

Thought Speak: ((This is an example sentence.))

Yeerk-To-Host: (This is another example.)

And you know normal speaking.

Other rules may be added, just warning you. Oh, and...blah blah blah blahblahblah.

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