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A C. Jaxx

Here's the introductions!

I'm Blueberry the Doom Chicken. You can call me Blueberry, Doom, or Cheesy. If I am crabby, you may call me Chicken.

9/25/2009 #1 Report

Hi can i be a OC?

9/26/2009 #2 Report
A C. Jaxx

Sure, I have no problem with OCs. They add variety, and variety is the spice of life.

9/26/2009 #3 Report

Hiya! So like i looked up forums on ask.com and i now know what they are!!! I am AnimorphLuver124. As you can see on my label. Wow i am sooo off topic. Hello all forum peeps!

9/28/2009 #4 Report
A C. Jaxx

Welcome! It's really awesome that you and AnimorFan are here!

9/28/2009 #5 Report

Umm hey! What do I do if my OC is a controller but the yeerk is a peacemovemant yeerk so do i just add that in or something in my Characters profile?

Also, what's the limit of characters can you have? (not adding more, just curious)

1/14/2011 #6 Report


3/11/2012 #7 Report

Hey, everybody. Dracorex's here! You can call me Drac if you want. I love the Animorphs! They're the best:)

5/2/2013 #8 Report
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