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The Leasing Office
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


She barely moved, her narrowed eyes locked on Jasmine. She never trusted people who were happy for no particular reason. "Why the smile?"

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Zoe Asher


Jasmine was used to suspicion and mockery when it came to her happy demeanor. People stared, whispered and pointed fingers at her. She was surprised that the Clara hadn't said anything about her odd appearance. Most people would at least snort but this woman was staring into Jasmine's hypnotizing eyes with pure suspicion, reminding her of Rose, her sister. She suddenly felt homesick, knowing that soon she'll have to ask Rose to visit. The two of them never were apart for longer than several days.

Anyways, back to the annoyed woman who was getting more impatient with every second. Jasmine admired her because she knew how hard it was to make sure that your mood didn't change. Whereas she chose happiness, Clara was constantly angry. Choices, we always were choosing.

"I'm sorry. I'm new here. Is it forbidden to smile here?" Jasmine answered, feeling the giddiness inside of her for saying something like that to the crabby lady. The last thing she wanted was to sound as if she was mocking the receptionist but Clara reminded her so much of Rose that Jasmine found it impossible not to feel as if she knew her forever.

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M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


I could actually put a 'No Smiling' sign in here. My office, my rules, right? Clara typed Jasmine's name into the computer, waiting for her apartment information to show up. "Hopefully, this is the first and last time we see each other. No need to smile and play nice when you're never going to have anything to do with me again."

7/29/2011 #1,683 Report
Zoe Asher

Jasmine"Never say never, ma'am." Jasmine answered with a much more cheerful smile than receptionist's answer was. Her smile was short lived though because she felt the unmistakable presence of an incubus. The spirit was behind her and she hadn't dared to move, not wanting to alert it that she knew about its existence. Jasmine wondered if Clara could feel that an incubus was here. Normally, people would get really antsy but seeing as the lady had a never-fading scowl it was hard to tell. The incubus walked to stand next to Jasmine and she shivered in fear. She was helpless against him without Rose's help. This was the reason why her family didn't want her to leave. She was too vulnerable to live on her own. The incubuses hunted mediators like herself - the reason why so few of them had left. "Could tell my room's number and give me my keys now?" She said not letting her smile drop but she was sure that Clara could hear the urgency in her voice. The incubus noticed it, too and it was confused. Jasmine just hoped that whatever he was going to do it will not include Clara even though she isn't the nicest person in the world.

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M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


Geez, talk about mood swings. Clara got out Jasmine's keys and slammed them down on the counter, reading through Jasmine's info as she did. "3G. Have a nice...day."

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Zoe Asher


She clutched the keys into her hand, trying not to glance at the incubus who was trying to smell around jasmines in her hair. She now was happy she put them, seeing as they covered her natural scent. She nodded at the receptionist, turned around and headed towards the exit, leaving the incubus behind. I will have to get back here and apologize to Clara for my rude behavior...

7/30/2011 #1,686 Report

((Oh God, I'm so sorry for disappearing for like, a month. :// I hope I can still RP and stuff... I'll just have Sofia take her key and leave and stuff...Yeah...))

Sofia Capello

She had taken the key from Clara with a smile and a thank you, heading towards the exit and to the number marked on the key. She glanced at the others in the room, figuring she'd be able to meet and talk to them later as she walked out.

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Zoe Asher


She ran into the office panting heavily from the running. These combat boots weren't exactly suited for running. Of course, Rachael should have been first but in the middle of their race Jasmine had remembered that they've forgotten flowers and the girl ran back to pick them up, seeing as she was much faster and hadn't run out of breath. She was a vampire after all. Clara was glaring at Jasmine, obviously unhappy that she was disturbed.

"Hello, Clara!" Jasmine grinned happily. "Remember me? I told you to never say never!"

8/18/2011 #1,688 Report

Rachael Ivy

Rachael Ivy grinned appearing behind Jasmine handing her the Vase full of flowers. "I promise I won't destroy anything this time." She smiled.

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Hannah Smith

Blowing an errant strand of brown hair out of her face, Hannah walked through the office doors. Tightening the backpack around her shoulders, she swallowed her fear. A new start, Hannah. Hopefully, this will be a good beginning.

Slowly walking towards the front desk, she made herself relax. The room was not altogether friendly, something which was doubly proved as Hannah's eyes fell upon the woman behind the desk. Woah. Talk about stress lines. I didn't think working here would be so difficult. Radiating an anger which unsettled Hannah, the woman glared at two girls who stood at her desk. Upon reaching the desk, Hannah hid behind the girls, eager to escape the feeling that she was being glowered at. Rather, she tried to. Standing somewhat taller than the girls before her, she swallowed uncomfortably and avoided the glare that seemed to travel into the floorboards. Would she notice if I added a little happiness? It looks like she could do with a smile.

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Angel Blake

she walks up to the desk "hello i'm Angel i'm renting an apartment here" i hope this is fast so i can eat

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Zoe Asher


The two girls who walked in after her and Rachael couldn't be more different. While the first one cowered behind their back the other one impolitely stormed forward.This girl is scaring even ghosts with her rudeness."Don't worry, sweetheart. We aren't in any hurry here at all." Jasmine smiled a fakely sweet smile at the rude girl.Oh yes, we only have to find a dead person who may or may not have a vital message. Oh, and the incubus can kill us at any moment. So no, we don't hurry at all.

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Ducking her head, Hannah hid a smile. Sarcasm. Telling you how it is, since the beginning of time. Eying the small group before her, she relaxed. Even that rude girl doesn't seem especially dangerous. Not to me, anyway. I just need to stop being such a chicken. Allowing her back to uncurl, she stood up fully, immediately feeling more powerful and calm.

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Walks in smiling up to the front desk. "Hi I'm Jace I was looking to rent an apartment?" Seems like a nice enough place, gosh I hope I don't know anybody here.

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Zoe Asher


She frowned, fisting her hands to her sides. "Agh, people! The end of the line is right there!" She said, smiling sweetly and pointing behind her. Those people don't have any manners.

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"Sorry miss" I wonder if every body is rude to new people, kinda pretty though "I 'm new around here and I didn't realize there was a line. I'm Jace by the way" extands hand for a hand shake, why on earth am I being nice? Curse my mother and her manners training.

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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


"Hmmm...as much as I like your attitude," Clara murmured to Jasmine, "The only one telling people 'round here what to do is ME, got it? Now what can I do for you and the one with the..." She paused trying to hold back a sneeze. "...Girl...with...the flowers."

9/2/2011 #1,697 Report
Zoe Asher


She took in a deep breath and shook the guys hand. "I'm Jasmine and I'm new here, too." She then turned to look at Clara with a serene expression on her face. "The flowers are for you, Clara. We've wanted to ask you some questions, seeing as you're probably the only one who's lived here long enough to answer them."

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Releases her hand and turns to Clara. "I'm here to get an apartment? I was told you have the key's?" Smiles polietly. Hmm rude girl with the flowers must have a temper, or be bi polar.

9/3/2011 #1,699 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

(Sarah, hon, please stick to the 3rd person perspective)


"Your name?" she said, dryly.

9/3/2011 #1,700 Report

(Sorry XD)


"Jacon Tyler." He said, with a smile. "But everybody calls me Jace"

9/5/2011 #1,701 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


Clara's permanent scowl deepened. "Whatever...Tyler...Tyler..." For a brief moment, she thought about hurling her computer into a wall and saying 'Fuck this job,' but before she could act on it, Jace's name came up. "16F" she barked.

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Blinking slowly, Hannah eyed the quietly ticking wall clock with a mixture of thankfulness and frustration. Now I can see how much time I've been stood here. Yippee. Feeling the irritation and boredom pile up around her, Hannah struggled to keep her cool. Fighting the urge to impatiently tap her foot on the ground, she exhaled deeply. Not like I'm in a huge rush or anything... I'm not getting any older... Would still be nice to leave this room anytime soon, though.

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Hailey buttons and unbuttons the bottom button ofhisjacket. It feels weird still wearing it, but she just can't take it off. She already betryed him once and she knows she would just die if she did it again.Where is the woman...? I cannot keep holding this damn bag all day!She shifts her duffel bag high on her shoulder, glaring at nothing slightly. She looks over her shoulder feeling like she's being watching, but goes back to staring at the wall.This cannot be happening... There is no one from home and there isn't going to be... Plain and simple.

(Sorry! Friend forgot to log off my computer... -_-)

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Rochelle carried a traveling bag along her and a violin case over her shoulder. "Hi, I'm Rochelle Valirosa, I made a reservation here" she said with a friendly smile.

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black polish and thick liner


Isis walked into the leasing office, running her hands through her curly blond hair. Her boots made thick clunks against the floor, which she knew would probably irritate the staff, but she wouldn't worry about that now. For now, Isis took her place in line.

10/26/2011 #1,706 Report


Lilliana walks in with Hannah and Nathan. Lily stands in line holding Hannah.Cant they move any fast around here.... Anit like i am getting any younger or older Lilliana Thinks as she taps her foot on the ground a glares at the wall. Hurry up! I have an impatient 5 year old here! Lilliana thinks as Hannah asks "are we done yet" for the 100th time.

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Katerina walks into the leasing office to find a line for keys. "God Damnit!" she said under her breath. I hope they arent too long, I need to go hunting soon.

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