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M motherpucker

This is the thread where you can give us suggestions to make Moonlight Cove even better ;D

When we've got a good few ideas I'll list them here, just so nothing gets repeated too many times, and Laura and I can keep track of things =)

I'll talk about everything to Laura, and we'll decide together. Your ideas so far are great, so if you have an idea in mind let us know. Obviously we don't want things too crowded, though. A few things are definite, such as rooms...of course :P

Get those ideas coming in!

Anything bolded we have added to Moonlight Cove.


Swimming Pool




Workplace (Cinema, Restaraunt, Bank, Cafe, Bookstore, Music Store, Community Centre)




Ice-Skating Rink


Shopping Mall--Outdoor Outlet Mall that has a furniture shop, General store (think Walmart), Electronics Store, and others

Shopping Mall--Indoor Mall that has a food court, various shops, a mini stage for Santa's Christmas appearances.



Music Studio

Community Centre/Club House



Parking Lot/Garages for Cars

Auto Body Shop



Dance Studio

Wizardry/Magic Room

Hair Salon

Grocery Store

Day Care Center for all the babies


Auto Dealership




Wedding Venues (Non Denominational Church, Ballroom, An outdoor field, reception hall)

Bowling alley

Hotel for Visitors

School (for when those babies turn into kiddies)

Skate Park

Pet Store

7/3/2010 . Edited 10/1/2010 #1 Report
Lady Faucheur

Well, are we having an RP like Werepire Moon Resort? If we are, I suggest a Swimming Pool.

And a bar.

7/3/2010 #2 Report

Rooms, Pavement/Sidewalk, Cinema, Restauraunt, Cafe, Rooftops, Work(?), Shopping Mall, Leisure Centre, Outdoors

7/3/2010 #3 Report
mang0 house

There should be a hallway....

And a music store! I'm just saying....and a music studio.

7/3/2010 #4 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

I think a community center or club house would be good.

7/3/2010 #5 Report

A Spa. Manicures, pedicures, etc. We all need to wind down and be pampered.

7/3/2010 #6 Report
mang0 house

She's got a point....I second that suggestion.

7/4/2010 #7 Report

I third it...'cause it sounds cool :D

7/4/2010 #8 Report

A gym. All these gorgeous shifters need somewhere to go right? Other are welcome too...I was just saying.

7/4/2010 #9 Report
mang0 house

Second the gym suggestion. She has a good point. *ahem*

7/4/2010 #10 Report
Longing for Oblivion

Call me boring but how 'bout a police precinct? After all there are also humans around the Cove, and humans tend to break the law...A Gym sounds good!

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #11 Report
mang0 house

Oo! Second that Emmy's suggestion. There tend to be law breakers somehow.

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #12 Report
Longing for Oblivion

Without them it would get boring, won't it? It would also offer a new work option...

7/4/2010 #13 Report
mang0 house

Hmm....I'm thinking about a Garage. Every now and then, someone needs to put their vehicle somewhere.

7/4/2010 #14 Report
Longing for Oblivion

And a workshop - somewhere to give those vehicles a li'l makeover...

7/4/2010 #15 Report
mang0 house

Isn't Garage the same thing? Maybe the garage and the workshop should be in one...

7/4/2010 #16 Report
Longing for Oblivion

I certainly agree and yeah it is the same, though I thought you were more referring to a parking-structure...

7/4/2010 #17 Report
mang0 house

Maybe I could be talking about that....but still.

7/4/2010 #18 Report
Longing for Oblivion

Still it would be more convenient if both was in one thread...

7/5/2010 #19 Report
mang0 house

A beach! We need a beach!!

7/11/2010 #20 Report

We need a Club! like a Night Club!

7/11/2010 #21 Report
isis of the sun

Equestrian area

Magic/Wizardry Room XD

7/12/2010 #22 Report
mang0 house

XD Seriously, Casey? I never thought of that.

I second that Magic Room!! xD

7/12/2010 #23 Report
Angel Of Broadway

Dance studio!

To learn ballroom dancing and stuff.

7/13/2010 #24 Report

A Hospital!!!!

7/17/2010 #25 Report
mang0 house

xD I was about to say that!

I second that hospital!

7/17/2010 #26 Report

A grocery store

Maybe a corner store

Oh! a laundry mat

And a perhaps a Tattoo palor

7/28/2010 #27 Report
M motherpucker

Thank you Jazzibear :D

7/28/2010 #28 Report
Angel Of Broadway

I second equestrian area.

Stables and such.

7/28/2010 #29 Report
isis of the sun

I don't think anyone thought of this and I find it hard to believe, but a..

Pet Store.

and maybe you can have up to two pets or something? (i'm not a mod, but that sounds reasonable)

8/5/2010 #30 Report
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