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Cirque du Soul

My overzealous roommate.

12/7/2010 #61 Report

ah i see your in college?

12/7/2010 #62 Report
Cirque du Soul

Mmhm. But he's kind of become a topic of conversation in the chats, as well. XD I think we not only need a secret santa/holiday party, but some other event to go with it, like a scavenger hunt or something?

12/7/2010 #63 Report

oh scavenger hunt that's another great idea :D

12/7/2010 #64 Report
Cirque du Soul

Scavenger hunt for presents?

12/7/2010 #65 Report

sounds great to me what would the prize be though?

12/7/2010 #66 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx

A man, down on one knee.


No, but awesome idea. =)

12/7/2010 #67 Report

meaning taylor lautner lala-chan? *grins*

12/7/2010 #68 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx

If he was in this RP, yes. xD And I don't want to spam topics, so...if you want to post in here, give your opinion about something or suggest an idea or discuss idea...details or something, alright? ;)

But yes, this Christmas is going to be epic.

12/7/2010 #69 Report

oh sure no prob

yeah i know it will :D

12/7/2010 #70 Report
Cirque du Soul

With all the brats here or on the way, and all the teenagers, I think we need a daycare center, preschool/kindergarten, primary/elementary school, high school/secondary school, and college/university. Or whatever you wanna call it. Yeah. *Nods* Also, a strip club for Sterling. ;)

12/9/2010 #71 Report
Cirque du Soul

And a Mexican restaurant. *Just ate tacos* Plus, I had a dream about owning one. It was awesome.

12/9/2010 #72 Report

i had a dream that i owned my very own bookstore cause i love books but we already have a bookstore on here :shrugs: oh well

12/9/2010 #73 Report
Cirque du Soul

Dungeon. BDSM. That is all. ;)

12/19/2010 #74 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


12/20/2010 #75 Report
Cirque du Soul

Yes. All of those, every single one. Schools, strip club, dungeon. ;)

12/20/2010 #76 Report

O.O you want a strip club on here???

12/20/2010 #77 Report
Cirque du Soul

xDD I was being semi-serious. ;)

12/20/2010 #78 Report
M motherpucker



*hits Soul playfully*

12/20/2010 #79 Report
Cirque du Soul

Ella can be the main attraction! ;) *Puts up neon sign* But yes, another club would be good. Or else expand the one we have. Haha.

12/20/2010 #80 Report
M motherpucker

*swats Soul*


12/20/2010 #81 Report

Some sort of Housing development maybe..

Police Station

Grave yard

Laser tag place

Bowling Ally

12/22/2010 #82 Report
Cirque du Soul

Post office, train station, bus station, airport

12/22/2010 #83 Report

Laser Tag place and Bowling Alley definatley. Oh and how about an Anime Convention?

1/5/2011 . Edited 2/18/2011 #84 Report

Can Tristen open up a Flower Shop?

I want it to be Finbar's Fantastically Fabulas Flowers.... Sounds gay enough, eh?

3/4/2011 #85 Report
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