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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Here, any and all special announcements, Community Events, and other Community Notices will be posted for the reading pleasure of our residents! Ella and I will update this thread, and try to keep you all abreast of the developments of Moonlight Cove!

7/3/2010 #1 Report
M motherpucker

Is your character looking for work? Well, look no further! NOTE: This will be updated as time goes on.

Applying for a job is easy! Just go to the destination which is underlined and have a brief interview with the manager of the place.

Todd needs an assistant or two in the cinema.

Todd also needs a keen, hard-working waiter/waitress or two for the restaraunt.

Skye is looking for someone to help her run the music store.

Rodney is always looking for extra help in the Community Centre.

Tina is in need of two or three assistants in the Bookstore.

Lily demands a hardworking, loyal, quiet and smart assistant for the bank.

Ryan and Lizzie need two or three people to help out at the Gym.

Nikos needs a few people down at Club Eclipse to help with Security, Music, and other positions.

Cove Hospital is always in need of new Doctors, Nurses, Candy Stripers, and EMT's.

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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


Guys, I know I mentioned this in the App thread, but if you could please do me a favor and in addition to writing "Watermelon" on your app, please indicate what character this is for you (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), it would be most appreciated as it would make my and Ella's jobs much simpler. If you've already created characters, don't worry about it, but in the future, please place that in there.


7/3/2010 #3 Report
M motherpucker

(Heyhey! I'm not sure where I should post this, so I'll post it in little brackets. I just want to say that I think I'll be away for three days starting from tomorrow. I might be here, but I think there's going to be a problem with internet access in my area, starting from tomorrow. Quite frankly, I have no idea, but I think there'll be a problem with me getting on!

I just wanted to say that in case you're wondering where the heck I am! I'll probably be back on in a few hours (my brother very graciously let me use his laptop...for ten seconds...to tell you this) but that'll only be for a while. So, if anybody's looking for me, that's why I won't be here. If it turns out the web connection is OK I'll delete this post! Bye! *hugs*)

7/4/2010 #4 Report
M motherpucker

(These Flyers will be posted all over the Cove, so make sure your Character sees them as soon as possible!)


Moonlight Cove is hosting its first Masquerede Ball on Cove Beach! Formal Attire and a masque is required. No masque, no entering the Ball. A night of mystery and excitement is waiting for you soon! Refreshments will be served. A talent show will also be held on the same night, providing the extra entertainment.


Most Outrageous Masque

The Fairest Lady in the Ball

The Best Act in the Talent Show

The Best Musical Act in the Talent Show

The Best Couple

If interested in helping set up Moonlight Masquerede, please contact Rodney in the Community Centre. All help is appreciated.

7/19/2010 . Edited 7/19/2010 #5 Report
M motherpucker


*Note: I realise some things have changed, but these are the summaries that were sent to me on the 13th of July. I'll make another summary tonight, for the twenty first of July. Thank you.

~ Caitlyn moved in, had a wee chat with Ash, and then moved out. Abrupt, nay?

~ Ryder moved in and then bumped into Emily in the park. They chatted and flirted a bit, and now they are currently retired to her apartment. Ooh lala. Mind outta the gutter, people, they're making chocolate chip cookies. We love.

~ Alexis moved in and was promptly imprinted on by J.D. J.D. had been making Clara The Great feel quite flustered until Alexis showed up and bada bing, bada boom. They talked, kissed, and then Alexis decided she only wanted him as a friend. Awh.

~Alissa moved in. Unfortunately, the poor dear had a small breakdown with her mother, but was helped through it by Lexi and her love, Rian. Now there's a great laddie.

~ Stormie can't control her sexual urges for Zac. Damn sexual urges.

~ Lillianna is smitten with the beautiful Wynter, but is surprised and confused when her kiss of death didn't affect Wynter. Not that they did that intentionally. Todd thumped Wynter on the back and Wynter went flying. Wynter and Lillianna's lips smashed together and...*deep sigh* Nice goin' Todd.

~ Zac and Stormie met, and they confessed to each other what they were. Zac got attacked by some demons, but pulled through when Stormie stalked...ahem, followed him. The wee cuties kissed and then headed back to his apartment. Zac had an awful nightmare and was awoken by Stormie. Things got a little steamy. Oohlala.

~ Troy took a relaxing swim and then headed over to the library. Following that, he met Jessica and Jared and then decided to leave, but was forced to come back for his trident - um - necklace. He bumped into Midnyght and they shared a smooch in the swimming pool. He invited her back into his apartment and things got quiite steamy. They managed to keep things under control, though.

~ Wyatt moved in. He met Midnyght before she met Troy, and then continued along to the park alone. *whispers* Lo-ner! Kidding ;)

~ Adara met the lovely Annie. They took to each other and she teleported her newly found friend to the cinema, where they watched the movie I haven't seen yet - Eclipse. Apparently it was awesome, at least by their standards. They continued on to Cove Cafe, met Annabelle, secured jobs in the Cafe, and Annabelle burned a cupcake to death. Adara and Annie tried to save it, but...*shakes head sadly*

~ Ash huffily accepted his keys, having moved in. He met Caitlyn and gave her an awkward one-armed hug when she confessed to him that she was beaten before her transformation. Awh.

~ Matt secured a job in the Music Store - Moonlit Music - went out to the cinema with his boss, Skye, and then bumped into Jayde. Literally. (Smoooth) He could've imprinted on her, shmaybe.

~ Mirabelle and Jack moved in, not together, and got on quite well in the Leasing Office, so Jack invited her to the restaraunt. They had a bite to eat and were talking, that is, until Jace burst in...

Until Next Time! (a.k.a., later on today).

Can't wait to find out about the next bout of draama. It better be as good as this, lads and lassies - eh? ;)

7/21/2010 . Edited 7/21/2010 #6 Report
M motherpucker


I will be away for five days. Have lots of fun without me :D

I'll miss ye all! *hugs*

Can't wait 'till I get back. I will try as hard as I can to get on the laptop once or twice.

7/28/2010 #7 Report

Lol what happened to Wynter and Lillianna?


7/31/2010 #8 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


Okay ladies, as most of you know, I'm in college, and I'm in the final week of Summer Semester before I get a glorious 2 weeks of complete freedom. With that said, I'm very sorry, but until about Thursday (It's Tuesday now, so 2 DAYS), I'll only be able to check in sporadically. I sincerely apologize for any and all inconvenience this may bring to you.

Please feel free to contact me or Ella via PM about any issues/complications that arise, and we will see to it that those issues are attended to as promptly as possible. Thank you in advance for understanding!



8/3/2010 #9 Report
M motherpucker


I have just been surprised with a trip to London for a week. I'm a bit pissed in all honesty - I hate when people spring things on me, and I've already been gone for a while, and I feel as though I'm not pulling my weight - but it's happening.

I'll try and get on. I'll have to PM Laura and we'll discuss what will happen.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

8/4/2010 #10 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


As of 8/5, there's a new step you need to take if you're checking out of the Cove.

In addition to leaving your keys with Clara, please go to the Apartment Directory and post a reply saying: "(Character name) has checked out of the Cove," so that we can update the Directory accordingly. Thanks for your assistance in helping us keep the Cove as organized as possible!

8/5/2010 #11 Report
M motherpucker

Hola, Residents of Moonlight Cove! Saying we have no drama would be a flat-out lie. A lot has happened since the last Summary, and you're about to hear it all…from who else but moi? ;) It's a good thing we've got this summary…otherwise I'd be totally lost in all the crying, steaminess, and bi-atch fights that have taken MC by storm…but we love it, nay?

Let's get shtarted!

~ Alexis visited the music store to where the drool-worthy JD currently was, and overheard him havin' a wee little chat to the fabulous Jayde over the phone. Unfortunately, she misunderstood the conversation and was lead to believe he loved someone else and fled, but luckily JD explained everything to the poor love.

She got a job at the amazing Club Eclipse, and is starting to get feelings for JD…hey, didn't she decide only to be just friends with him? We're braced for some more drama with these two…but hopefully everything will go perfectly fine, 'cuz they're too damn cute. Alexis also ran into a crying Jayde…Jayde, petal, what's up? Something with Matt? Hm. I'll scout around and dig up all the dirteh details for all ye're enjoyment.

~ Ryder and Emily got quite flirtatious in Em's apartment…we love ;) Then they gallivanted off to the swimming pool. Ryder flirted even more with her there…sure, that lad's always at it, isn't he? :D They revealed all (about their pasts…obviously), thus causing a brief awkward silence (cricket, cricket) but then they started to have some fun, chasing each other around the pool and whatnot. Things got a tad steamy (what's better than steaminess?) but then the steaminess was interrupted by none other than Natalie, who took it upon herself to steal Emily's clothes. Uh…kinky, much? Ryder noticed our dear Em was pissed and retrived her clothes for her. Fetch!

~ I heart this couple…not that they are a couple, but methinks they're headed in the right direction. What about you lot? ;) They're Just Friends at the moment…*pouts*

Ryder decided to play it dumb when Emily accused him of being a wolf, but once she walked off, he changed his mind and revealed he was a wolf, and had previously been joking. Poor Em's gotta be confused, nay?

Then Ryder ambled into Emily's room again while she was taking a shower. He sneaked inside the bathroom…uhm, peeping Tom much, Ryder? Don't worry, though, Emily heard him and didn't really mind. Ryder didn't see anything 'good' (as told to me by Lala…whatever did you mean, Lalzi? ;D) but he didn't carry her back outside…in a towel. These two have gotten close J

~ Hold yer horses, there's more comin' with these two. Emily started feeling a bit sick and lashed out at Ryder. She was in such major pain that Ryder was extremely worried. When, guess what? Em transformed into a gigantic white wolf! Not somethin' you'd witness everyday, right? Ryder, bein' the awesome lad and friend he is, phased and they communicated through mind. Voodoo, I say. Voodoo.

He assisted her in phasing back and they discovered she phased because it was in her granny's gene. Then Ryder disappeared…poof!

~ Ryder went to the bookstore to visit Emily, and she got pissed at him. Aw. Apparently he was annoying her and she didn't have time for him. A fight erupted. Unfortunate for them, awesome for us. You know how we love a good fight. About what, you ask? Ryder proclaimed he was trying to help Emily and helped her as much as he could and that Emily wanted more of him. Wow. How'd she take that? Not lying down, let me tell you. She replied with things such as he didn't really help her at all. This caused poor Ryder to get really sad/angry. Phew. For us mere mortals who have the emotional range of a teaspoon (calling all Ron Weasley fans) their emotions certainly are hectic these days. Ryder decided he was going to move out, but (don't panic) in the end he didn't. *wipes brow* He had me worried there. What would us drama-hungry lads and lassies do without Ryder? Emily came to apologize, which we respect. Apologizing is way hard, especially when the person you're apologizing to is still mad. Ryder responded meanly and she walked off. We don't blame her. Finally he apologized himself and then she explained everything she had learned from the ever-wise Tina. Emily was getting excited so Ryder advised her to go to sleep.

~ Ryder, being a fine man with morals, wanted to make sure Em got to her room okay. He visited her apartment and found her…sleeping. Exciting activities. He slipped inside, and when she started have a Nightmare, he awoke her and comforted her. Ooh. They chatted for a bit and he listened to her problems. A real Agony Aunt, nay? ;)

He stayed the night (mm-hm!) and found out that Emily sleep talked. And, of course, being Ryder, he listened in…don't lie, you would too and you know it. She started moaning (yes, moaning) his name and humping him in her sleep, thus turning him on. We cringe for you, Emily. She also mentioned something about NOT wanting to be friends. Victory!

She woke up and found what she was doing…yada, yada. Then she told Ryder she was dreaming about the pool and what exactly would have happened if they weren't interrupted. Funny, that, we were just thinking the exact same thing. Ryder, don't murder Natalie. Ryder replied with asking her to show him what would have happened. Ooh, that's a bit of a sauceh comment! Emily said that friends don't do that. Party Pooper. Ryder tried to insist that Emily wanted to be more than just friends, but realised it was just the sleep talking. He got all droopy and left the room, but not before telling Emily to come visit him when she was rested. Aw, Ryder, dear, chin up.

~ Ryder continued onto the beach and met Ariella. They conversed, and, good Lord, he tickled her a lot. Hm. Do we smell something more than friendship on the horizon, or is he still completely into Emily? They went to the café and ate. Ooh, wait a sec, Ryder couldn't stop thinking about Emily…is he a shmitten kitten or what? Athena appeared and chatted to Ariella and Ryder and pissed Ryder off…ooh, not. A. Smart. Move. They left, and Ryder and Ariella have become very good friends, nothing more, nothing less. What would we do without friends, eh? So Ryder's still into Emily. Good to hear.

Athena has figured out Ryder is a shifter (after all, she is the Goddess of wisdom, nay? xD) but she's not telling Ariella, who suspects Ryder is hiding something.

Ryder forgot his phone (smooth) and went back to the café, getting help from Cameron. Then they went their separate ways.

~ Matt told Jayde those three words…um, in his sleep. He also has no idea that he told her those words, which is a tad awkward, I suppose. C'mon, Matt, man up and tell her them when you're conscious!

He also had an encounter with the Resident Bitch, Madeline, an old flame, who just appeared. Fortunately for all of them, she was in a good mood, which still is on par with Miranda's bad mood in the Devil Wears Prada. Eesh. She made a few suggestive comments, and acted like a haughty bitch, causing Emily to make some sort of comment. Madeline responded with some awful insults that caused Emily to stomp out. Ah, there's nothin' like a good bee-atch fight, roight? Madeline made a few suggestive comments to Ryder, as well, in that lazy drawl of her's. Ryder stormed out, ignoring Madeline completely, in search of Emily, who had phased. Wowza. Somethin's a-happenin' with this lot. Let's keep a close eye on them, nay?

~ Jayde was furious that Madeline the Ice Bitch had dared been that awful to Emily, and they had an encounter on the street. Jayde punched Madeline (go Jayde!). We love a girl who's able to fight her own battles, which is why Jayde and Em are awesome. Unfortunately for Jayde, Madeline was totally unruffled by the whole thing, and made a few awful comments, especially to Matt, who she thinks has treated her unfairly in the past. Madeline's a tad unbalanced, told Matt he deserved to die with someone as disgusting as Jayde (so not true) and stalked off. Hm. I senseth drama.

~ Nikki and Nikos had an argument. Madeline and Nikki bumped into each other in the Music Store, and we learn most of them had a rough past, especially concerning their awful mothers. Madeline also thinks certain children should be stamped out, and for some reason the abuse she had suffered from at her mother's hands means most children should be abused. Um. Madeline, doll, you need to calm down, mmkay?

~ Wyatt met the eight-year-old Ayla and took her to the park. The sweetie.

~ Zac was turned into a ghost after he walked out of the café. Holy. Crapola. Fortunately, his mentor helped Stormie turn him into a human…sort of. Now Stormie is still a vampire…but (drumroll, please) one with human traits! How awesome? Zac watched his mentor fade away and die since time ran out. Poor lad. It was like losing a father for him. Awh, Zac, pet.

~ Midnyght and Troy had one heck of a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding resulted in both of them considering either leaving the other or commiting suicide (gasp!). Midnyght showed a rather sadistic side of her by murdering a man who tried to mug her. Oh, dear.

~ Blake is new and has proceeded to wander around the place searching for someone. It's a mystery who, but we at MC will keep our eyes peeled.

~ Love is in the air for Lexi and Emanuel! They met at the beach and Lexi is fallin' head-over-heels in love with him.

~ Lucas is doin' much…well, except for agreeing to meet the gorgeous Heather at the ball, of course. Do we see a relationship on the horizon? I'll report back next time.

~ You remind me of the babe!

What babe?

Eh…the babes that are coming in by the dozen at the Cove! Rian and Alissa are expecting their own little bundle of joy, as are Midnyght and Troy. Stormie is also pregnant…with whose babeh, you ask?

Don't fret, darlings, it's Troy's, of course. That cutie fainted when he heard he was a daddy-to-be. I don't know about you, but we can't wait 'till these bundle of joys arrive in the resort.

~Uhm, shocker! Madeline the Super Bitch is Skye's great-aunt! :O Who saw that one coming? Speaking of Skye, she has a wee crush on Matt…but does she even know about Jayde?

That's it from meh, but you lot keep yourselves ready for another bout of gossip!

If I've forgotten anything, PM me with the details ;)

'Till next week!


~ Ella xXx

8/13/2010 . Edited 8/13/2010 #12 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


Recently, it was brought to my attention that some fighting broke out in the previous chat. After going over the pages where the incident occurred, I have realized that apparently we've been a little bit lax on the rules, so this is a general reminder to EVERBODY.

I realize that this is an RP, and that any good RP has drama. However, that drama needs to be intercharacter drama and not actual tension between players. That being said, I understand that sometimes, players fight.

In the Rules thread, it is specifically stated that drama between players must be addressed via PM and kept out of the Chats and any other playing threads in The Cove. It's also stated that should the drama escalate, you are required to PM a Mod and that said Mod will try and resolve the conflict. It is also stated in the rules that failure to adhere to this policy would result in an immediate and indefinite ban. I really didn't want to start using that, but apparently, it needs to be put in effect.

Effective immediately, if you are found to be in violation of the policy, you and the other party(ies) involved will be given one and only one warning. If it continues, you will be banned based on the following scale:

First offense: 1-3 day ban (as will be determined by the Mods, depending on the severity of the fight).

Second offense: 7 day ban

Third offense: Permanent ban, with your character being removed from the Cove.

Guys…I'm really sorry that it had to come to this. Once again, I would like to reiterate that fighting will not be tolerated in The Cove, and I sincerely hope that you will help Ella and I keep this place a safe haven.

Love Always,

Lorelai Love Stellar (Laura)

8/16/2010 #13 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Hey guys, I need your help!

If you have any people that VISIT the Cove, please PM me.

This includes:

Any gods that may visit.



PM me ASAP!!!!

8/24/2010 #14 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz



The masquerade/talent show has been scheduled to take place THIS WEEKEND (the weekend of 9/11)!

If you have a character that plans to be in the talent show, GO TO THE COMMUNITY CENTER and SIGN UP with Rodney, the shopkeeper, before 10 pm Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, September 9th, 2010. (PST= 7:00 PM, UKT=3:00 AM) so that we know who's going on. (If for some reason, you cannot do it before this time, PM one of us so that we can make sure to include you). This will give us (the Mods) enough time to figure out the itinerary for this event, so it is absolutely essential that this gets done as this is a one weekend event (after which we can move on to Grease).

If Rodney isn't around, have your character drop off an application (Ex: Seeing that Rodney wasn't around, (insert character name here) quickly filled out their talent show application, making sure to leave it where Rodney could see it.).

Please PM any questions to myself, Ella, or Lalita so that we can be sure to tackle it before Saturday/Sunday.

Also: Please keep checking back to this post as we will update with the itinerary and a general 'How to' of how this event is going to go, okay?

Thanks guys!

Love Always,

Lorelai Love Stellar

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #15 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz



Due to planning and time constraints, the TALENT SHOW has been postponed. Therefore, you still have time to sign up!

As for the Masquerade: An event thread will be created and the Masquerade will begin at 8PM Eastern Standard time on Saturday and end at 11:30 PM Eastern on Sunday, September 12, 2010 (to allow people to go to bed early for school and work the next day, while still being able to experience the Masquerade).

If you have any questions, please PM one of us and we'll tackle your questions as best we can!

9/10/2010 #16 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


Attention, citizens of Moonlight Cove:

In these two days that the masquerade has been going on, things have popped up. This has caused some people to be mildly absent and unable to partake in the masquerade as much as they'd like. For that reason, the masquerade is going to be extended. The new end date is Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 11:30 PM Eastern Time.

Hopefully, this will allow people to get what they want done, do what they'd like (As long as it follows the rules, people ;)), and have some loooooooong fun instead of missing the whole thing.

EDIT: Apparently, if the masquerade ends tonight, there won't be enough time for some people to get things done. A lot of people have school (if not everyone), and internet and other problems get in the way. For that reason, after some talking, we have HOPEFULLY set the final end date for the ball to be on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 11:30 PM Eastern Time. This should give characters more than enough time to have their dance, follow through with their plans, have some fun, and...anything else you can think of. Please keep in mind that even though the masquerade has turned into a week long event, you don't have to stay at the ball the whole time. Your characters are more than welcome to leave when they want.

Fank youz.

9/12/2010 . Edited 9/14/2010 #17 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx

Attention, residents of Moonlight Cove:

Everybody has a talent, but only few are brave enough to show it off. I'm guessing that there are quite a few characters who are willing to please everyone with theirs, so if that's the case, the talent show is what they need to do just that. ;)

Yes, you heard (or read) me correctly. The talent show, which was previously supposed to take place the night of the masquerade, has now been scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. It will begin at 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time, and because we found out before that time differences and school can be a pain in the butt, we have decided to extend it until Sunday, October 17th, until Midnight (Eastern Time). So everyone will have a week to watch, enjoy, and maybe even participate in this event. (Again, your characters can leave at anytime).

Also, everyone should know that we're going to have a special announcer to be in the talent show. I bet you can guess, but for those who can't, it's going to be none other than the woman we love so very much - Clara. So please, if she starts lashing out at you or making fun... Well, your charries can get mad, but no drama outside the RP. xD

The talent show will take place in the community center, and if anyone wants to help out with it or just needs a question answered, they can go talk to Rodney. Also, by all means, if your character wishes to practice in the community center or outside of it, let them go wild. Perfection, remember? ;) It would also be amazing if the participants of the talent show could show up a little early at the community center, so they can find out what to do and not go onto stage looking like a bunch of idiots. Because no one is an idiot.

Now, below is a list on who we have so far that will be in the talent show. Please, if you have a character that is planning to be in it, but I forgot to list their name or you just didn't tell me yet, do so as soon as you can. =) It'll make everything easier so we can organize the show. (It would be super awesome if you could tell us before the day of it).

Talent Show Participants

Matt and Aaron (Melissa - The Art of Racing in the Rain)

Emily (Emily - Beauty of Broadway)

Scarlette (Ella - SkyAzureRaindrop)

Andreas and Hannes (Maria - MissTomorrow)

Cassie (Emily - Beauty of Broadway)

Zeke (Tori - TheLightEternal)

Ariella (Emily - Someone Anonymous Like Me)


Again, if I've missed anyone, please let me know. I know I missed a lot of people, but I can't remember them all at this time. Also, keep your eyes on this thread, as we'll update it regularly with more information about this event, such as organization details and anything else you'll need to know. If you have any questions, problems, concerns, ideas, comments, or anything else you can think of, don't hesitate to PM one of the mods about it. =D

Thank youz for your time.

10/2/2010 . Edited 10/2/2010 #18 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Attention Residents!

To minimize confusion: If you have a new character coming in that IS NOT a visitor, or if you don't want to have anything to do with the visitor's center at the moment, go to the top of the forum and hit "General" on the Drop Down Menu. This will display only the categories associated with the Resident threads for Moonlight Cove. If you only want to see Visitor Threads, go to the Drop Down Menu and select, "The Moonlight Cove Hotel Visitor's Center." Hope that helps!

10/2/2010 #19 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx

Update on Moonlight Cove Talent Show:

No, this isn't an announcement to tell you that the Talent Show is going to be postponed... Again. This is just a reminder on some key points of the event, and this is also to tell you how things are going to work during the course of it. So read carefully, because there's going to be a test at the end... *kidding*

So, if you have a character that is going to participate in the talent show, and they're frozen or probably not going to be able to make it (tomorrow or even in a couple of days) to the event, please, try and unlock them before the end of today. =) We don't want characters to be frozen, and then have to postpone the event another week when people can't do it.

With that said, if you need a mod to help and "unlock" your characters, please don't hesitate to ask us for help. =D Just like in the masquerade, we'll be here to get things moving and make the best of the event. Also, if you want your characters to help set up for the talent show or do something, now would be a good time to get them to the center.

Also, if you want your characters to come and watch, that is fine too (Of course =P). And if you have a character that is going to be participating, getting them to the event earlier might make this easier for all of us. So we don't have characters running around and going on at random times and whatnot.

Now, in terms of who is going to go on first and the schedule and all, we don't really have a schedule for that. The reason for that is because...well...we don't know who's going to be on when, and having a schedule would make things harder. So, when the talent show starts, we'll just make up who goes next as the week continues... Deal?

But, we do have a small type of rule on how things are going to be done. If you want to get your act out of the way in one post, then just say that your character did his/her whole thing...in one post. But if you'd like to drag it out a bit (Example: Your charrie does part of it, audience responses, your charrie does another part, audience responds...), then that is fine too. But, keep in mind that we don't want 100 posts of your act, okay? xD

Then, of course, when you finish an act, you are more than welcome to "sit down" and watch others or talk with some people there. But you can leave. Remember that.

Thank you for your time, and remember, we want to get this Talent Show started, because right after it...Grease starts. ;)

10/8/2010 #20 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Okay, we mean it this time!

Talent Show begins tonight (10/15) @10:30 pm Eastern and will last until Sunday, 10/24 at 11:30 pm EASTERN. That gives you LOADS of time and if everyone finishes early, that's okay too. Remember: You aren't OBLIGATED to stay at the Talent Show for the full time, and part of the fun of the talent show is all the stuff that goes on BACKSTAGE, so:


10/15/2010 #21 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


It's time for some Summer Lovin'! ...Even though it's fall. And if you're into musicals of the old days and such, you should know that Moonlight Cove is going to put on a production - Grease (Not Grease 2... *shudders*). There are many stages to this event - auditions, rehearsals, performance.

Well, tomorrow (October 27, 2010), auditions will begin! Starting at 5:00 PM (Eastern), your characters will have a chance to audition for what's sure to be a stunning musical. Keep in mind that when I say audition, I mean in the sense that the characters don't know what parts they're going to get. The people who control those characters already know who's going to get what (Check the Grease Thread to find out what parts have been taken by who).

Although Hannes (Marinara's character) will be the casting director, he has to go by the thread and hand out parts by looking at the already-made list. So don't worry about any changed being made to what you expected. Auditions will also take place at the Community Center (NOT Events Thread), and if you have a character that is not going to be part of the cast, but part of the crew instead (or not a part of anything but the audience), then can come as well.

The auditions will end in exactly a week (unless extensions are needed), so go wild! Make plans, cause drama between characters who want the same part, and suck up to the casting director.


(Thank you for your time.)

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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

A Few Announcements!

In regards to the Visitor's Center: The Visitor's Center, along with all the rules, rooms, and such, have been revamped. Here's a quick summary of the changes.

1. Both sets of rules have been put in the "First Thing's First" Thread.

2. The RESIDENT application that you all fill out when making a new character now has VISITOR sections so that it's condensed onto ONE thread.

3. The Hotel Front Desk has been pinned, much like the L.O., so that you can find it easily.

4. The Subforum has been removed and now we don't have that God-awful drop down.

In regards to Grease:

Guys, we opened up auditions two days ago, as per the announcement on this thread. And yes, though it has taken a God-awful long time to get started, it's finally here, so if you want to do it, start going to the Community Center right away. If you need help unlocking characters because you need a shopkeeper, let us Mods know. The AUDITIONS part of this process will end on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD. If some auditions don't start getting underway, Grease will be canceled. So, once again, if you want this to be done, get on it please!

Thanks for your time!


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M motherpucker


In light of recent and unfortunate events, Grease, our Summer Musical, has been cancelled. We express our deep apology to all those who brought their character to the auditions and those who will be disappointed. And I'd like to say a huge thank-you to all those who have offered their character to help with Grease in any way.

Hopefully, in another few months, we can try and put on another form of entertainment in the Cove.

Thank you for your time.

Mucho love,

Ella xx

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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


To all of my dear friends who celebrate, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! May you all have a great holiday. I'm grateful for all of you who make this forum and my life so complete!



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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Attention Residents, Visitors and Players


So lately I've been looking at some applications...and for the most part, these applications have been GREAT. HOWEVER: Lately, a lot of you have been skipping over Character History and some character descriptions have bare minimum at best. Usually, I (and the other mods) are really laid back about this, but it frustrates me. PLEASE don't skip over any sections unless they expressly don't apply to you (such as Vamp categories if you're a Shifter.) This may or may not decide your acceptance into the Cove.


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M motherpucker


I've just wanted to take out the time to say: Merry Christmas! Okay, so it's not Christmas today, it's Christmas Eve, but I might only be on for a second tomorrow and I'll only see a few of you - *stops babbling*

Just - Merry Christmas, guys! I hope the Holiday Break is fun and perfect and you have a great time off school. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's Eve party ('Cause I won't be here for that either). And I hope you all know how much I love you♥

And I've never been good at stuff like this. Y'know. Being serious, and all. So I'll just leave it there ;))

With ♥,

Ella xXx

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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

To All the Players of Moonlight Cove!

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

Jeux Noel (I think)!

Thank you guys for making Moonlight Cove and my existence in general much much happier! May you be blessed with all the joy in the world today and always!

Much Love,


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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Everyone (both established and new players):

Just as a reminder: When you're trying to bring in a character, please make sure to only use a Moonlight Cove application. In addition, please refrain from altering fields (in any way), unless it's absolutely imperative that you do so. I know it might seem a bit nitpicky, however, adhering to the application makes it easier for the Mods to go through your application, and therefore process your acceptance and get you in on the fun faster.

Thank you,


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*Raises hand* Can I have Leiko be a waitress at the restaraunt and Shadow at the bookstore?

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