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A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


5/9/2011 #31 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz


Here at Moonlight Cove, we're generally pretty laid back when it comes to posts and more specifically, the posting format. That being said, the MC Administration has been pretty okay with certain things such as bolding and underlining and spacing (we get it – FF can be a glitch bitch sometimes) but one problem that is steadily on the rise is the lack of proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

If you recall Rule #3, you'll remember this: "Proper English is taught in schools for a reason!" With that said, I want to make some things clear:

1. Please make sure to use proper capitalization. This includes: the start of sentences, proper names (includes names of places), etc.

2. Proper punctuation is a must. Not an option, not a suggestion, a must. Periods, commas, hyphens and semi-colons are all punctuation marks that you could andshould be using on a regular basis.

3. FF has a spell-checker. Use it. It may not always be right (for names), but it will definitely clean up your posts.

Effective immediately, if your posts are found to have an excess of these kinds of errors, the following steps will be taken:

First offense: You will be asked by a Mod to go back and edit the post.

Second offense: A Mod will edit your post and you'll be PM'd with a warning.

Third offense: You will be PM'd by a Mod – who will put a copy of your post in the PM – and your original post will be removed/replaced until properly edited.

Please understand that every post helps drive the MC story and keep continuity. To avoid confusion and to help keep other players happy, please keep this post in mind when crafting a post. Thank you, in advanced, for helping to keep MC running smoothly.

5/9/2011 #32 Report

To Whom it may Concern

I would like to let your community know that there is a compition going, it is a Twilight Writing compition.

Please can you tell everyone about it.

Here is the web site! Just remove the spaces

twilight writing contest .weebly .com


Pen to Paper

1/9/2012 #33 Report

Hey, I'm Andi!

I made this youtube video and it would be really cool, if you guys could check it out! Its about 'The Volturi' ! It has clips from Breaking Dawn part 2 and New Moon! Thanks! (:


3/15/2013 #34 Report
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