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Events Suggestions!
M motherpucker

Everybody loves special events, right? Dances, parties, sales to raise money for charity...it'll help Moonlight Cove become a close community, and it will help everybody make good friends! BUT we need YOUR help! Get in here and start giving us some suggestions! Be as creative as possible! I'm sure you guys will have awesome ideas and maybe we could combine a few.

Also, you can make you character nip into the community center and have a chat with the guy who runs it (will edit when I remember his name ;D) so your characters can also get involved with it! Events such as fancy dress dances will mean that your character will get to meet a variety of other characters and quiiite a lot of drama, eh? You know how much we love drama! And if you want your character to have something to do with their spare time (other than cause said drama) have them go into the community center! They can set up a youth club...or maybe a walking club, etcetera.

So put those thinking caps on!


Paramore Concert: Guys, I would if I could, but...*shrugs helplessly* ...get your characters to make up a band and perform Paramore songs at a talent show or something - which I think is an AWESOME idea! Talent shows are so much fun.

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7/7/2010 #2 Report
mang0 house

Bri, seriously....

I'm thinking about, like a music concert....I'm not sure. Something like that. It could be a contest are just something for fun maybe. Think of what ever comes in mind with it. Oo! Maybe a festival!

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M motherpucker

Oh, twin XD

A talent auction?

7/7/2010 #4 Report
mang0 house


7/7/2010 #5 Report
Angel Of Broadway

A talent show!

Ooh, putting on a play or a musical?

7/7/2010 #6 Report
M motherpucker

Great ideas, Emily! Guys, when we have a few more I'll make a list =)

7/7/2010 #7 Report

I second the Paramore concert!!!!!!

If I can't see them live, can I at least see them here?! Lol

7/8/2010 #8 Report

Masquerade Ball.

7/13/2010 #9 Report
mang0 house

I second the Masquerade Ball. *looks up in google about it*

7/13/2010 #10 Report
Angel Of Broadway


7/13/2010 #11 Report
black polish and thick liner

We should have a talent show.

'Cause talent shows are awesome.

7/19/2010 #12 Report

I fourth a Masquerade Ball. :p

7/19/2010 #13 Report

o0o A Block Party!!

I love those!

7/28/2010 . Edited 7/28/2010 #14 Report
mang0 house

XD Jaz, this is for events.

7/28/2010 #15 Report
M motherpucker

Jaz, those are awesome ideas. Can you repost 'em in the suggestions thread? Mucho obliged :D

7/28/2010 #16 Report

Block Party!!

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8/4/2010 #18 Report

o0o A Carnival !!!

8/6/2010 #19 Report
Someone Anonymous Like Me

Maybe a date auction? Like, the people of the cove vote the most eligible boys and girls to be sold off for a date each and the money goes to....something.

8/6/2010 #20 Report
mang0 house


I second that date auction!!!!

8/6/2010 #21 Report

I third that! Ehehehe...

8/6/2010 #22 Report

Fourth it :)

8/6/2010 #23 Report
M xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx


8/6/2010 #24 Report

Sixth it. :)

8/6/2010 #25 Report
M motherpucker

Awesomez...perhaps we'll have it after the musical? Maybe late Autumn?

8/6/2010 #26 Report
isis of the sun

I seventh the idea for a auction. XD ---

~ How about a costume party of some sorts.? XD

8/13/2010 #27 Report
mang0 house


8/13/2010 #28 Report
black polish and thick liner

I eighth the auction and third the costume party.

8/13/2010 #29 Report

Maaaybe we could have a fashion show.

Seeing as this is all visual, maybe we could design clothes for our OCs and upload sketches.

There's my terrible idea.

8/19/2010 #30 Report
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