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The Apartment Directory
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Apartment Directory

Accidentally forgot your apartment number? Too afraid to go back and ask Clara? (xD) Well, no fear! The Apartment Directory is here! Please note that this directory will be updated as new residents enter/exit/get married/etc. in The Cove.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: As of 8/5, there's a new step you need to take if you're checking out of the Cove.

In addition to leaving your keys with Clara, please come to this thread and post a reply saying: "(Character name) has checked out of the Cove," so that we can update this Directory accordingly. Thanks for your assistance in helping us keep the Cove as organized as possible!

First Floor

1A - Adara Walker

2A - Annie Perrette

3A - Carsten Listing

4A - Heath Crawford and Cameron Wilde

5A - Roxanne 'Roxy' McLeod

6A - Matt Cahill

7A - Alissa Donner

8A - Zac Cromwell

9A - Zane Stevens

10A - Jacob Charles Meeks

11A - Stormie Hollins

12A - Elise Walker

13A - Marisol Rodriguez

14A - Jayde Spencer

15A - Jessica Cahill

16A - Emily Royer

Second Floor

1B - Ryder Pulton

2B - Jamie and Annalise Cooper

3B - Samantha Jones

4B - Ashton Araan

5B - Gustav Gothow

6B - Micheal James Gruemer

7B - Jesse Randall

8B - Jace Crawford

9B - Dutch McKay

10B - Viper

11B - Katya Scott

12B - Charlie Winston

13B - Katalina Gret

14B - Anthony James

15B - Niccolo di Florencia

16B - Nixi Rose Luna

Third Floor

1C - Ayla Browning

2C - Kono Thunderstorm

3C - Natalie Francine Drake.

4C - Evlyn Woods

5C - Meghan Collins

6C - Vincent Campbell

7C - Rayne Hollins

8C - Ariella Montage

9C - Lily Ann Sherwood

10C - James Riley

11C - Andrew L. Wilson

12C - Verona Valtorei

13C - Athena Aretta

14C - Sophia Redwood

15C - Desiray Greene

16C - Atleara Hayalen

Fourth Floor

1D - Robert Olsen

2D - Tristan Finbar Van Jules

3D - Griffin Black

4D - Magda Lupei

5D - Belissa Taylor

6D - Anabel Robbinson

7D - Elias Gereben and Alexei Gabor

8D - Andreas Kaulitz

9D - Hannes Kaulitz

10D - Blake Edan Ellison

11D - Rayne Bryson

12D - Melody Raniel Lam

13D - Shadow

14D - Ashlynn Caden Cooper

15D - Molly Umiko-Sharova

16D - Alison "Allie" Coleman

Fifth Floor

1E - Melody Taylor

2E - Sofia Capello

3E - Alaric Wooldridge

4E - Raquel Villafañe

5E - Leiko Ullson

6E - Levi Edmond McCreary

7E - Hadley Halloway

8E - Dorian and Mirabelle De La Croix

9E - Lisa Christine Carael

10E - Rian Carter

11E - Elijah

12E - Lucia Belle Cantiveros

13E - Ashley-Belle Missy Parker

14E - Hanzie Drown

15E - Allie Rose Match

16E - Jax Bayne

Sixth Floor

1F - Rain Hozuki

2F - Cora Daniels

3F-Amelia Rosewood

4F-Aurore Molyneux

5F-Alexis Marilyn Dowell

6F-Serena D'Wood

7F-Amelia Pereira

8F-Hikaru Arks

9F-Rachael Ivy Wilson

10F-Noelle Alpine

11F- Mackenzie Roberts

12F - Danzuk

13F - Amberly Rose Prissya

14F - Stella Moore.

15F - Teresa Nightshade (when she gets back to the desk)

7/11/2010 . Edited 7/7/2011 #1 Report
Lady Faucheur


I was told my character, Ash, was number 10A. I remember because I was laughing about it to someone how my Adara is 1A and Ash is 10A.

7/13/2010 #2 Report
M motherpucker

Oopsie! Don't worry, we'll sort it out =)

If it all gets too confusing, maybe everybody should just go by the list here even if Clara told them something different? I can go back and edit what she said if you want.

7/13/2010 #3 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

I thought that too, but when I actually went back and did a recount, we were off by one.

7/13/2010 #4 Report

Athena is 13C. Uhm... C floor. *heh* could be either bottem or top.

8/5/2010 #5 Report

Wynter Moved out for the time being. So 10B is vacant!!

8/6/2010 #6 Report
mang0 house

Wyatt moved out and 7B is free! :D

9/11/2010 #7 Report
M motherpucker

Thanka ;)

9/11/2010 #8 Report
isis of the sun

Melanie Forster has checked out of the Cove leaving room 4B

9/13/2010 #9 Report
Angel Of Broadway

Conor Delaney has left (due to an insane stalker creator). His room is free.

9/13/2010 #10 Report
M motherpucker

Jack Waterstone has gone, so I'll just take him off the list.

9/18/2010 #11 Report
isis of the sun

Nicolas Lamier has checked out.

9/19/2010 #12 Report
Angel Of Broadway

Marina Szardos has checked out of 5C.

10/16/2010 #13 Report

Ashleigh Schafer moved out of 5B...

10/17/2010 #14 Report
isis of the sun

Nina Winters has checked out.

Carter Aston has checked out also

11/21/2010 . Edited 11/21/2010 #15 Report
M motherpucker

Damien, Scarlette, Madeline and Haru are goooone.

*will take them out*

12/8/2010 #16 Report
Cirque du Soul

Taika checked out. Deported. XD

12/8/2010 #17 Report

Dana's left :)

12/9/2010 #18 Report
isis of the sun

Cameron is checked out

12/19/2010 #19 Report
mang0 house

josh moved out of 12D :p

12/20/2010 #20 Report

Austin Rush moved out.

Lucas Carter moved out.

Rian Carter moved out.

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #21 Report

Luckie is Dead soooo 7D is vacant. Lmao

12/22/2010 #22 Report

Selene is also dead so 14D is open! :D

12/22/2010 #23 Report

Midnyght is gone so 9B is open!

12/23/2010 #24 Report
mang0 house

troy's out of 15B for good :p

12/23/2010 #25 Report
Angel Of Broadway

Cassie moved out, and 10C is open

So did Delilah, and 5C is open.

12/23/2010 #26 Report
isis of the sun

Roman has moved out of 4A

12/26/2010 #27 Report
mang0 house

jeremy left 6E

1/2/2011 #28 Report
Cirque du Soul

Sterling, Wind, and Zan have left.

1/3/2011 #29 Report

Carter is gone

1/7/2011 #30 Report
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