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Cirque du Soul

Audrey left

1/7/2011 #31 Report
Cirque du Soul

Kali left

1/7/2011 #32 Report
mang0 house

xavier left

1/17/2011 #33 Report
mang0 house

callen's gone

1/21/2011 #34 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Breeze and Val have left, sooooo...I'll update the directory :D

Thanks Lalz!--Love this Mod.

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #35 Report
Cirque du Soul

Merlin, Arthur, and Venus have left the building! ;)

2/3/2011 #36 Report
Cirque du Soul

Dmitrei left

2/9/2011 #37 Report
The Cashmere Nerd

(nevermind, don't pay attention to this.)

2/18/2011 . Edited 2/18/2011 #38 Report

Well I see I'm still in the directory. I've missed yu all :D -Kenzie

2/22/2011 #39 Report

So 1F is in Apartment three right? Got it.

3/10/2011 #40 Report

i was told i was in 15F but here i am in 14F, shall i just stay with 14F seeing as the other one is already taken?

5/15/2011 #41 Report
A Lorelai Love Spencer-Meraz

Yes. I typed a 5 instead of a 4.

5/15/2011 #42 Report

Jason has checked out of the Cove :) xx

7/3/2011 #43 Report
The Cashmere Nerd

Alexis Marilyn Dowell,

Michael (or Micheal can't remember) James something.. :S,

and Meghan Collins have all movied out.

Tut tut, cheerio!

12/4/2011 #44 Report
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