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A edwardcullenlvr17

Hey Y'all. This is my shot at a Twilight RP. I need people so come join. Must know the character well.

Edward-Taken by Me

Bella-Taken by misscarlislecullen7

Carlisle-Taken by EsmeCullen2010

Esme-Taken by JasmineHermioneCullen/VampiresWizardsandWerewolves

Alice-Taken by Neverbetagainstme9


Emmett-Taken by Squeak-the-bookworm

Rosalie-Taken by naruto4everandever

Renesmee-Taken by Saffire55

Elizabeth-Taken by A.Christine Wilson


Jacob- Taken by RosiesKitten & Pack

Volturi Members {Jane-Taken, Alec-Taken by Ihatecakeswithpinkfrosting}

Bree-JasmineHermioneCullen (VampiresWizardsandWerewolves' sister)

and any other characters you can think of from Eclipse.

Please come join!

OC's also welcome

Parker Collins- BellaIshADeathNoteLvr



Kassandra (Bree's sister)-A.Christine Wilson.

Mark Night (Kassandra's mate) -anyone can take him, just PM A.Christine Wilson for his discription.

Ash Silvercross- Timelord Angelus


Josh- Jasper's Gal 33

8/22/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #1 Report

Hi... was wondering if Alice was taken yet?

8/23/2010 #2 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Not yet, you wanna be her?

8/23/2010 #3 Report

yes please :)

8/24/2010 #4 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17


8/24/2010 #5 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Hey can i be bella!

8/25/2010 #6 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Of course!

8/25/2010 #7 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

yay so do you want to start rp now?

8/25/2010 #8 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

{Sure! Should we do it the same as the other one? I mean the layout, actions in aterisks and character's words out?}

8/25/2010 #9 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

(yeah sure)

*drives truck up cullen driveway and parks. Gets out and knock on door*

8/25/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #10 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

*Gets up and answers the door* Hello love!

8/25/2010 #11 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Hello i've missed you so much

*kisses pasionately and starts getting dizzy due to not breathing*

8/25/2010 #12 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

*Pulls away after kissing her back* Breathe, love. I missed you too. How are you feeling?

8/25/2010 #13 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Fi-ne wh-y?

8/25/2010 #14 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Just wondering love. What do you want to do?

8/25/2010 #15 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Can we listen to you playing please

mutters so i can sit down

*tries hiding limp from swollen leg with purple brusises that she got from falling in shower this morning*

8/25/2010 #16 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Of course. *hears her mutter and is about to shake it off but sees her limping* What happened love? Your limping.

8/25/2010 #17 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Straightens up

Nothing! im fine i dont want to bother you

8/25/2010 #18 Report
M misscarlislecullen7


8/25/2010 #19 Report
M misscarlislecullen7


8/25/2010 #20 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

{Sorry} What happened love? Please tell me. *Sits her down on the piano bench*

8/25/2010 #21 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Im um fell down in the shower

Lifts up trouser leg to show swollen leg

8/25/2010 #22 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

*Looks at it and winces.* That looks bad. Have you gotten it looked at? *softly plays the piano*

8/25/2010 #23 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

no it doesnt hurt that much

* a few tears leak from her eyes*

8/25/2010 #24 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Why are you crying? Please dont lie.

8/25/2010 #25 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Ok its painfall when i walk on it maybe i just need ice

umm im crying cause i missed you and i just ruining today with being ill im sorry

8/25/2010 #26 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

*Carries her to the couch and lays her down, putting her injured ankle up on a pillow and runs to get ice* here. It's alright. I missed you too. The day's not ruined. Not at all. It gives me another reason to dote on you. Don't worry about it.

8/25/2010 #27 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Oh no i have to get home to charlie im still grounded remember but i love you lots and i will see you tonight bye

Kisses edward before limping to truck

(i gtg bi xx)

8/25/2010 #28 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

*Kisses back* See you. Be careful.


8/25/2010 #29 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

Limps to cullen house

Anybody home?

goes in and sits on couch

8/26/2010 #30 Report
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