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The Early Years
Princess Claude the Daring

Just a little thing on Claudia (and soon to be the twins) early years with the family. I'm starting off with Claduai crawling and she's kinda of a clumsy baby and toddler so don't yell at me *hides behind the twins*


Claudia, now nearly 9 months old and on her way to walking squeaked from her crib ,climbing out expertly, getting to the floor, and crawled, pushing on the cracked door with curiosity ,listioningto it as it squealed open. Cooing with delight she began crawling out of her nursery. She was-well, I guess a mortal would cosider a cutie-pie. She didn't have much hair, and what she did have was dark brown and curly, and big brown eyes. She had a multitude of adorable clothes (bought by big sister Alice of course), but right now she was simply dressed in a pair of simple pink footie pajamas. Her skin was fair (for now), and she absoultt loved her adoptive family, but right now hse enjoyed the fact that she could crawl around the house without anyone keeping an eye on her. She squeaked with delight as she came to the stairs crawling toward them quickly with exciment. Which probably could explain why she fell down them landing at the bottom of them unconcous with a loud THUD!

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