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The Nineth sense is kicking in...
A edwardcullenlvr17

Hope:*turns her face into his chest* *wraps her good arm tightly around him* M-Mason....h-help me. It hurts...*crying into his chest*

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Anna: I love him dad!

Mason: I know, baby. I'm gonna take you to Carlisle. Okay?

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David: *whines softly, looking at Anna*

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Snarls and charges You! That's who I'm blamling Bitch! I can phase whenever I want! Leave my family Alone!!!

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Anna: *turns to David* I'm here. I'm here. *strokes his fur lovingly* I'm okay.

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Anna we are natural and mortal emeies you can't love him! Stops, and whines at her, I'm sorry I know you do, but you can't, looks at hope, barks softly at her, I'm sorry princess, a tear drops from my eye,

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A edwardcullenlvr17

Hope:*nods, wincing* Okay... *cries out, more tears falling*

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Jason: *snarls, getting ready to fight*

Marcus: Jason, back off! *commands*

David: *nudges her softly, as if to see if she's really there*

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Dad, I'm not a full vampire I'm a half. There's a difference the treaty is for full vampires not halves. *turns back to David* *kisses his fur* I'm here, I'm really here. *hugs him tightly*

Mason: *picks her up gently*

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Whimpers,pain and sadness in my eyes, runs back home,

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A edwardcullenlvr17

Hope:*lays her head on his chest, her broken arm curled into her stomach* *winces slightly at the movement*

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Still to pissed off to phase back, goes inside trotting up the stairs to our room, jumps on the bed and lays down,in wolf form,wishing Cynthia was here to help calm me,

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Mason: Sorry.

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David: *breathes a sigh of relief and licks her neck*

Jason: So there isn't going to be a fight? *huffs in disappointment and walks away*

Marcus: *rolls his eyes* Thank goodness for that.

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A edwardcullenlvr17

Hope: Not your fault h-honey. *buries her face in his chest*

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet


Mason: *goes to the hospital*

(They found Amelia Earhart!)

3/29/2011 #4,996 Report

(what?) - (are you gonna play Cynthia?)

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David: *chuckles softly at Jason's comment*

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A edwardcullenlvr17

{Wait, they found her? Why'd they have to find her?}

Hope:*lays in his arms*

Carlisle:*sees them* Mason? What happened?

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

(Not right now)- (They didn't mean to I don't think, but they identified the bone fragment and the plane is the exact same as the one she flew!)


Mason: Wolf fight.

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