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Tenth Base, here we come!...that sounded better in my head...
A edwardcullenlvr17

Do I even have to say anything?

3/29/2011 #1 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Carlisle: Come on. Let's get her into a room.

Hope:*whimpers* S-Stay with me....Mason?

3/29/2011 #2 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

(Uh, I already created a topic...)

Mason: Of course.

3/29/2011 #3 Report

David: *smiles, pulling away from her and going behind a tree, phasing back and dressing before coming back out* Jason was disappointed. *rolls his eyes*

3/29/2011 #4 Report

Whimpers, growls at my old shorts and grabs them, jumps on the bed and starts ripping them up,

3/29/2011 #5 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

That there wasn't a fight.

3/29/2011 #6 Report

David: *chuckles* Of course. *pulls her into his arms, burying his face in the crook of her neck* But I couldn't be more relieved.

3/29/2011 #7 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet


3/29/2011 #8 Report

David: *inhales her scent slowly, holding her against his chest*

3/29/2011 #9 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

{We can use that when we get to 11. We're at 10 now.}

Carlisle: Lay her down there. *gestures to the bed*

Hope:*braces herself for the pain*

3/29/2011 #10 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

(I actually just edited to 11 it was 10 lol)

I love you.

Mason: *carefully just lays her down*

3/29/2011 #11 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17


Hope:*with her good hand, grips his shirt tightly to keep from crying out*

Carlisle:*gets to work*

3/29/2011 #12 Report

After a while phases back,gets some clothes on and goes hunting,

3/29/2011 #13 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Mason: *holds her hand*

3/29/2011 #14 Report

David: *smiles into her neck* I love you too, Anna. *hugs her tighter*

3/29/2011 #15 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Carlisle:*resets the bones*

Hope:*squeezes Mason's hand tightly, yelping*

3/29/2011 #16 Report

Sighs, what did I do, finishes hunting and goes home, I've lost her, my Annas gone....sighs again......stupid Wolf,

3/29/2011 #17 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Lilly:*snuggles into her fluffy blankie*

3/29/2011 #18 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Mason: I've got you.

*hugs him back just as tight*

3/29/2011 #19 Report

Smiles and picks Lily up slowly and carefully feeling a pull to her for a some reason,Hey Lily,

3/29/2011 #20 Report

David: *smiles slightly, hugging her with all his strength, glad that he doesn't have to hold back*

3/29/2011 #21 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Carlisle:*casts her arm and leg and puts a cast around her torso to keep her ribs steady*

Hope:*holding Mason's hand tightly*

Carlisle: You'll have to stay in a wheelchair for about 6 weeks as your bones heal.

Hope: *nods once*

3/29/2011 #22 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Lilly:*smiles and leans into his chest* BeeBooDurrr!!!!!!! *forgetting about the pain in her arm since it's still broken* {Unless he healed her in her sleep, then disregard that bout the arm}

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/29/2011 #23 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Anna: *lays head on his chest*

Mason: *watches*

3/29/2011 #24 Report

Hey,kisses her head feeling the pull slightly get stronger wondering what the pull means,

3/29/2011 #25 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Hope:*waits, clinging to Mason's hand*

Lilly:*snuggled into his chest*

3/29/2011 #26 Report

Smiles (what should the pull mean?)

3/29/2011 #27 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

{whatever you want it to mean}

3/29/2011 #28 Report

Thinks......oh no.....oh no....that's incest......

3/29/2011 #29 Report

David: *smiles, running his hand down her back gently*

3/29/2011 #30 Report
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