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We're on a roll! Here comes 13!
A edwardcullenlvr17

Emma:*crawls to her and uses her leg to help her stand*

Bradley: Okay.

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A edwardcullenlvr17

EJ; We love you too Mama. 'Specially Dad. *smiles* I see how he looks at you. You're his whole world.

6/9/2011 #4,982 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

smiles im soory about yesterday

6/9/2011 #4,983 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Kassandra: *picks her up* *sits on the slide and puts her in her lap* Ready?

Cathy: *smiles and goes to get ready*

Hope: *sleeps*

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A edwardcullenlvr17

EJ: It's not your fault Mama. *lays his head on her shoulder*

Emma:*turns into her chest and holds to her tightly* What is it? Will it hurt?

Ed:*the fish gets eaten by a shark who is now swimming with the necklace in its mouth* *follows and they start to wrestle, the shark jumping in the air, Ed clinging to its dorsal fin*

Carlisle;*sees* *sighs and shakes his head* Only Edward...first a snail in the throat, now wrestling with sharks. What are we gonna do with that boy. *goes inside*

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M misscarlislecullen7

looks at carlisle

What! carlisle help him

6/9/2011 #4,986 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Hope: *asleep*

Kassandra: It's a slide and it won't hurt.

Cathy: *comes out wearing a light blue dress that comes just above the knees*

6/9/2011 #4,987 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Carlisle:*watches Ed with the shark* *chuckles* That boy gets into more trouble than I have ever seen. He'll get out of it. Don't worry Bella. Edward is very resilient. He can get himself out of many difficult situations. Anyway, he looks like he's having fun.

Ed:*gets to the shark's head* Give it!

Emma: Pwomise sissy?

Bradley:*wearing a dark blue dress shirt with a black necktie and black dress pants with dress shoes*

6/9/2011 #4,988 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

hugging ej watching edward

6/9/2011 #4,989 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

(LOL I love how Edward just says Give it!)

Kassandra: I promise.

Hope: *asleep*

Cathy: You look handsome.

6/9/2011 #4,990 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17


Carlisle:*watching, amused at how Edward can get into so much trouble with so little effort.*

Ed: *grabs the necklace but has to try to pry the shark's mouth open*

Emma: Okay...

EJ:*snuggles into his mother's side* Dad will be okay Mama. He's strong.

Bradley: *blushes* And you look beautiful. *kisses her forehead before brushing his hair back*

6/9/2011 #4,991 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

hes got me to answer to if he hurts himself

6/9/2011 #4,992 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet


Kassandra: *pushes gently keeping a grip on Emma and slides down*

Hope: Boat go bye-bye...*in sleep*

Cathy: *blushes* Thank you.

6/9/2011 #4,993 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17

Carlisle; I'm sure he does.

Ed: *punches the shark's nose slightly which only gets his arm bit but he's fine, gets the necklace and swims away victorious* {I love how he's just all proud of himself.}

Carlisle: Well. I'm out of here before the bombs go off. Send him to me when you're done with him. *shakes his head again*

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M misscarlislecullen7

looks down at her

6/9/2011 #4,995 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17


Bradley: *smiles*

6/9/2011 #4,996 Report
M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Hope: *sleeping*

Kassandra: *gets to the bottom of the slide*

Cathy: Come on let's go.

6/9/2011 #4,997 Report
M misscarlislecullen7

watches edward walk up the beach

6/9/2011 #4,998 Report
A edwardcullenlvr17


Bradley: Let's.

Ed:*walks up the beach, his arm held to his chest, the other hand gripping the necklace*

Carlisle; Well we know wet suits are not shark proof. Seriously Edward. How do you get into so much trouble! First a snail now the shark what is with you!?

Ed: He wouldn't give me the necklace so I punched him in the nose. It didn't work so well...

Carlisle: Well duh!

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M OnceUponAGleekOnBakersStreet

Kassandra: Was that fun?

Cathy: *smiles and takes his hand*

Hope: *asleep*

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