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22 already?
M TeamPossibleBronzerank

(Hello is anyone on?)


*watches tv*

6/15/2012 #4,141 Report
M Hinoto Hyuga of the Akatsuki

(hello? Im back. :3)

6/21/2012 #4,142 Report
Death Grips

(did everyone think the world was actually going to end? This place is a ghost town.

1/14/2013 #4,143 Report

(You know, these people could actually have a life. Whatever that is...)

1/14/2013 #4,144 Report
Death Grips

(True... I honestly don't remember where we were in this, start over?)

1/14/2013 #4,145 Report

(I should point out that, we never RP'd together on this RP. I'll start!)

Celeste sat on the beach, watching the waves and drawing little swirls in the sand.


Ayla sat in Forks Library, reading a book.

1/14/2013 #4,146 Report
Death Grips

Matthew walked out of the tree line and noticed the blonde girl sitting in the sand. She smelt like one of them. He walked over and stood on her side.

"Whatcha drawing?"


Thomas was in the library, mostly scamming for girls but Nathan had sent him to do some research. Walking down the isles, he noticed a petite, pale, redhead stroking the spine of a book. He walked over and smiled.

"that's a good one."

1/14/2013 #4,147 Report

Celeste looked like a deer in headlights as she glanced up at Matthew. "N-nothing." She replied quietly.


Ayla looked at Thomas before looking around. "You know, I don't think anyone asked your opinion."

1/14/2013 #4,148 Report
Death Grips

Matthew smiled and sat down. "You come out to first beach often? This is the first time I've seen you."


Thomas laughed.

"Well, you're feisty." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Just looking to help, that's all. Didn't know redheads liked books. They always struck me as the 'Wait For The Movie' type."

1/14/2013 #4,149 Report

Celeste shook her head, blushing at the fact a boy was talking to her. "I spend a lot of time at home."


"I like reading." Ayla grabbed a book and walked away.

1/14/2013 #4,150 Report
Death Grips

Matthew laughed. "Yeah, I'm kind of the opposite. I can't be at home." He started to draw random patterns in the sand.


Thomas followed the girl. "Well, what's your favorite book?" He asked as he read over titles of the books he passed.

1/14/2013 #4,151 Report

Celeste played with the ends of her hair. "Why not?"


Ayla rolled her eyes. "Leave Me Alone by Go Away."

1/14/2013 #4,152 Report
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