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A La Muerte17

the ancient Albion and the heroes guild is still here.

10/29/2010 #1 Report
Jack The Riddler

Kervan stumbled from a cave. the ground was splattered with the blood of the two companions who had supposedly been there to aid her. The crawler had well, crawled back to the depths of the earth and lay dormant now. "W-what.... what's ha-GAAAH!!" She clutched her head tightly, her mind feeling as if it was being ripped apart. She managed to activate her guild seal before falling unconscious, right in front of the guild of heroes.

10/31/2010 #2 Report
A La Muerte17

Kain was outside the heroes guild when ge saw this and ran to her and picked her up "hey wake up." Kain said lightly slapping her.

11/1/2010 #3 Report
Jack The Riddler

There was a heavy black mist that surrounded Kervan for a moment before the several items adorning her body shined brightly, dissipating it. She cracked open her eyes, vision blurry. "Who... Where am I...?"

11/1/2010 #4 Report
A La Muerte17

"your at the heroes guild you were passed out when you teleported back." Kain said.

11/1/2010 #5 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Question: does anyone get to control the hero of oakvale/bowerstone/brightwall?]

"I think... something horrible just happened...." She tried to sit up but couldn't. "Could you help me up?"

11/1/2010 #6 Report
A La Muerte17

((if you want you can play as the hero))

"sure." Kain said helping Kervan up off the ground.

11/1/2010 #7 Report
Jack The Riddler

Kervan's legs felt very weak for some reason. almost as if they weren't even there. Which they weren't, for a moment. "I hate to be a burden, but could you take me to the guild master? Or someone with contact to Aurora?"

[Oh, I was just wondering, because it'll probably diverge from cannon plot lines if nobody plays him/her. Which is fine with me. ^_^ I always wondered what it would be like if a group of heroes had to go fight Jack as a dragon. :p]

11/1/2010 #8 Report
A La Muerte17

"sure why not." Kain said picking up Kervan and bringing her to the guild master.

11/1/2010 #9 Report
Jack The Riddler

"Thank you." kervan said, stumbling into te guild master's room. The discussion seemed to drag on until Kervan agreed to stay longer for observation. She came back out of the room and up to Kain. "Sorry about this... but could you be my escort for the time being? I can't get around too well yet."

11/1/2010 #10 Report
A La Muerte17

"ok what is your name?" Kain asked.

11/1/2010 #11 Report
Jack The Riddler

"People call me Charger." Kervan said with a faint smile. "You?"

11/1/2010 #12 Report
A La Muerte17

"killswitch nice to meet you." Kain said.

11/1/2010 #13 Report
Jack The Riddler

"Killswitch?" she asked.

11/1/2010 #14 Report
A La Muerte17

"my real name is Kain but everyone just calls me Killswitch." Kain said.

11/1/2010 #15 Report
Jack The Riddler

"I knew it wasn't your real name," Kervan chuckled. "I meant why Killswitch?"

11/1/2010 #16 Report
A La Muerte17

"when i was a bandit and i massacred an entire village and the other bandits said it was like a switch turned on inside me and i killed like no other hence the name killswitch." Kain said.

11/1/2010 #17 Report
Jack The Riddler

"Bandit, eh? always sounded exciting, but I guess I'm too squeamish for all the slaughter."

11/1/2010 #18 Report

I am no longer he... I am Reaver..

These words seemed to echo through Chance's mind as he twirled the wheel of his pirate ship, to get behind another pirate ship. It was raining, pouring in fact, and the waves were rising higher then the ship's themselves. Chance raised his Dragonstomper .48, and took aim on the captain of the ship in front of him. He had his aim directly on the head of the captain, but he was waiting for just the right moment. Slowly, a large wave rose in between the two ships. This was exactly what Chance was waiting for. He puled the trigger of his pistol twice, and two bullets flew across the ship, through the wave, and into the captain's head. The captain's head fell onto the wheel, and turned it all the way to the left. The ship began to turn off into the a different direction, and the crew of the ship began to panic.

Chance chuckled a bit, as he swayed his ship's wheel all the way to the left to follow the other. As his ship neared the other, he ran to the end of his ship, and dove onto the other ship. He raised both of his pistols, and the crew looked to him in fear. They dropped to their knees, and surrendered to Chance. Chance chuckled a bit, as his ship's crew took each of the members of this ship back to his ship, and put them below deck. Chance on the other hand, took the ship's treasure back to his ship. Afterward, he went back to the wheel, and turned it back on course. "Yo-ho." He whispered to himself.

11/1/2010 #19 Report
Jack The Riddler

[can't really interact. T_T]

11/1/2010 #20 Report

((Yeah.. I was just trying to get him out there o.e. So he doesn't just appear out of nowhere when you finish doing .. whatever it is your doing in the heroes guild xD))

11/1/2010 #21 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Ah, that makes sense. ^_^ Since I got the first post, I figured I'd just kick it off right after her bio, so she's kind of loopy right now from fighting the Crawler.]

11/1/2010 #22 Report

Chance grinned, as he sailed his ship to a local harbor. He let the crew off the ship for a break, before walking down to his quarters. In his quarters, there was a large bed, and expensive looking desks, drawers, and windows. However, the thing that definitely stood out the most, was the cullis gate right in the center of his quarters. Chance looked to the gate, and then walked over to a wall that was infront of the gate. On the wall, there was a guild seal. Chance tapped the seal twice, and it immediately began to spin as if it was unlocking something. When Chance turned around, the cullis gate was activated, and he walked into it.

((Anyone have fable 3 on xbox, and would like to play? :D))

11/2/2010 #23 Report
A La Muerte17

"well i got taken away from that life im glad." Kain said happily.

11/2/2010 #24 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Ooo! Ooo! I do! i do! But... I don't have xbox live. T_T]

"I'm sure a lot of other people are glad there isn't another hero as a bandit too" Kervan laughed weakly.

11/2/2010 #25 Report

(( Aw D: No fun.))

As Chance stepped into the cullis gate, he was transported to the Heroes Guild. Chance was not to fond of the guild, but he typically went there while his crew was docking. As he came out of the portal, he saw Kervan, and Kain. He looked to Kain then to the girl, "Who's she?" He asked, giving the girl a strange look.

11/2/2010 #26 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Yeah... tell me about it. :\]

"Charger. you?" Kervan warmly asked. Her face was kind and she had bright hazel eyes, still.

11/2/2010 #27 Report

Chance raised an eyebrow at the girl. "Chance." He said tersely, before folding his arms. "Who picked this one up?" He asked, not really caring who answered.

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #28 Report
Jack The Riddler

"Hah, don't worry about me. I'm not a wet-behind-the-ears beginner... just finished a tough quest and I'm a bit tired." she was visibly tired as she walked over to Chance, extending her hand. "nice to meetcha."

11/2/2010 #29 Report

"Not a wet-behind-the-ears beginner 'ey..?" Chance mumbled to himself. He extended his arm, and shook Kervan's hand. "A pleasure." He said, in a quiet, awkward voice.

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #30 Report
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