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Heroes of Albion and Aurora charicter creation
A La Muerte17

make your champion or villian of Albion or Aurora.

10/29/2010 #1 Report
A La Muerte17





Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in):



Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy:


Morality(good,evil,or nutural):

Charicter song (optional):

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A La Muerte17

Name:Kain neilson

Age:stopped aging at 23


Bio:Kain was a farmers son working in oakvale but then the town was attacked by bandits and he was kidnapped and changed into one of them and trained in the ways of the blade but one day he came back to the bandits village and it was destroyed by heroes looking for him and took him to the heroes guild and trained in the ways of skill and will but on one of his heroic missions he was fatally wounded by an arrow and was visited by the shadow brokers and offered him immortality for the price of sacrificing anothers soul to them so he took the offer.

Era of Albion:all 3 games

Personality:he is a kind person but when it is time to offer a soul to the shadow brokers he is completely serious.

Clothing:he wears a metal chestplate and metal gauntlets and a bandit mask and bandit pants he has black hair and is fairly handsome but has small devil horns comming out of his head.

Skill,Will,or strength proficiancy: he is a skill and will and strength expert because of his years of training.

Weapons: Fable 1: master Kitana and oak bow, Fable 2: steel cutlass and master clockwork pistol, Fable 3: his sword is serraded and has a balverine crest near the handle and its handle is made of Jet and ivory the guard is made from his old master Kitana and is sharp also his pistol looks like a flintlock pistol mixed with a revolver and the handle is also made out of jet and ivory his gauntlet looks like one part is currupted and the other half is pure.

Morality:Nutural mixed a little with evil.

Charicter song:take this oath by killswitch engage.

hero alias:killswitch.

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/31/2010 #3 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Maybe time-slow should be left out? I can already see everyone time-slowing and teleporting out of the way of bullets and blast and what-have-you.]

[WARNING: don't read the bio for her unless you've finished Fable 3.... unless you like spoilers]

Name: Kervan Esiris

Hero Alias: Formerly Charger, Now Dark-Heart

Age: perpetually 20

Nationality: Aurora

Bio: Originally an immigrant from a young age, she hails from aurora. She was born with a natural gift for magic, and aurora lacked the facilities to teach properly. Left unchecked, magical talent can be dangerous. So it was decided that they would go to the famous hero's guild in hopes that not only she could learn magic properly, but that Kervan was something more than a common mage, a hero. For the people of Aurora were running out of time. In addition to great plagues of war and Sand Fury raids, there was a darkness rising, and every hero they had would be very needed. [Can't imagine that the Crawler isn't some ancient evil, even though they said it only popped up recently....] Kervan's ability to absorb massive amounts of energy was discovered towards the beginning of her training when she was once struck by lightning and blasted by several will users with powerful shock spells. The energy collected within her and was released shortly afterward in a very fatal burst of electricity. Thus the name charger came about.

After that incident she underwent very special training. She was taught in the ways of Skorm, yet kept in constant proximity to many holy relics and mainly given Tofu to eat. For the plans for her to succeed, she must understand evil without becoming such. Her new purpose would be to absorb the energy of the crawler so as to leave it weakened and later fight it with it's own powers if it ever returned. And if things didn't work out, they could always lop off her head so that neither had power, and try to kill the crawler as it was weakened.

Upon traveling into his lair, she gained access to the Crawler's energy after a fierce battle. When she seemed to be going insane, her other party members then tried to take her head. Needless to say, they didn't succeed and Kervan ran away. The power had left her torn, there was great evil inside of her, along with her neutral personality almost hardwired into her, and several of the most holy accessories available, her personality is, needless to say, a bit confused[comma abuse? XD] Her life is unnaturally extended by the evil abilities, combined with several rituals of Skorm. Her vast will experience and knowledge of Skorm allowed her to utilize the evil within her for great effect with normal spells, generally which are stronger now and tinted black, but she also has many custom spells and summoning skills. With this knowledge and her personality flipping radically from that of a saint, to a devil, then back to that of a total apathetic person, she essentially went on as a bandit. Unable to stay sane long enough to stay in a town, but not able to stay insane long enough to join another group of outlaws, she forged on alone. These many years as a bandit allowed her some great skill with swords.

As the years went by, she learned to better control these personality shifts. She stays normally rather neutral with only mild shifts towards evil or good.

Era of Albion:all 3 games

Personality: When evil - A total sadist who considers herself above humans. Known to go on killing sprees and stealing souls. Neutral - Generally fairly kind, but can also be quite mean spirited. Most decisions based off of how they can benefit her. Good - A shining example of morality and all that is good in humans.

Clothing: She wears a cross between a sand-fury outfit and black armor covering her left arm and shoulder, some armor can be seen under some rips in her sand-fury clothing on her legs. She has several rings on that seem to shine slightly and several golden chains wrapped around each arm, also seeming to shine. A choker with a pendant in the shape of a tear, also presumed to be holy along with the rest of the shining, golden items. Long black, flowing hair and rather tan skin. Black tattoos under her eyes that resemble the tip of a curved dagger A tattoo that seems to be alive on the back of her right hand[can move from there, though]. Generally takes the shape of a swirling black spiral. her eyes shine red and there is a light black mist about her when she is not in her good alignment

Skill,Will,or strength proficiency: Will and Strength[never liked guns]

Weapons: Fable 1: Obsidian Cleaver

Fable 2: Master Scimitar (works like a katana, just different look)

Fable 3: Looks similar The final evolution of The Cassanova sword, but has a black aura surrounding it. The armor on her left arm's hand now resembles a magical gauntlet, but corrupted, which may focus her power even more.

Morality:Neutral, with swings to evil or good.

Character song: In the Name of a Tyrant - By Poisonwood

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A La Muerte17

Accepted join when ready.

10/31/2010 #5 Report
Jack The Riddler

Nobody else is here yet. You really wouldn't mind starting with just the two of us?

10/31/2010 #6 Report
A La Muerte17

i dont mind just pick a topic and we can start.

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Name: Angela, But mostly prefers Anna.

Age: 17

Nationality: White? xD

bio: Anna is a lovely, skinny, but strong girl whom takes after her father in various ways. Anna couldnt resist but notice that her father was a hero whom, wasnt of the best morality. Her father had slept with maybe too many whores, too many times, and the result was her and her twin, Who lives halfway across albion, named Arica. Anna was recently parted from her twin during a bandit encounter. Anna had slipped away, But Arica always a clutz (No, not really, she was just trying to be nice, but in Anna's POV, a clutz.), had gotten captured. Now Anna set out to find her twin over anything else. She has health problems, Ever since she was 3 she has had random mood swings, Which is being bipolar. She will have panic attacks and trembles all too frequently, hypervenilates over small things, and sweats in panic when something mysterious or wierd is going on, Which is her Anxiety. Her mother always called her Anxiety Anna, as a joke. And Anna has depression, which hits her hard. Just randomly she might get all down and sad over her father whom she never knew, or how her mother lived and died, or how she failed her sister in letting her get captured. When Arica was around, She would use her will magika to aid Anna a bit with her problems, using wierd arts of magika to help soothe Anna's mind.

Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in): The new oneeeeee. Yeah xD Fable 3

Personality: Strong and quick, Anna always love to taunt her enemies and is very caring and nice, but has a bit devious side to her. She has constant health problems Which were already explained, But such again as Bipolar, Anxienty, and Depression, you never know with Anna...

Clothing: Right now She looks like my charrie picture or heres the link:(( )) but later on.... (( )) That'll be her.

Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy: She prefers skill,but hand to hand combat is ok for her. She is edgy on will, and only really knows the force push spell.

Weapons: A sword which glows when Arica is around, as Arica infuses it with magika. but her primary weapon, her pistol, is permanately infused, a golden frame and the bullets when put in the gun, glow an electric blue.

Morality(good,evil,or nutural): Good.

Charicter song (optional): Anna always recites the song, 'Down by the reeds' Along with her sister.

(I made Arica, go down....)

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #8 Report

Name: Chance

Age: Depends on which Era of fable. He appears to be in his early 20's either way.

Nationality: Albion, but he's travelled the world.

Bio: Chance was born in Bowerstone market, twenty years before the start of Fable I. He lived under his father Icarus. Icarus was poor, and Chance was often left unfed. All of this however, is just a blur in Chance's mind. For when Chance turned thirteen, his life changed. He was sitting in the kitchen with his father, when a single gunshot was fired, and a bullet broke straight through the wooden house, and hit Icarus right in the head. Icarus fell face first onto the table, and through the door ran a brigade of pirates, which took everything in the house, including Chance. Chance tried to scream for his father, but it was all muted by the sound of gunshots, and swords clashing. He was dragged back onto a pirate ship, and at the wheel of the ship there stood the captain of the ship, who was wearing a red robe, with a black hat. Chance looked next to him, and saw a bunch of other people, old and young. Next to him, there was a boy about his age. The boy had brown hair, and stood at the same height as Chance.

The captain of the ship pointed to Chance and the boy next to him. "Those two, will be our new caban boys...And the rest, are to be sold at bloodstone." The captain said, in a burly voice, as the pirates pushed everyone besides Chance and the boy next to him below deck. Chance and the boy next to him, were given mops, and buckets. "Get to work." said one of the pirates, before walking below deck. Chance looked to the boy next to him, dipped his mop in the bucket, and began to swab the deck. After swabbing silently for about ten minuted, Chance broke the silence. "So... What's your name?" He asked, as he swabbed. "Richard." The boy said, as he to swabbed. "And yours?" he asked.

"Chance." Chance said, while still swabbing the deck. The two swabbed, and talked all night. It was strange, but Chance had found a best friend where he least expected it. The two would do this every night, until they turned eighteen. At this age, the two were given a gun, and a sword. The two had gone from cabin boys, to marauders. They would, like the other pirates, board and attack other pirate ships. Occasionally, Chance and Richard were invited to the captain's quarters, to be rewarded for their good work. The captain would tell them stories of his adventures, and how he got his two guns. Both of which were the infamous Dragonstomper .48. He told them that he had two, and four other people out there had the other copies. The two boys looked to the guns in awe, they were probably two of the best guns in the world.

The two were invited to the captain's quarters once a week, for three years. Somewhere in the middle of these three years, Richard had met a girl, and he had fallen in love with her. Whenever the ship past her dock, he would sneak to her house, and talk to her for a while, until the ship was leaving. On the third year, the captain told Chance and Richard, that they would be raiding the town that Richard's girlfriend lived in. Richard stood in awe, but was forced to agree, for the sake of his own life. The ship sailed to the town, and the pirates jumped off, and ran through the town, pillaging all the villagers. Richard ran to his love's home, grabbed her by the wrist, and told her that she had to go. He ran to the door, only for it to be opened by the captain. The captain looked to Richard, disappointed.

"Richard.. you know the rules. No lovers outside of the ship." The captain said, as he looked to the girl. "Kill her." He said, before pulling out one of his guns. and aiming at Richard. "Or I kill you." Richard dropped his jaw, and looked to his girlfriend, with a deep sadness. He pulled out his gun, and aimed to her. "I'm sorry..." he mouthed, before shutting his eyes, and pulling the trigger. The woman screamed, before falling onto the floor dead. Richard fell to his knees, as the captain placed his gun to his side, and walked out of the room. Chance ran in shortly after, only to see Richard kneeling over the girl's dead body. "Richard..." Chance said, as he slowly walked toward him.

"No." Richard said, as he pushed his hand onto the ground. "I am not he, I am Reaver." He said before pushing himself up, and turning to Chance. "And I will sleep much better, when that man is dead." Chance looked to Richard, who was now known as Reaver, and nodded. "Right.. tonight when he invited us to his quarters.. we'll do the deed." Chance said, as Reaver nodded. The two returned to the ship, and were later invited to the captain's quarters. After sitting with the captain for a while, Chance pointed to a statue, that was on the other side of the room. "Where did you get that?" He asked. The captain turned around to look at the statue, but as soon as he did, two bullets were fired into his back. One by Chance, and one by Reaver. The captain fell onto the floor, and the two men walked to his dieing body. The Captain looked up to chance, and whispered into his ear. He told Chance of the dark brotherhood, and the deal he made with them. He told him that he had sacrificed the slave's youth, for his own and that now he and Reaver should take this deal.

Chance nodded, and told this to Reaver. Reaver agreed, and the two did the same as the old pirate captain had. Lead a brigade of pirated through a town, take some slaves, and get their youth. Chance and Reaver each got one of their captain's guns. The two would steal from other pirates, by taking a shot across the water. The more impossible the shot, the quicker the crew would surrender. The two did this for years, and didn't age a bit. Though, over the years, the two of them both became over come by greed. They would fight over money constantly. Eventually, Chance took on a new ship, with a new crew, and became rivals with his old best friend Reaver.

After years of pirating, Chance eventually left his crew only to become part of the slave trade. Buying slaves, selling them, becoming youthful. This is what he's done for many years, and with all of his money from pirating, he also was able to buy the Black Dragon, sister to the Red Dragon.

Era of Albion: All of them

Personality: Narcissistic, Rude, cruel, a bit of an elitist, and arrogant.

Clothing: Black pants, with some white areas around the knees, and ankles. He wears a white belt, a black button up vest, with a white long-sleeved shirt under it. On his left shoulder, there is a bright while shoulder cape, and going across his chest there is a white satchel.

Appearance: Chance has shoulder length, unkempt, black hair. Mildly tan skin, and is very tall.

Skill, Will, or Strength proficiency: Definitely Skill. But he is also very quick with a sword.

Weapons: The infamous Dragonstomper .48, and a Black Dragon.

Morality: Half Evil, his appearance however, isn't corrupted int he slightest bit.

Character song: The Guillotine - Escape the Fate and Hero - Skillet.

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A La Muerte17

accepted both of you (:

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Alex Edwards

Name: Connor Sullivan

Age: 21

Nationality: Albion

Bio: Born in the forgotten regions of Albion, Connor was raised in a monastary as a warrior monk as long as he could remember. As a result, he doesn't know much about his family. When he turned 18, he started traveling the world to discover his purpose in life. Now he ventures toward Bowerstone, where history has been made many there many times over.

Era of Albion: Fable 3

Personality: quiet, thoughtful, doesn't like to fight, but will fight if provoked

Clothing: light-colored leather clothing (like the suit in Fable 1)

Strengh, Skill, or Will Profinancy: Fast; good in hand-to-hand combat & will spells, but doesn't use guns

Weapons: Augment/Spell gauntlets

Morality: Between Neutral and Good

Character Song: Not sure yet.

Hero Alias: The Divine Fist

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A La Muerte17


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Name: Ellyrias Love


Nationality: Tan :D

bio: UNknown.....

Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in):FABLE 3

Personality:Bubbly and happy and FULL of energy....all day everyday

Clothing: A leather corset with leather straps criss crossing on her back & dark brown leather boots with a leather mini skirt. All of Ellyrias' clothing is a cream color.

Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy: Strength

Appearance:Ellyrias is a tall and skinny girl, she is a crispy colored tan from spending her days outside so much and her electric blue eyes that could kill, with golden blond hair that curls in ringlets down to her waist and a sweep of her bangs on the left side of her face.A huge scar is across her left eye and leads down past her collarbone.Her left eye is a milky white due to her being blind in the eye.

Weapons: A dagger in her boot,a gun & a sword with a bronze hilt.

Morality(good,evil,or nutural): Good *thumbs up* xD

Charicter song (optional):

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Name: Arica

Age: 17

Nationality: White..

bio: Arica is the twin sister of Anna, in which, their father was the last hero of albion. But Arica and Anna were mistakes, thus theyre father couldve cared less about them, and left them with their trash-whore mother. Theyre mother recently dying of a rare std (Dont ask, i just wanted the mommy to die... xD ), Arica and Anna set out to live on their own at the age of 14. Vowing they would never follow the path their mother led, Arica had it hard, Because of Anna's constant health problems (I edited Anna's bio too a bit..) And now Arica had been dragged to a more like death camp of bandits, Were they torture her for amusement. Asking safety from unknown source, her will powers can barely come in handy, her energy far too low to gather up any power in order to escape. Arica is going under a lot of damage, and by now she is blind. Her eye sight is gone, and maybe her eyes with it. But she cant tell, she cant see?

Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in): Fable 3.

Personality: Good natured, and calm-- It would almost seem Arica is the opposite of her rushing sister. Delicate personality, she tolerates any hatefullness thrown in her face. In the situation Arica is in now, Anna would be panicking, but Arica remains calm and trying to focus her mind inward as always.

Clothing: Well, Usually Anna wears robes ( Like this: And NOW she will be wearing the patch because of her eyes.) But now she is in ragged clothes, her britches practically torn, and a corset with shredded ends. She has short black hair, and is of course always trying to look her best... Even if she cant see herself.

Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy: Will.

Weapons: None right now, none ever, none never besides her will.

Morality(good,evil,or nutural): Pure Goodness.

Charicter song (optional): Down by the reeds, she recites with her sister when praying, remembering the hardships her mother went through to try and raise them, and just for fun sometimes.

11/2/2010 #14 Report
Jack The Riddler

Name: Leeroy Norris

Hero Alias: Jenkins

Age: 26

Nationality: Albion

Bio: He has been called many things. Godly. Best fighter in the world. Idiot. Buffoon. Mentally challenged. But the truth is he is known as one of the best, most legendary martial artist ever in existence. Supposedly. He is rumored to be able to deflect bullets with his hands, eat lightning and crap fire, and also fire laser beams from his armpits. A popular theory among some, rather questionable scholars, is that the heroes were not killed off in the revolt against heroes, but that they are simply hiding from Leeroy Norris. It's not known for sure, but it is rumored that he also has the mysterious ability to mail a roundhouse kick to people.

His latest exploits over a nest of very evil, nefarious, dastardly cunning rabbits is well known. According to spectators, he said these famous words before charging in. "Alright, times up! lets do this! LEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEENNNKIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNSS!!!!" Surely a battle of unfathomable proportions took place within that den.

Well, underneath the rumors lies a moron. Plain and simple. He isn't the brightest and is overly curious, which has gotten him quite a jam before. However, he is actually a fairly good fighter, dangerous even, when backed into a corner. How these ridiculous rumors started is anyone's guess, and it's partly due to those rumors that he is still alive. He surely would have been killed by bandits if it weren't for the ever common "Don't you know who that is! It's leeroy Norris!" He was blessed with youth[not eternal] by Avo for his 'good-natured innocence.'

Era of Albion: Fable 2, Fable 3

Personality: A bit slow on the draw, very random and curious. A good person at heart, though some of the rumors have gone to his head.

Clothing: Sleeveless, half buttoned shirt with black leather pants. Has an impressive beard and sometimes wears what resembles a cowboy hat.

Skill,Will,or strength proficiency: Strength

Weapons: Fist, feet, and random assorted objects

Morality: Good

Character song: Can't think of one. o:

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Is the most amazing character in existance.

How could you go wrong with a combination of Leeroy Jenking and Chuck Norris o.o.

11/2/2010 #16 Report
Jack The Riddler

lol thanks. I only hope I can live up to the awesomeness of their combining... e_O

11/2/2010 #17 Report


11/2/2010 #18 Report
Alex Edwards

I picked up on the Chuck Norris part. Sounds like he's going to be an interesting character.

11/2/2010 #19 Report
A La Muerte17


11/3/2010 #20 Report
A La Muerte17

i will not be on alot until my computer is up and running so i need two moderators so my choises for moderators are jack and Que'st.

11/3/2010 #21 Report


Oh yeah, go LEEEERRRRROYYY JEEEAAAANKAAAINNNS.(I spelled it wrong cus thats how he yells it xD ) And Qu'est, you wouldnt know about World of warcraft, leeroy jenkins or anything like that, if it werent for me playing World of warcraft all the time. So.... stfu. Ha. And i know the name of the instance he was running when he did that, Yoooooou dont xD Muahhaha.

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #22 Report
A La Muerte17

ok Che you can be a mod too but in december i will be on alot.

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11/3/2010 #24 Report

:O -slap- Dont make fun of my Paladin, bish. She will smite your ass downnnnn. And Ty!

11/4/2010 #25 Report
Jack The Riddler

Pfft. Noobs. Everyone knows hunters are FTW. e_e

11/4/2010 #26 Report

Pffffffffffffffffffffft. I have a 50 hunter, and my bestfriend loves hunters but... Bish! MY PALADIN WILL OWN MUAHAHAH.

11/5/2010 #27 Report
A La Muerte17

Palies are good and all but i agree with Jack hunters are BAMF's but i do have a palidin charicter but one class that beats all preists their hymns are powerful.

11/5/2010 #28 Report

Priests suck. Muahha. Warlox.

11/5/2010 #29 Report
Jack The Riddler

Belf warlox not bad, not bad at all. Orc warlok.... waste of time. Never tried a shaman, though. :o

Troll hunter pwnzors any other hunter

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