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Heroes of Albion and Aurora charicter creation
A La Muerte17


12/23/2010 #61 Report

sweet thanks,

12/23/2010 #62 Report
A La Muerte17

your welcome start anytime we are at the brightwall tavern.

12/23/2010 #63 Report

where are you guys?

12/23/2010 #64 Report
A La Muerte17

the tavern in brightwall

12/23/2010 #65 Report
Professor Evans

Thank you.

12/23/2010 #66 Report

thank you.

12/23/2010 #67 Report
A La Muerte17

your welcome :3

12/23/2010 #68 Report
Saber Knight

Name: Silvara

Age: 18

Nationality: Unknown

Bio: Unknown

Era: 3

Personality: Sweet, kind, bloodthirsty in a very distinct way, quiet, shy, sensitive to physical contact unless she's in a fight.

Clothing: Male mercenary leggings and boots. Military gloves. Female mercenary jacket. Same hairstyle as the Princess.

Proficiancy: Very good in skill, yet she only comes shoulder high to Reaver. Very good in strength, yet it doesn't really show.

Weapons: Lvl. 5 hero sword, lvl. 5 hero pistol. Named Star Dancer and Star Blazer.

Morality: Good

Song: None (Btw, what do you mean by that?)

Other: Is actually heading towards Reaver's home willingly because she has heard of his 'game'. She is dieing to fight the opponents Reaver has in his 'game'. She actually feel's nohing toward Reaver, mainly because she's to preoccupied.

Appearance: Long midnight black hair, creamy white skin, silver eyes.

(Plus, Reaver looked alot better in Fable II)

12/27/2010 . Edited 12/27/2010 #69 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Song ,as in theme song or a song you feel describes the character well.]

[And yes, yes he did look much better in fable 2. Liked the heart tattoo, though.]

12/27/2010 #70 Report
Robb the Reaver

Hey, can i change mine? That was just a rushed thing. Heres the one i wanted to post!

Era: Fable 3

Name: Chin so Mataranga


Gender: Male

Apperance:Black bob style hair, deep blue eyes. light skin (asian), muscular, Red Jacket with black strips down his chest, balck and white stripped pants(horizontaly) red slip-on shoes.

Nationality: Temsow, Soshi (MADE UP COUNTRY IN MADE UP CONTINENT LIKE ASIA, NORTHWEST OF ALBION) hey, if Aurora(Middle east), is in the southwest that would mean that asia is in the northeast!...And ten bucks says Samerkand is Africa!

Bio: Chin was born into a rice framing family of Sak and Ling Mataranga in the small town of Tong Wat. He led a peacful life for the first five years of his life, untill the man in green came. He wanted to extort the surronding farms. He threatnd to kill theri entire family if Sak didn't pay him. That was met with a blow to the face from Sak. The man in green promised to return the fallowing night to slaughter his family. After he left he sent off Ling and Chin to her sister in-law's house. That night, true to his word, the man in green killed Sak and burned the entire rice farm. Ling, who had just entered her sister in law's villege, was stabbed when she was being robbed by a homeless man. Chin then spent the next year as a pickpocket, learning how to fight dirty, pickpocket, and cliam and jump from rooftops. Then he made the mistake of trying to steal from a traviling monk. He caught the childs hand as it just entered his pocket. Chin thought he was done for, before the monk said "I would have given you the money if you asked! Well, ask!" He said looking at the boy, who remained silent. The monk then took the boy to a resturant to feed him, since he looked starved. After a few meals he started talking how he came into his predicament. The monk took pity on him and he took him along with him to his temple high in the mountains. There he lived for the next twelve years, studying weapons, liturature, math, and a martiale art, Jeet Kwon Do (Its Real!). After he turned 18, he was released into the world. He traveled to albion, fallowing a lead in the wherabouts of the Man in Green...

Weapons: Nunchaku, chinese gentelmens sword (the sword that elizabeth used in p.o.t.c. at worlds end), longbow, fists

Hero skill/s:Strength, Skill (sorta, hes able to make the bow as good as a gun)

Morality: Always strives to good, when mad or somtimes fighting goes into a berserk state

Personality: Happy, careing, revengful, extreme

12/27/2010 #71 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Sure thing! Although I did some looking, and Samarkand actually doesn't sound very much like africa. More like a weird mix of china/middle eastern culture with some japanese thrown in. :o]

12/27/2010 #72 Report
Saber Knight

Where's the Admin? And aren't Moderator's allowed to Approve Characters?

12/28/2010 #73 Report
Jack The Riddler

[Not a clue where he is... And whle I don't have mod status, he said I could approve in his absence pretty much. So... yeah. Approvezed. :D]

12/28/2010 #74 Report
Saber Knight

Thx, btw, what's the Time in the game and where is everybody? And is there anyone who know's how to play as Reaver?

12/28/2010 #75 Report
Jack The Riddler

Most everyone is still in brightwall. They've gotten mistpeak and saker to join the rebellion, so far. Don't think anyone is using Reaver, though.

12/28/2010 #76 Report
Saber Knight

Name: Ariana Swift

Age: 18 1/2

Nationality: Unknown

Bio: Went missing two and a half years ago

Personality: Soldierish, rebelious.

Clothing: Captain's uniform (Something like Major Swift's)

Proficiancy: Good in skill and strength

Weapons: Lvl. 4 sword, Lvl. 4 rifle

Morality: Good

Other: Disguised as a male soldier under Swift's command. Her mortar score is just 10 below Finn's. Swift doesn't know what happened to her.

Song: None

Appearance: Black short cut hair, same skin as her father, dark brown eyes, 5,7.

12/28/2010 #77 Report
Jack The Riddler

"soldierish"? lol.

Approvicated, though. :)

12/28/2010 #78 Report
Saber Knight

You know the dog in Fable II? I think he had dealings with the shaow court, he's like 23 at the end of the original game.

Yea, you know. How a soldier acts.

12/28/2010 #79 Report
Jack The Riddler

O_o that's a good point...

lol I know, just sounded funny to me

12/28/2010 #80 Report
Sakai The Demon

Name: Dr. Nefarious Weird.

Age: 584 (Looks 24, since he has found the secret of young age, immortality and a healthy body :D)

Nationality: Albion

bio: Broke out of a Mental Asylum 20 times, He has been called many names in his lifetime. Insanity. Most Dangerous and Insaine Mad Scitist in the World. Mad. But behind all those name, he is in fact the ne, most phycotic mad scientist in exsitance. Rumors spreade that he had lost 20lbs by using a chainsaw to cut legs off and grown them back again weith a formula. He is also known, to grow Corn which attack people and begin to mate with the victim.

Over Hundreds of years, he has been known for his nefarious, evil, frieghtening, cunning inventions. Guest Witnesses say that his famous words when announcing his new invention, "GENTLEMEN!!....BEHOLD!!" and then followed by the mad scientist laugh, "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!" And if someone doesn;t like his invention, "ANNIHILATE HIM!!!" He is a Mad Scientist, not to be taken likely.

Also, take into an account he hates vegtables and calls them a nightmare.

Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in): Fable 1,2, 3

Personality: Crazy, mad, random and above all else...INSAINE!!


Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy: will

Weapons: Mad Scientist Magic Gloves

Morality(good,evil,or nutural): Neutral

Charicter song (optional): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXWpJ-UlL8Q

1/3/2011 #81 Report
A La Muerte17


1/5/2011 #82 Report
A La Muerte17

Name: Victoria krane.


Nationality: Albion.

bio: she grew up with the dwellers and has seen the bad that king Logan has done to her land and wants to save her people from his tyranny and be the hero her mother always wanted her to be to the dwellers.

Era of Albion (which game is your charicter in):fable 3.

Personality: carefree most of the time but can also be serious.

Clothing:dweller attire for the most part thigh high boots that are black and fingerless leather gloves and has long flowing brunette hair braided into a along ponytail.

Skill,Will,or Strength proficiancy: strength and skill.

Weapons:the balverine blade and her pistol is completely customized and looks white except for the handle which is black and the barrel of the gun looks like the clockwork pistol letting her shoot ten shots before she has to reload.

Morality(good,evil,or nutural): good

Charicter song (optional): bulletproof heart by my chemical romance.

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1/5/2011 #84 Report
A La Muerte17


1/5/2011 #85 Report

(hope im doing this right)is this still running ?

9/23/2011 #86 Report
Jack Shields

Name: Dae Age: 15 Nationality: White , Were wolf Bio: was bitten when he was 8 , he was chased from his town and now he's on a quest to prove he can co tell his other side , he has the blood of a hero and he uses it to fight Era of Albion: any (you pick) Personality: Fun loving , kind , but closed off and silent most times Clothing: Bandit gear , Died black but his gauntlets are Chainmail Skill Weapons; short bow , knives hidden in places all over his body Morality: neutral

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