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Fable 3, good choice, or bad?

I loved the original Fable, and Fable 2 seemed to impress me even more. Then, as my excitement grew as time came closer to the Fable 3 release date, I was quickly put off by the games' way.


There should not be a "path" for us to go on until the end of the game. It makes it too easy to accomplish tasks, and lets us know when we should expect to "win".

I also do not like the fact that we can't spend hero "points". It's very stupid to make us choose and spend points on what we want. It should be learned individually by choice.

Although there are some down-points, there were some happy aspects too. Such as the graphics for the game. They improved quite nicely. I also enjoyed the fact that you can hear your voice, it seems more personal that way. I also enjoy the game making you choose different decisions that alter who you are.

I do not like how much money it costs while you are in rule of Albion. The game didn't give you nearly enough money to even make one good decision without going in the "hole", and every good decision costs WAY too much money.

What do you think is good about the game, and what could be improved. Hopefully it will come out in Fable 4 :)

11/24/2010 #1 Report
Alex Edwards

I agree with you on a lot of things.

The path was okay to me, but not nessecary. Experience points should be brought back, but I like where we could choose what we wanted to get. That way, it made your Hero looked unique.

Money was a problem, too. They should have had more jobs.

Other than that, everything else seemed really good. May add more later on.

11/29/2010 #2 Report
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