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A AmethystKR

During the Quest: Reaver's Unmentionables, what would happen to the princess/prince if Reaver caught him/her in his pleasure chamber?

Write your story and post your link here. Other people can read and rate the story from here.

Have fun!

11/6/2010 #1 Report

The prince quietly opened the oak door, revealing what looked like a rather grand bedroom. Every piece of furniture was top quality and arranged in a way that could only really be described as classy. Many pictures of Reaver hung on the walls, framed with gleaming gold. Not to mention the bed...

This was Reaver's bedroom alright.

The prince tiptoed over to the dresser, not daring to breathe. He slipped his fingers under the groove in the first draw and slid it open... only to find it completely empty. He searched the other two draws and found only a comb and bed socks.

'Blast,' the prince cursed under his breath and searched the rest of the room two times over. Finally, he sat down on the plush bed with this palm on his face. Why had that silly woman even requested such an embarrassing feat? He casually ran his fingers over the decorative doona cover. His idle movement only interrupted when he felt a small bump. He looked under the sheets to find a pair of red underpants. The prince stood in a victory pose, Reaver's pants raised above his head.

'What exactly are you doing?' Reaver chuckled as the Prince turned a bright shade of pink. What excuse could he make for having someone witness their pants being stolen?

'I... uh... um... kinda needed... pants... your,' Prince stammered as Reaver made no attempt to hold back his laughter.

The prince took a deep breath and spoke 'a lady I know is a big fan of yours and requested that I steal your underpants.'

'That's impossible,' said Reaver abruptly. The prince just stared at Reaver as anger boiled up. He hadn't built up the courage to come all the way here and steal his pants just to be told he can't have them.

'Why not?' Spat Prince, his right eye twitching.

Reaver saw the scrunched up pair of red pants in the Princes hand and said 'oh, those aren't mine.'

The prince looked down at the pants, momentarily wondering who owned them, until he remembered what his mission was and spoke to Reaver 'well, where can I find a pair of your pants?'

'I think it would be best if you left me to my mansion, off you go,' Reaver dismissed the angry Prince. He stormed out of the room and briefly heard Reaver say 'by the way, I don't wear underpants…'

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #2 Report
A AmethystKR

Haha, I liked that. I don't see Reaver wearing underpants as well, seems more of a kamando sort of individual. Great job for the specific details about the room as well. I think I learned a new world today.

11/23/2010 #3 Report
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